169-WATCH that you remember that, when Mrs. Eddy tells us that desire is prayer, she does not say good desire. Mind is the source of all things, and desire is the mold. It is possible to strive to gain a spiritual consciousness of Mind, and still retain a human desire. When a student wants to make a financial demonstration, the desire for money is uppermost in his thought. He wants to use divine power to fill what he believes to be his need. But in reality we never have a material need. We believe our need to be physical or material, when it is actually mental and spiritual. The first step in demonstrating supply is to discover what the need really is. Man asks God to bless and grant his human desire, only because he has not learned what he should really pray for. It is dangerous to cherish a human desire and seek to reflect God at the same time. Our growing consciousness of spiritual power may cause our desire to be granted, before we have trusted God with it, so that it may be molded and exalted before it takes form in words and in deeds. Hence its fulfillment may prove to be a deterrent. Once Mrs. Eddy wrote to the editor of the periodicals, "Sad, sad thought that money regulates the actions of so many students. Had your Leader been governed thus, Christian Science would have been minus to-day, instead of overcoming all opposition, ruling and reigning . . . I have worked for all without money or price till God paid me in His own way. It is safe to go and do likewise. I left house, home and friends, and I gave up a large salary, as a writer, in order to serve the Cause of Christian Science. I have endured all shame and blame in its behalf, and I have lived these down. This is the experience of your Leader. Are her followers willing to take up their crosses, as she has taken up hers, in order to follow Christ, or do they demand all that they humanly want?"