[An Addenda was added to this book each time that Mr. Carpenter reprinted Collectanea. The two Addendas included either corrections to the text, new passages that had not previously been in his possession, or a source for passages in the original book. In this transcript of the book, the additions and corrections to the original text have been included with the text that they relate to. This Addenda includes only new passages from the first and second Addendas that would have been included in the original book had Mr. Carpenter known of them.]
Pleasant View,
Concord, N. H.
March 30, 1898
Mrs. William P. McKinley
Executive Mansion, Washington
My dear Mrs. McKinley:
In this hour of our nation’s suspense, let me rejoice with thee that its revered Chief Magistrate is in every respect equal to the hour, and fervently hope that Congress be found equal to coinciding with his wisdom. The present prosperity of our country, when compared with its condition under a previous administration, seems almost anomalous.
No greater glory could crown any nation than to rebuke and pardon so foul a crime as the destruction of the Maine and the loss of her brave men. And this while the nation was feeding the starving foemen. The question is grave — does God require the best government on earth to disturb its peace by war to give Cuba her independence when other nations offer no help? Foreign nations are allied, but the United States stands alone in her glory.
This suggests to me the situation in our country of the rising sect of Christian Scientists. While Catholic and Protestant churches are leagued together, our churches stand alone among religious sects and have yet to gain their independence — the rights of conscience according to the laws of our constitution. It is a strange thing to say that under a free government a bill is brought against them for healing the sick, and again that they are prosecuted for not healing the sick! Although our courts find no fault with the M. D. who loses his patients or claims to help them.
Pardon my straying into this allusion. But my purpose is to say: Notwithstanding this, I admonish Christian Scientists never to take the sword, but always endeavor to overcome evil with good. And obeying this rule, the prosperity of Christian Science is unexceptional, for the Principle which governs it is mighty in demolishing wrong and sustaining right. This little leaven of rightness will finally leaven the whole lump of nations, till navies and armies are not requisite, and the brotherhood of man is established on the Principle of one God, or Father, and loving our neighbor as ourself.
Accept my heartfelt hope that you are in health and the enjoyment of a peace that the world cannot disturb.
Most truly yours,
Mary Baker Eddy
[To a student]
. . . I open my letter to say on reading yours I find some questions unanswered.
Your reverie when treating the sick is a belief that comes of a vivid imagination, and I would handle it with the intellect, confine myself to sober, sound reason illumined by understanding, instead of imagination, and practise from a calm fixed sense of the nothingness of all error and the conscious harmony of Spirit, wherein are no outlines of mortal beliefs.
The length of time in which to treat the sick depends solely on the periods of their waking from the dream of material sense. You can heal them with one treatment if that one wakens them, breaks the dream, and you must treat them until it is broken and then stop.
Exclude time and place from thought — think only of here and now. Whatever is mine, is mine now; nothing can come between me and that supply — neither time nor space. Supply is, therefore, here and now. God cannot be impoverished; man cannot be impoverished. Nothing can come between me and my perfect supply; there is nothing that can take it away from me, for there is but one power, all harmonious, bountiful. I know poverty is an error that Truth destroys.
1. Pray God to help you awake to the claims of error, and awake to the truth that destroys them.
2. Whenever error would try to make sin, sickness, disease or death seem real, Good overrules it, and it makes them more unreal to us.
3. Good reverses every evil argument and effort, and brings out the opposite good.
Declare continually your own perfection and freedom, and let the true and divine idea destroy the mesmerism that argues that you are sad and unhappy. This idea is your Saviour.
A realization of a perfect spiritual home will make our present home better.
We the lever. GOD THE POWER.
Do not go on past work. Each day is God’s unfoldment. Do not let words stand. Make it a spontaneous unfoldment of God’s idea.
I believe in demonstration, in the proof of our fidelity.
To know that, "All things work together for good to them that love God," even when every material evidence points to the appearance that evil is in control of a situation or condition, is to abide unshaken in a spiritual composure that the world cannot take away.
Through faith and patience we inherit the promise of Him who cares for us as a shepherd does his flock. We do not have to look forward to the end of an erroneous experience; we do not have to say, "When? When?" for evil is nothing, and has no power, activity nor representative NOW.
To Calvin C. Hill
I am glad that you have left all, left but nothing for something, and this something is all. God bless your brave, honest intent with its fullest fruition. There are the sick, the halt, the blind to be healed. Is not this enough to be able to accomplish? Were I to name that which is most needed to be done of all else on earth, I should say, heal the sick, cleanse the spotted despoiled mortal; and then you are being made whole and happy, and this is thine, "Well done, good and faithful," enter thou into all worldly worth and the joy of thy Lord, the recompense of rightness.
Mary Baker Eddy’s charge to Mrs. Munroe and Calvin Frye on October 10, 1893: The first thing in the morning call on God to deliver you from temptation and help you to be awake. Then do your chores, not as a dreamy hashish eater, but with a clear sense of what to do and just how to do it. Then sit down and first get yourself into a consciousness of your power with God, and then take up the outside watch. Sit until this is clear if it takes two hours.
There are no hindrances, interruptions, personalities, conditions or circumstances that can make inactive or suspend the law of Spirit. I cannot be mesmerized to doubt the power of Truth over this and every other error. I know that I have confidence in all my treatments; I know how to handle all error and handle it instantly. All that I need to know in handling error is revealed to me, for it is God who handles the case, and it is God who gives all right ideas.
There is no discordant claim that you cannot love yourself out of.
Strive to work from God, instead of up to God.
May God give you the sweet peace and wisdom of impersonal love; and there is none other.
If it isn’t right, I don’t want it; and if it is right, I can trust God’s law to establish it.
Love yourself, error and all.
Do not repeat the lies. Return good for evil. Let us forgive and love our enemies. This is our duty; this is the rule in Christian Science. Oh! Let us keep it inviolate, and be on God’s side. Remember this, dear ones.
Corrections made in the Daily Prayer by Mary Baker Eddy in the 45th edition of the Church Manual: "and may Thy Word enrich the affections and govern mankind; save me from hurting anyone or harming myself."
Human nature is a keyboard; animal magnetism plays upon it. If there is a silent key, there can be no sound. If we faithfully handle error, we shall be a silent key.
Love is, no matter what else seemeth to be.
Do not feel too much God’s dear methods of unfoldment as a rod, but make them a staff.
When others hate, oppose, ignore, help me, dear Lord, to love them more.
Love contains. Love maintains. Love sustains.
Love unselfed, love of one’s enemies, humility, moderation, strength, are the cardinals of Christian Science.
Be yourself as God made you.
Oh! keep me ever seeing Thee and seeing as Thou seest — my Life, my joy, my All.
God takes care of us all. He is all and there is no other mind, presence, or power.
The divine law of Life, Truth and Love is a law of instant and complete expulsion and elimination of all poisons and impurities from the system. Why? Because the floodtides of divine Life, Truth and Love are pouring and surging through consciousness, uplifting, purifying, nourishing, healing, elevating, sustaining and energizing mankind.
Everything that comes to me today brings me a blessing. There is no mortal mind to see me today or know me today; or think it can through any of its so-called laws of malpractice rob me of all good or hinder me from being conscious here and now of my birthright which is dominion.
A Treatment for Supply
The power of divine intelligence gives you a business capacity without limitation, an acuteness and comprehension, a perception of character and clear-cut systematic knowledge which leads to success. Truth reflected by you attracts to you trade from all channels of good. There is no fear, sickness, envy, doubt, anxiety, hate or jealousy. The discordant conditions of business have no power over you. You have no power to attract them. The divine Mind is yours to draw from and execute with, to bring out in your business harmony, success and prosperity. There is no unrest, discord, fear or friction; no weakness, discouragement, uncertainty or failure. You have an inexhaustible supply. There is no avarice, greed, trust in money, or love of money. You have abundant proof of God’s loving care and His law of supply. You live in the land of promise. God has called you out of any sojourn in Egypt (in darkness), to return to your own country and inheritance. The days of hunger, famine, thirst are past. God is substance, Principle, Life. Man as His image reflects the capabilities and possibilities of Spirit. You live in Mind, in the atmosphere of plenty. There is no power or presence that can resist good or prevent your prayer being answered, from being effectual. While you remain in this frame of mind, you are obedient to the Principle of your being and naught can hinder your healing the sick and the sinning.
Grant, O my God, that neither the joy nor the sorrow of this period shall have visited my heart in vain. Make me wise and strong to the performance of immediate duties, and ripen me by what means Thou seest best for the performance of those that lie beyond.
God does not demand a half of the heart, but the whole heart.
You all heal. You all have demonstrations. Now with regard to long ones, have patience. Keep on and on, living the Truth and declaring it. Never give up. Be patient and patience will have its perfect work.
Be vigilant. Be wise. Store your mind with deep treasures. Learn to talk just the inspiration of Truth. Spiritualize your whole being — let this be the outcome of your growth.
Just go alone and close your eyes, and in the depths of your own consciousness say over and over again. I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM. Your whole being will be filled with the sense of the power to overcome, the power to accomplish, the power to do all things.
I AM because Thou art (Mind is) I AM.
I AM what Thou art (Mind is) I AM.
I AM where Thou art (Mind is) I AM.
I AM one with Thee (Mind) Oh! Thou infinite I AM.
I AM good. I AM well.
I AM abundantly satisfied. I AM holy. I AM free.
I AM because Thou art (Mind is) I AM.
I AM, spoken upward towards the good, the true, is sure to outpicture in visible good, in success, in happiness, in abundance.
Mary Baker Eddy said to a student who had a case that was not being healed: "I would do three things. 1. Rise to a higher sense of the nothingness of matter. 2. Know there is one Mind and it governs you and your patient. 3. Know that no ignorant or malicious malpractice can interfere with you or your patients."
If the heart stays young, old age can never become anything but ennobled thereby. Years do not make one grow old if one grows in grace. Decay does not belong to matter so much as to mind. We do not lose our faculties through matter so much as through mind, do we? Now my thought is if we kept our mind fixed on God, Life, Truth and Love, He will advance us in our years to a higher understanding and change our hope into faith, and our faith into spiritual understanding, and our words into works, and our ultimate faith into the fruition of entering into the Kingdom.
A child’s desire. Dear Father; I want to love Thee supremely; and to be unselfish, kind, patient, temperate, good and pure. I want to honor my earthly parents and to be able to uplift humanity. I know that God is good, and that He has made me in His own likeness, harmonious and immortal; and I will strive daily not to make myself appear otherwise. I do thank Him, now and forever — Amen.
Your inquiry — What is the Wedding Garment? — embraces a long answer, but I can name its hem for you to touch. It is first, the desire above all to be Christlike, to be tender, merciful, forgetting self, and caring for others’ salvation; to be temperate, humble, pure, whereby appetite and passion cease to claim your attention, and you are not discouraged to wait on God — to wait for the tests of your sincerity — longing to be meek and good, and seeking through daily prayer for divine teaching. If you continue to ask, you will receive, provided you comply with what you must do for yourself in order to be thus blessed. Reading or listening to my teaching the truths of Christian Science will not do for you what the constant seeking and knowing and following will do for you.
Afraid? Afraid of what? What does earth hold that can compare with God’s omnipotence? Trust to His care; make faith in Him your staff; it will not bend.
(See C. S. Journal, Vol. III, page 124.)
Divine Love, give me higher holier, purer desires, more self-abnegations, more love and spiritual aspirations.
Nothing can come to me but what comes from God and nothing can go forth from me but that which goeth forth from God, good, divine Love.
Divine intelligence directs,
Divine Love protects,
Divine Mind unfolds to me each day
All I should know, do or say.
To make too little of error is to ignore, evade, endure, excuse, and conceal it. To make too much of error is to love, hate, fear, honor, and drive it. Then error is not to be ignored, evaded, endured, excused, concealed, loved, hated, feared, honored, driven.
He who hath made thee whole,
Will keep thee day by day;
He who hath spoken to thy soul,
Hath many things to say;
He who hath gently taught,
Yet more will make thee know;
He who hath wonders wrought,
Still greater things will show,
He loveth always — faileth never;
Then rest in Him today — forever.
Mary Baker Eddy presented her faithful student, John Salchow, with a beautiful scarfpin consisting of a large pearl with a delicate serpent of gold circling around the under side of the pearl. In the head of the serpent is a small diamond. In presenting this, Mrs. Eddy unfolded its symbolism as follows: "Truth is the pearl of great price. Grasp it with selfishness and it has a serpent under it — you may get bitten. But if you handle the serpent with unselfishness and clasp Truth gently — it has a diamond in its head."
Goodness such as yours is a sure pretext of success in all struggles to be "better." If a single sin remains — and who is destitute of all sin — be of good cheer for the victory over it is a foregone conclusion. If a supposed sensation exists that God, good, is displeased with, it must yield, and neither fear nor abnormal conditions can hold it. Your good heart is the victor over it, and now and forever you know this is truth, and the Truth has made you free. You are liberated by divine Love from every false claim of the flesh. The law of Spirit is supreme, it dominates the flesh, and you are God’s own child, never born of the flesh nor subject to it. Here you plant your understanding and having done your part, stand and God will provide for the temptation, strength to overcome it.
Mother, clasp thy nestling tenderly, rear thine offspring wisely, for thou knowest not when the mantle of Christ’s presence shall fall upon thine own dear one.
Remember that there will be nothing come to you that you cannot overcome. The victory is yours by inheritance; claim it and use it as yours. There is but one law, the law of God. All true active thought, motive, and purpose are in divine Mind.
There is no power in evil; the reverse is true, God is the power. He is infinite; then your work is the Christ power against nothingness; hold there, know it and there is nothing else; know it is with power and what else is there? Nothing; then the work is done, God did it.
God’s child can never make a mistake; can never lose an opportunity, never cause a regret. His life is bright with abundant goodness, hope and promise. Love has a plan and purpose for everyone to fulfill, and none can escape it or fail to perform the will of God.
Trust in God. God is Life. God is infinite; therefore, if we are the image and likeness of infinity, we have no beginning and no end, and are His image and likeness; that is my life insurance.
Love is all-powerful, all-seeing, ever-present. Thy kingdom has come and Thy will is done here in earth as it is in heaven, and earth is heaven.
Who doth but give me of his earthly wealth, gives to me that which cannot reach the heart and may but serve to stir my neighbor’s envy; while he who gives me just a simple thought of Life, or Truth, or Love, gives to me that which I may give again, yet have and keep and use throughout eternity.
I hope the cloud from Boston has not reached you. God reigns. He is showing me through it. His face is so sweet in the gloom. His love so true! I always go up in the cloud, and when it passes away, then the dear Love tells me the why and wherefore, but this is marvelous to even me; that God always takes the one we love most in the flesh wherewith to rebuke our pride and chasten our lives in the flesh, till we are above the flesh and all human designs, and safe in the place of His abiding.
From a letter, Feb. 20, (1891), to Mrs. Augusta E. Stetson.
Mortal mind cannot send me a belief that I cannot heal through Mind; cannot make me believe there is any law, or so-called law, of mental malpractice that I cannot break and annul. Sin cannot hold a patient; there is no man to treat.
Never resent a wound from anyone, but always leave it to God to avenge and heal. He will rightly reward; you cannot. Forgiveness is forgetfulness of sin, disease and all error in others and in ourselves. No wrong is forgiven until it is forgotten. If this is not done, it works like remembering disease; it makes you a sinner; it grows chronic and incurable. If we do not do this, it does us more harm than our enemies.
I cannot harm myself; I cannot be made to harm myself. I cannot harm another; I cannot be made to harm another. Another cannot harm me; another cannot be made to harm me. Because we are all God’s children, we all love each other . . . DIVINE LOVE.
Ella Peck Sweet was asked in class in 1887 to define animal magnetism. She declared, "Animal magnetism is the sum total of all error, and that in itself nothing until you attach belief to it." Her teacher, Mary Baker Eddy, clapped her hands, saying, "Well answered!" Seventeen years later the latter requested her to repeat this definition, and she again clapped her hands in approval, as the same words were repeated.
"God gave you an abiding sense of Life that needs not to be fought for. Remember this and you will live forever." The above was sent to one of Mrs. Eddy’s students named Bettie Bell, who was nearly passing on, after she had worked for herself and had had another student work for her, without success. She recovered at once.
The kingdom of heaven is God’s government of His ideas, His wise and compelling enforcement of law, His unerring jurisdiction. I am a citizen of His dominion, governed by His laws and protected by these laws; my affairs are administered justly and harmoniously by these laws. The laws of divine Principle operate because we invoke them — and they no more stop working than the laws of this country.
You are the child of the loving God, surrounded and protected by infinite Love. There is no hatred or evil to frighten you. You have no disease, you have nothing to fear, you are not in danger, you are entirely well, and continually held in the presence of God.
Divine Love fills every avenue, flows through every channel, and removes every obstruction. There is one infinite Mind, and that Mind is my Mind and governs me. All my thoughts come to me from this Mind and return to their source. In this Mind, there is no material sense, no other mind, no mortal mind to tempt, to harm or control. Know this, realize it, and you are master of the occasion, of yourself and others.
God is always with a good desire, giving it power, activity, energy, intelligent action and rich fruition. He brings every right endeavor to its fulfillment, and gives more blessings than one has sought.
Possess yourself of good and dispossess yourself of any other mind, and all the mystery of iniquity beateth in vain against your house.
Love is everywhere; abide in Love. Nothing can touch or harm you in Love. Know that you live in Love. Love is God as Life itself. Take this understanding with you and bless others with Love. Remember, my dear, there will nothing come to you that you cannot overcome. The victory is yours; do not let it go. Fear not, do your work fearlessly. The power is yours by inheritance. Claim it and use it as yours.
To know there is but one God, one cause, one effect, one Mind, heals instantly. Have but one God, and your reflection of Him does the healing.
When Truth first comes to the consciousness of a mortal, it usually heals him physically. Then comes the demand to commence giving up material idols, and digest, assimilate, and demonstrate Truth for himself. At this period, the conscious and unconscious efforts of evil strive to obstruct, to continue the bondage, and to cause the individual to simply handle his new-found treasure, talk about it perhaps with fervor or emotion, but to go no further.
I advise you to do what you think is right, and never lose an opportunity of doing good. Ask wisdom of God and He will guide you.
Originality and versatility, infinitely expressed, mean that you will forever express the boundless, new ideas, ever broadening into revelation of all the facts of Mind, clear and fully understood, spontaneous, without effort, with perfect freedom, increasing clarity, unrestricted mental growth, forever more and more. There are no channels in infinite Mind. Man is one with it. Channel is merely a term to explain something.
God, good, is "jealous" in our sense of the word. It admits of nothing unlike simple honesty, goodness, truth and love to be put into good’s foundation or superstructure. This I have seen proven beyond cavil over a half century.
I beg of you to lay up your treasures — thoughts — in heaven; earth has nothing worth loving.
In answer to on-coming questions, will say: I calculate that about one half century more will bring to the front the man that God has equipped to lift aloft His standard of Christian Science.
A true Science treatment does not consist of treating a disordered body or person, but does consist of destroying the error which is wholly mental.
2 x 2 = 5 illustrates how unscientific it is to look at a blackboard and see 2 x 2 = 5; and then realize that 2 x 2 = 4; then turn to the blackboard to see if it has changed on the board, ere we believe the manifestation is complete. Never look at the body to see if the error has disappeared. If we do, and see the error as physical, or belonging to the individual, or see that man has a material body, then we do not trust scientifically. Now, you know that one and one are two, two and two are four, three times three are nine. You know that much of the truth of numbers, and it is all-powerful, no matter how much error you know. As it is with numbers, so it is with Science. The little you do know is real, and reflects God, no matter how much error you know that you have not worked out of yet; for as you know more and more of Truth, all error disappears from thought. No error can bind us beyond our belief in it.
Message to the Directors, June 14, 1908
(See C. S. Sentinel for Aug. 24, 1912).
Faith without works is the most subtle lie apparent. It satisfies the students with a lie; it gives them peace in error, and they never can be Christian Scientists without that faith which is known and proved by works. Words are often impositions, and faith without works is dead and plucked up by the roots. It is not faith, but a deceiving lie lulling the conscience, and preventing demonstration. A satisfied sinner is the most hardened sinner.
Here I am, dear God, free from the body, Thy humble servant, Mind’s idea. Uphold me with Thy right hand. Uphold my voice. Send me where Thou wouldst have me go and teach me what to say.
Mortal mind cannot mesmerize me into a belief that I can have any disease so-called, for I am an idea of God, perfect, harmonious, and eternal, and cannot be mesmerized. It cannot say to me, "It is yourself that has a disease, etc.," for I am perfect, and it cannot make me think that I am it.
Father, teach me how to still the clamorings of sense, and fill my place as listener, that I may hear Thy voice and grow to understand Thy word, and so become Thy messenger. Then teach me how to banish pride and stubborn will, that I may be Thy representative — with no false sense of human zeal, that every word may bless and heal, when I Thy message give.
I ask that you awake to resist the tempter that would cast you down from the pinnacle, and resist the power unseen of mental malpractice that would lure you back to the flesh and to evil.
What is the perfect Principle of perfect manhood? To be pure physically, beautiful morally, harmonious mentally, and perfect spiritually, for this is our relation to God, Christ, heaven, eternity and infinity.
Thou infinite Life, Thou infinite strength, Thou are here. You are strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. You are strengthened with might by His spirit in the inner man. Flow through me, spirit of divine Love, to do this healing. Divine Love flows everywhere and is reflected through you as well as through the most advanced Scientists. Look up and feel its beams of warmth and live in it.
Treatment against Mortal Mind
No shadow of mortal mind can touch me, there is nothing to fear. God works in me to will and to do, and I shall perform my work. No cloud can touch me, or my patients. We must not fear for the struggles that come, for they must be met. All that is within me is the spirit of victory. Awake, spirit of Truth; cast off these shackles of mortal fear and distress. Come forth and be manifest in me. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
For Patients
Now you know really and truly there is nothing to fear, and you have no fear. You are as free as the birds that fly, for the body is the smallest part of you, and no part of your spiritual being. You are greater than your fears, so put them down forever.
Notes from a Student, Martha Wilcox
Mrs. Eddy said that sometimes a sense of a personality arises before your thought and leads you to believe that a personality is something outside and separate from your thought, that can harm you. She showed me that the real danger was never this threatened attack from outside my thought where the personality seemed to be, but that the real danger was always within my thought. She made it clear that my sense of personality was mental — a mental image formed in my so-called mortal mind, and was never external or separate from my mind. This supposititious mortal mind outlines itself as a belief of a material personality, with form and conditions and laws and circumstances — in fact, with all of the phenomena that are embraced in what is called material life and personality. And then she showed me that not one solitary fact in this whole fabric of supposititious evil was true. She showed me that I must detect that all this mental phenomenon was only aggressive mental suggestion coming to me for me to adopt it as my own thought.
She showed me that, because mental practice is mental, the only place that I could meet it was within what seemed to be my own mentality, and the only way that I could meet it was to give up the belief in a power and presence other than God, or Truth. She showed me that this seeming within enemy could never harm me, if I were awake to the Truth and active in the Truth, and she illustrated this statement by saying that the moccasin, a very poisonous snake, never strikes its victim except when its victim is asleep.
This lesson on mental malpractice was quite apropos for one entering the household comprised of never less than seventeen and up to twenty-five personalities. After this talk on mental malpractice, Mrs. Eddy opened her Bible and read to me from Luke 16:10, 11, 12. She, no doubt, realized that at my stage of growth, I thought of creation — that is, all things — as separated into two groups, one group spiritual and the other group material, and that somehow I must get rid of the group I called material. But during this lesson I caught my first glimpse of the fact that all right, useful things — which I had been calling "the unrighteous mammon" — were mental and represented spiritual ideas. She showed me that unless I were faithful and orderly with the objects of sense that made up my present mode of consciousness, there could never be revealed to me the "true riches," or the progressively higher revealments of substance and things.
The two lessons that I received that first morning were fundamentally great. First, I was to handle mental malpractice within my own mentality. Second, the "objects of sense" when correctly understood, are really "ideas of Soul." There are not two groups of creation — but just one.
When she had finished, she said, "Now, take your young child down into Egypt and let it grow up until it is strong enough to stand alone."
One night after I had tucked her in bed, I said, "Mother, I did not forget once nor make a mistake, did I?" She smiled up at me from her pillow and replied, "No, you didn’t. Nighty night." At about midnight, she rang my bell. I went to her and asked her what she wanted. She said, "Martha, do you ever forget?" I replied, "Mother, Mind never forgets." Then she said, "Go back to bed."
The next morning after she was seated in her study, she said, "Martha, if you had admitted last night that anyone can forget, you would have made yourself liable to forgetting. Whatever error you admit in yourself as real or in another, you make yourself liable to that error. Admitting error as real produces error and is all there is to it."
At one time, I was under her personal instruction and was a mental worker for seven weeks. One evening she gave me a problem to work out, and I had a great desire to prove the reality at hand. So I worked the greater part of the night. In the morning she called me to her and said, "Martha, why did you not do your work?" I replied. "Mother, I did." She said, "No, you didn’t. You had a good talk with the devil. Why did you not know God’s allness." I said, "Mother, I tried." Her reply was, "Well, if Jesus had just tried and failed, we would have no Science today." Then she had a card hung on the inside of the door to my room on which was printed in large letters, "Faith without works is dead." I had to look at it for two weeks!
Another time she said, "Now, Martha, you go upstairs and write out a treatment for rain. We need rain." On that special day, while it was very sultry, the sun never shone brighter. I had hardly seated myself to write out the treatment, when my bell rang, and I had to go to her. She said, "Well, give me your treatment." I said, "Mother, I did not have time to write it out." She said, "Well, just tell it to me." So I started in to show God’s allness, but she soon stopped me and said, "Now, Martha, come down from sailing around up there. It’s rain we need. Let’s have rain." With the greatest feeling of humility and in tears, I said, "Mother, I can’t do it." Then she said, "It took Calvin and Laura a long time to do it, but you can see that it must be done, and learn somewhat of how to do it."
Then she talked to me about the weather, and when she had finished, I went to my room and wrote down as nearly as I could remember and understood, some of the things she had told me. "God does not make sultry weather, and if we, through belief, make a weather sultry, we must unmake it. God governs the weather. He governs the elements, and there are no destructive winds or lightning. Love always looks out from the clouds. Beliefs about the weather are easier healed than sickness."
Notes from the Class of 1889
I give you nothing new; there is nothing new under the sun. It is only the application of an eternal Truth in a new and practical way. I cannot answer all your questions for I cannot answer all my own. There is an eternity for us to learn in, if we patiently wait. If you cannot understand my terms, wait and see what they mean. Do not misconstrue them by your old interpretations. Come, empty of all preconceived opinions, creeds, prejudices, doctrines or ‘isms,’ to receive the Truth, and with charity of open minds receive the Truth I give you; then test the reality of your own by it. Except one is empty, he cannot be filled.
No one ever learned a truth by argument, for any falsity can be established by the reasoning of the natural mind. Spiritual Truth is only spiritually discerned. I give you but the key to knowledge. You can only unlock by living it in your own life; otherwise it will be only theory. There is no salvation in theory.
I will never say a word I have not proven. If I theorize, I will tell you so. I can only show the way I have gone. I am only an Ambassador, a voice, to lead you into your own kingdom where God, the Truth, alone illumines every one according to his own degree. The system of Truth I am teaching when reduced is simply, the bringing the Christ to you, or the Way, the Truth, and the Life to your whole being.
I wish as an act of justice that you hold sacredly in your memory that I assume no good or power of myself, that to God alone I ascribe all love, wisdom and power, the All-in-all, the all good; that I am absolutely nothing, a mere instrument in God’s hands to be used as He will. This is the only position for any one of us to be in.
This is my wish that you do not talk of or discuss this Truth outside the class while studying. You will have questions enough of your own to settle without wrestling with those of other people; but when you have come into the clear understanding of Truth, you have no right to withhold it from those who seek it honestly, for it is God’s truth, not yours — but be sure and give it out more in your life.
A study into the nature of Mind itself, its powers and laws, and the application of its laws, to the well-being of mankind, has been heretofore considered among things mysterious and intangible, because dealing with the unseen. Nothing can exist which is not created, and nothing is created which is not an expression of its source, cause, creation, Truth, Principle or law. Truth is not seen merely because it is Truth. To be received, it must correspond to some awakened knowledge of love in the heart. Truth is loving our neighbor as ourselves; Truth is purity, justice, tenderness.
To know anything, there must be some response within to the thing known. Perfection cannot contain imperfection. Good cannot contain evil, else it would not be perfect good. The infinite is all. No sin. Then where is evil? A belief in physical causation produces fear, and fear acts directly and indirectly upon the body. Fear is also the remote (or latent) cause of all disease, as a race belief held throughout the whole history of mankind. It is the open door through which the enemy can at any moment rush in and bind the strong man.
Prov. 29:25. "The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe." Very many forms of disease are well known to be results of immorality, and consequently of purely mental origin. A momentary thought of sensuality, avarice, or revenge distorts the face, impairs respiration, retards or quickens circulation and goes tingling through every fibre and nerve of the body, but if long enough continued, it results in disease of some form or permanent deformity in the face, if not of the whole body.
What is the difference between belief and understanding? Belief is a decision made from reasoning in material things, maybe a false conclusion. Understanding is a demonstrable knowledge gained from a clear perception of the real and eternal. "Now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; then shall I know even as also I am known."
Our identity is eternally fixed in infinite Mind. We cannot realize our absolute identity in this dream of life, but we have eternity to work it out in. Our growth is orderly; there is nothing sudden.
A falsity does not hold me; I hold it. Truth holds me; I do not hold it. Every true and noble thought helps raise humanity and lets the light in. Put aside self, and there is perfection and fullness. The normal condition of man is that he should know his relation to God and know that the body, his expression, is subject to the law of his Spirit, which is the light of life within him, where there is no darkness, discord or disease. Spirituality is the normal condition of man. Christianity is not a state for a man to get into. Materiality is the state for man to get out of, and then he is in his normal condition, the condition in which we were really created, in the image and likeness of God.
Darkness is merely the absence of light. Who says that darkness has power? Self. What is self? Absence of identity, the not Spirit, shadow, error, myth, a dream, an apparent thing. Empty yourself of natural sympathy. Natural sympathy means suffering with a person; be full of the divine sympathy. Disease exists as feeling only; all we have to destroy is the belief. We do not dream dreams; the dreams dream us.
Do not fear your sense of fear. It is nothing. We are as safe as omnipotent God. God’s idea absolutely cannot fear; he knows there is just one Mind. Is he going to use that Mind to fear with? Is he living in God and still afraid? Is there anything outside of or beyond God? Is there anything inside God to fear? God made all and proclaimed it good.
Fear is godless, mindless, powerless, not included in consciousness. Fear cannot act on mortal mind, body, understanding, does not manifest self either as subjective or objective; not mine or anybody’s, and if I seem to fear, it is not my fear or anxiety and doesn’t make any difference. God isn’t afraid. My treatment isn’t afraid. A Christian Science treatment dissipates all the supposititious presence, power, law of fear. Fear is a fake belief within a fake belief, without cause, effect, or continuity. There is no personality. There is no mortal mind to embody itself and call that embodiment by my name, and hold over it the laws of limitation. God is Mind. I have the sense of that Mind. I have no mortal mind to look for pain or pleasure, health or sickness, strength or weakness, life or death.
A Prayer
No good thoughts are ever lost; all good is eternal and ever present. We do know the Science of being, and nothing can disqualify us for demonstrating it. When we turn for power from matter to Spirit, we can move mountains, surmount obstacles, achieve every success, and overcome fear and sin. The claiming of our rightful heritage as God’s children is the true mental culture and spiritual education. In the reality of being is all we want or need, or can possibly have or wish for. It includes more than we can discern in the measure of happiness and the completion of every wish or prayer that is wholesome or right for us to have. I must know that the definition of man in Science and Health applies to me. I am that spiritual man, I am God’s image and likeness, reflecting a full, perfect image of Life, Mind, action, etc., not under material laws or limitations. God’s law is life-giving and life-sustaining eternally. Doing good and thinking good sustains life. Love is the very nearest thing to us all the time. It is the nature of God to bless and care for us all the time. We can always bring God to us instantly by declaring He is with us. We never reach out for Him in vain. God has ordained for us all good, and He will remove our sins from us as far as the east is from the west, when we want to give them up. Hold steadfastly the thought of yourself as good only, as spiritual only. The belief that there is two of me is where all the trouble comes from. Every treatment must include the understanding that it is the Mind of God; it cannot return void, and it cannot be reversed by any so-called law of malpractice or human belief. Error says we are sick or discouraged; we don’t say it. It is error talking about itself. If we admit it, we have accepted a lie.
Truth says, I have perfect eyes, perfect heart, perfect limbs, etc.; all there is to me is like God, like perfection. We should discard mortal mind judgment and pray for the Christ Mind. It is our human will or judgment that argues we can’t do so and so. There is no reason why we may not always demonstrate truth, and be well and happy.
We must break the general claim of fear by knowing it has no effect or purpose, no power, control, or action; fear is senseless and sinful, and obedience to God breaks the claim and casts it out; fear itself is without foundation or reason, therefore no part of my consciousness. When God governs, there are no reverses or failures, no temperament or qualities, or disposition that can disqualify us for demonstrating truth. Our trust in God and our understanding is sufficient to extricate us from any inharmonious conditions or predicaments or disease in which we may seem to be. Health is the law of God, unchangeable and perfect, the result of perpetual harmonious action.
C. S. works from the standpoint of a well man. The understanding of man’s perfection is the true medicine and meets every case. There is no material body or man to need healing. I am the man that knows health, harmony, peace, etc. A treatment is knowing the truth and claiming it; the letter of it must be concise and to the point; do not waste words; the knowing that it is true is the right mental action, and is the source of health, of all good. It is necessary to know the facts of God’s omnipotence, and what He has ordained for me. There is but one Infinite and that includes all. The action, force and power of truth is self-evident, self-sustaining; nothing can interfere with it; it is perfection and life. Infinity includes only man that is well, that is perfect, and harmonious.
All things are possible to Mind and right thought. Every C. S. treatment is accumulative; the work goes on to bless all mankind. Error is non-scientific thinking, and scientific or true thinking is all that is needed to destroy it. A treatment must include the realization that it goes forth with power and truth, and cannot be reversed by any law of nature or of materia medica; no form of error can make a Christian Science treatment produce an opposite effect, nor can I be made to overlook or forget anything in the treatment that is necessary for its certain accomplishment of good. We must go ahead of error, and keep ahead of error all the way. Error is nothing but erroneous thought, and we must never give into it or go down before it.
The law of God includes a law that annuls every false claim, and we know it and must use it. Mental activity must be tranquil — not lazy; it must express force, be exact and it must know the reality of man’s oneness with God, and the utter unreality of evil in all its forms of beliefs. Know there is no mental or material poison; no substance or mind to contain or manifest poison, irritation or inflammation; no organism or substance that can give forth impurities; no impeded circulation or imperfect action. We cannot be made apathetic or forgetful, for God is our guide and instructor. Know that your treatments are good ones, and have no fear that they are not; fear cannot abide with you. A Christian Science treatment is never afraid it will not work.
Evening Prayer
Before you are ready to close your eyes in sleep, be sure you are not holding anything unlovely in your consciousness, anything unlike God; laying aside every fear, put yourself entirely in His charge. Quiet yourself with the thought that He who has all power will protect you, give you health and all you need in abundance, and know that whether sleeping or waking, you are safe because your life is hid with Christ in God. To declare that you are well is the exact truth; you are not flesh, but rather the ray of divine light that shining upon flesh makes it appear alive. This you is spiritual and cannot be sick. Remember that power is exerted by merely stating a truth. All truth is the word of God.
Assert it constantly, even though your so-called human mind screams falsehood. It is to acknowledge Him, to have your mind stayed on Him, to be directly benefited by the activity of good.
The need of divine wisdom and Love — Christ’s assurance of prayer answered — and the absolute Science of God’s Allness, moves the Christian Scientist to pray for the peace, prosperity, and brotherhood of all nations and peoples. No will-power is used in the Scientist’s prayer, since human will must be lost in the Divine, for prayer to be efficacious. In the words of Zechariah, "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts."
I would ask that all Christians unite in prayer for the cessation of sin — the oppression of the weak — the accession of power at the sacrifice of individual rights; and especially that divine Love shield the innocent from the wrath of the guilty, and cause it to praise Love.
July 24, 1900
It is unnecessary to go anywhere or change anything to find the glories of God. We need only open our eyes to spiritual reality, to the omnipresence of God, good, which is always available to us.
For every material sacrifice there is a spiritual blessing. Right desire is the deepest form of prayer.
I tell you truth when I say there is only one source of all good — God. The conscious recognition and acceptance of this fact acknowledged by every activity of the mind, not two or three times a day — but every few moments all day long — no matter what the outer self is doing, and this maintained, will enable anyone to express his perfect freedom and dominion over all things human.
Today is my day. And my world is but a reflection of my own mental attitude. I have the power within myself to reverse any destructive thought entering my mental household. I could not lovingly entertain unwelcome visitors, therefore I shall not willingly entertain unwelcome thoughts.
Each day I shall weed from my mind all thoughts of doubt, fear, malice, hatred, revenge, petty criticism or superstition of any nature whatsoever, and shall begin today believing tremendously in the power of a constructive mental attitude.
This is the day that the Lord has made. In it I will rejoice and be glad. No man taketh my joy from me. Just for today I will know that I am God’s child under His protection and that no plague can come nigh my dwelling. Just for today I will know that God is good, and that God is Love, and that He knoweth them that trust Him. Just for today I will know that I have strength to meet and conquer every claim of error, and that under the guidance of divine Principle I will be led to throw open the door for the entrance of Truth, and know through that same door error is cast forth. Then with a sweet sense of God’s nearness, I will know that yesterday has gone, and left no bitterness, and that today is big with blessings, that tomorrow belongs to God; and to realize this today eliminates all worry and pain and trouble, and brings us peace and happiness.
1 — True creation. One God, one Mind, one cause, one creator.
2 — False creation. Mortal mind forms its own concepts, and fears or loves them.
3 — Creation. Scholastic theology takes God’s name in vain by believing His creation is both material and spiritual. As there is but one creator, there is but one creation.
4 — Reign of harmony.
5 — Reflection.
6 — Christ. By reflecting our Father-Mother God, thereby uniting in one consciousness the male and female, the Christ is born, which reveals man as eternal.
7 — Unity. Knowing that we reflect the male and female, we must not adulterate this idea by supposing that each of God’s children is not complete, infinite. Seeing this purity, we are partakers of the marriage supper of the Lamb, the unity of man with the spiritual idea.
8 — Individuality. Mortal mind cannot steal from our individuality by making us suppose personality, or any phase of matter, has power to give to, or take away from God’s idea, anything.
9 — Love. "Love thy neighbor as thyself." See the spiritual idea.
10 — Fulfillment. Love gives us all things.
How many Christian Scientists give treatments as though they knew that Mind really heals the sick? The real thing is the presence of Mind, and the realization that there is no other presence. Do not be afraid to take this stand and demonstrate it. Make God All, for God is All, and there is nothing else. It is just as though Mind were saying: "I am here, and there is nothing else here. I am the practitioner and I am the patient, and there is nothing else and neither can be, other than I AM. It is this Infinity, this infinite Presence that makes disease impossible."
Don’t squabble with yourself mentally and wear yourself out with your arguments, either audibly or silently — but be firm, and know that God is the source of your intelligence. "Be still and know." Quiet the material senses one after another, and withdraw to "the secret place of the Most High," and after you have shut out the material clamoring, you can hear the still small voice.
The Bible tells you, "The battle is not yours, but God’s." Meet every problem that comes up as its master, knowing that "That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth, that which is past" (Eccles. 3:15). This implies that nothing which is not good can remain permanently in consciousness.
Life is eternal and unchangeable, and can never grow old, for time is not, and youth is immortal — you have always existed, and always will exist a perfect, complete and finished work, a spiritual being created of and by Spirit and subject only to spiritual laws. You do now and ever must manifest the God-life that is shining in you. It is working always in every part of your being to will and to do.
There can never be any loss of any of your faculties — for they are of Soul, and not of sense. The Life and strength of which you are the constant recipient are indestructible and infinite, and nothing can prevent their inflow. You are governed and sustained by perfect Love in which there is no fear of helplessness or death. Your faith and trust in the omnipotent power of Truth are perfect and unclouded, and you know that God is your sufficiency. Never was one of God’s children palsied or helpless, for all His works are good and eternal. There is no mortal mind to say you are old or feeble. There is but one infinite Mind, which is the understanding of the truth of your being, and holds you in perfect harmony and health.
Every pure thought falling silently and gently into human consciousness does its part in cleansing the whole world, just as every falling snowflake does its silent share in transforming the noisomeness of the grimy earth into a soft white blanket of purity. We must remember that the smallest truth is mightier than the greatest lie the world has ever known. The one is as enduring as eternity; the other is as transient as a shadow. Take from a lie its power to deceive and it becomes nothing, for its very being depends upon its ability to mislead. A lie must have two willing accessories — one who is willing to be deceived; one who is willing to deceive — the victimized and the victim; if either is wanting, the lie can do nothing.
I would that I could bear the burden of life without a scar.
Life is not rest, it is action; doing good is life, rest and action.
My dear Student:
From what appears, I fear you did not quite understand my few words of caution, so as to take the wise way of meeting all error, and therefore I name this way. Never address the person who errs by teaching them mentally or treating yourself against it. Never recognize the person in your argument — you must not — but take it up as the error only — and never doctor the error much — but make yourself so conscious of the opposite, Truth, that the error disappears. Know that nothing can come to you or go from you but what God sends, and therefore that no mortal mind can influence you, for only one Mind exists — and this is immortal Love. Overcome the evil mind with good. Never talk to it, or of it, but hold steadfastly to good, Love. And do not feel that any other person exists. This will deliver you. If you dwell in thought upon any person, it will hinder you from overcoming personality in your healing and casting out sin. There is no personality, and this is more important to know than that there is no disease. Your lifelong mistake has been your strong sense of personality. Drop it and remember you can never rid yourself of the seeming effects from a personality while holding in mind the personality. The way is to put it wholly out of mind and keep before your thought the right model.
Dear Minnie: Tomorrow make a coffee pot full of coffee; then send it down to the workmen in the barn. Put it in a basket with two cups and two teaspoons, send it by John and tell John to get the milk and sugar for them of Amanda.
To John Lathrop
When you are in perplexity or doubt about some important question that must be decided, keep your mind still; cease thinking and wait, that the still, small voice may speak. No words may come to you; nevertheless you will have asked your question. Wait — when the moment arrives, the decision you will have.
Cultivate the habit of trust by daily repeating "I am led by the spirit of infinite wisdom. I consecrate my will, my judgment, my desire, and all my faculty to the direction of the all-wise One. I shall hear. I shall know. I shall do right."
When you have an earnest desire of the heart and there seems no way of having it fulfilled, cease thinking of the obstacles, of the impossibilities and declare with an earnest and definite faith: "In my Father’s sight there are no closed doors, no obstacles, there are no impossibilities. There is no malignant animal magnetism to prevent me from reflecting light. There is no self-mesmerism to hide me from the truth, or to hide the truth from me. There is no hypnotism, no mental malpractice to harm me, for divine Love surrounds me. Truth enfolds me. Intelligence, power, substance are the sources of my being. The only native power is God. The only universe is Life, Truth, Love. There is no channel, personal or impersonal, by or through which animal magnetism either malicious, willful, sympathetic, or ignorant, conscious or unconscious, can approach Christian Science, its Discoverer or their patients."
It is a shield to mentally remind yourself daily that God is the only Law-maker for man, morally, spiritually and physically.
Take the First Commandment for your medicine. It cures all disease. There is but one Mind, and no person can, or is, harming you. It is a dream, a falsity, an illusion. You have no material head, heart, back. There is no electro-magnetism, no nerve centers for fools or demons to play upon with glamour.
Do not think of personality when protecting yourself or patients as a rule. Think only of the all absorbing Love that destroys all hate. Realize the allness of Truth and good, and the absence of error or evil. Realize the right side, and only side.
The hour has struck that God forewarned me of. That I may help you at this time, I send these hints: (Be sure to remember this.) The ministerial league growing out of the religious congress whereby to strengthen their failing prospects, include among other things, prayer for the heretic. This combined mental force is in belief the one that to the religious mind brings more anguish and hopelessness, and hatred of me, than any other power let loose. Take in your mental defense the strong consciousness that only the prayer of the righteous availeth anything, etc. You can but faintly conceive the portion that this brings to me, the one mark and target. 1895.
Take four hours each day for your reading, prayer and meditation alone with God.
Treat yourself three times each day on the basis I name, and let a student treat you once, and make the basic point this: That you can help yourself and need not the help of man. God, good, Truth, Love is all the help you can have, for they are all power.
Remember this fixed fact: You have no material heart. Your heart God gave you, and He governs all its functions. It cannot cease to act so long as God acts, for it is His reflection of Love. Let alone all sense of anatomy, and hold this true consciousness of yourself. Pain is not pain and you know it.
I am at my wit’s end to express what is the fact relative to fable.
To be overanxious regarding our own spiritual progress, is to acknowledge a person apart from God.
To the Watchers
Hear, O Israel, for the Lord our God is one God. You are not to come in your own name to pray. You are not to control any mind. You are only come in the divine strength, and know that God will rule, and does, and that hypnotism and evil minds cannot and do not control men nor governments. All power is God, good. This is my only formula to Christian Scientists for prayer; and God will give you faith that will remove mountains.
There is no hypodermis, no softened brain, no worn-out brain cells. Why? Because there is no brain, no mind in matter. If your mortal mind aches, you have only to change your mind on this subject, and the pain is gone. Mental work helps your head (or rather, your belief of head) the same as use is said to strengthen muscles. I know this is true.
I have put into my vineyard, not only a wine press, but digged a ditch about it.
What you have to meet is a fear; and what pacifies fear does not destroy it. Take your weapon that kills it, the First Commandment; and with that cut off its head.
You cannot suffer, when you have one Mind, God. Watch and acknowledge no other.
The trick ecclesiastical is to conciliate the students of Science. Look out for wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Enter into the joy of Love, heaven within you. It is His kingdom come. His will be done. You are in health, in peace, and have all help in God.
Dear Mrs. Rigby,
I have been deputied to send the following:
First Readers of Church of Christ, Scientist:
Beloved Students:
I request that you pray once every day for the principal editors of the principal periodicals in your city and for the clergymen in your pulpits. The lying influences sent forth to deceive our clergymen and our pressmen, would, "if possible, deceive the very elect."
This must be met with a counteracting influence through prayer. Let Truth be heard above error, and God will bless your efforts.
Jesus saith, "All things are possible to him who believeth." Ask other members of your church to do likewise, each day to pray as above and pour in the truth that destroys the error.
With love,
Mary Baker G. Eddy
I think it would be best not to copy this.
Edward A.Kimball
Forget your own beliefs in thinking of what others endured and are silent, with no help nor man, and all the heathen can do to man daily. But "all" is nothing that they can do. Love lives, rejoices and triumphs, and all that seems to be, is not.
God is good, and omnipotent, and goodness is your safeguard. The physical question is overcome the same as the moral. Your strength is omnipotence; your unerring wisdom is the same; and both are in proportion to your grace to meet the temptation that God, good, is not all in origin and end, in Principle and phenomenon. Now gird up your strength in Christian Science, and know what you believe, and understand omnipotence just a little, and you will be impervious.
Press on; you can accomplish great good; you cannot suffer for your labors of love.
Our Cause is rushing on; its chariot wheels are heard before the lips can speak its coming. Let us have on our wedding garments, for purity and peace now await our bridal.
The dear Love that knows all is love, does all things well; hence whatever else appears is not His heaven, but the wrath that must, will praise Him sometime, and in some way.
You are not over-tasked. It is a lie of M. A. M. Be strong, and hold the fort. If the diabolism of M. A. M. does not incite sanguine natures to mental conditions deplorable, it turns them to stone, or other lymphatic temperaments to make sullen and morbid.
I pray that He will keep you unspotted from M. A. M., also the world, the flesh and the devil.
The only manner whereby wrong is met scientifically is first to see it; next to be sorry for it; and lastly to correct it. This being the fact, the divine order is too important for me to forget or deny by admitting that wrong is not wrong, or that wrong can be forgiven.
God loves you; He will finish and furnish all that remains to be felt and known by us and all poor sinners.
God bless you, gird you with courage, faith, health; know that divine Love does all this for you.
Jesus said, or rather implied, that a Christian Scientist is not a reed shaken with the wind (is not an unreliable man) no matter what the influence may be, anymore than he is one in soft raiment (is not a king or tyrant).
Letter to Mrs. E. A. Thompson, Aug. 23, 1887.
I trust you are strong and know that there is but one Mind, and that this Mind governs you, permeates your body and brains with Truth, hence there is no room for error to steal in, and matter is not you. You are spirit, the idea of God, and the Mind that was in Jesus must be in you, for God is ALL, the outside and inside of Truth and — its ideas.
I must be affirmative and positive in my work, and know that all is spiritual and Christ.
My true self cannot be conscious of pain or disease. These are false beliefs.
We should rejoice always. Truth sweeps out all error with certainty and assurance. Error has no power of action — no abiding place.
Every good treatment is God manifested actively in the flesh through the activity of the right idea about the false sense of belief.
Every good treatment is God manifesting the law of good to man. It knows fear is nothing.
Do not treat a man for his belief — but as a belief without a believer.
Recognize all limitation as mesmerism. Hit it squarely in the face.
A Christian Science treatment is the transformation of consciousness. Handle the law of reversal.
One man cannot furnish consciousness for another man. Christian Science is a state of individual consciousness of knowing God.
Love means Life. It is the only corrective equal to every emergency and conquers every condition of discord.
God alone can handle M. A. M. The divine idea alone can handle it. God knows there is nothing to hate.
If human belief handles A. M. there is a fight, but divine Love knows there is nothing to fight. God is all that will handle A.M. When error appears, it only appears to disappear.
Cling to God, good, the true idea about the false sense about isness.
Error says, "I cannot;" Christ says, "I can."
The unity of Love to its expression, man, can never be discontinued, as it is sustained by ever-operating, now-operating divine law. There is no mortal law to destroy divine law.
Silence fear and error by love. Fervently desire the realization of Truth.
Declare daily: No mesmeric influence can prevent the law of spiritual growth, understanding, development, expression, discernment, humility, freedom, health, wealth, and healing from having boundless freedom in your consciousness. No mesmeric influence can separate you from the infinite Mind and its faculty.
One has no pain. It is the soreness of fear, the inflammation of fear, the irritation of fear. Do not let evil deceive you. You have not these things. A. M. is the only thought that can have them.
I am not A. M. I am not mesmerized with the fear of beliefs, or the beliefs of fear. Cast it out.
Mortal mind is a criminal malpractitioner. Divine Mind is the only true practitioner there is or ever was. It creates, rules, governs; hence we are free, healthy, happy, harmonious, peaceful, mentally and spiritually free.
Order M. A. M. to get out; deny M. A. M. Affirm: Truth is keeping us in a strictly scientific way.
Our home is in Mind, in spiritual consciousness, the eternal harmony of Soul. The builder and maker of this home is Mind. It is built and established in the eternal. Nothing can destroy the harmony of our home. Mind fills it with the glories of the kingdom of God. No fear of sin, sickness, or death can enter this home; no sense of poverty or want. No lack of supply has any presence or place here. These are illusions, nothing but M. A. M. — sin, a belief in a power apart from God. They cannot find us, for we dwell in the secret place of the Most High, God, and we are eternally conscious of the infinite riches and abundance of Love. God is our supply, is inexhaustible. The lie that argues poverty does not know us. We do not know it, cannot see, fear, hear, or manifest it, for we are living in God. God governs our home. Truth fills our household, is recognized, received and sought.
There is no resistance, no rejection, no indifference. Love destroys all unlike itself — removes all that is offensive.
Mind plans every detail of our affairs. Nothing can obstruct the path of Truth — the only path in our consciousness.
You have your place and work in God’s kingdom; I have mine. We are in the place prepared for us. Nothing can hide this place, or remove us from it, or withhold from us our spiritual blessing. Overcome self, and care for others.
Be Christlike, tender, merciful, temperate, humble, pure. Wait for the test of our sincerity. Long to be good, and seek daily prayer for divine teaching. Nothing can enter into God’s kingdom that worketh or maketh a lie, a discord, or a disease.
The action, the force, the power of the Truth is self-evident, self-acting, self-sustaining. Declare the truth for all mankind.
You will be made to know what to handle, and you cannot be apathetic or forgetful, for God is our Guide and Instructor.
There are no impure or improper secretions, or organism, or substance that can give forth impurities, and no such thing as impeded circulation, or imperfect action.
Mind is All, is God, is Spirit. I know that my treatments and my affairs can never be reversed, or interfered with.
No family relations or human associates can dispossess me of the Truth, or interfere with my success.
Christian Science can and must do what it promises.
I believe that my work is satisfactory. I know that my treatments are good, and fear cannot come and abide with me.
A treatment is never afraid that it will not work, for the declaration of Truth brings with it a consciousness of its sure and immediate effect.
I do have faith in God, and know that spiritual facts are the only facts. Fear is nothing. It cannot rob a treatment of its effects or of its purpose. The Word of God cannot return unto us void. The laws of health cannot be broken.
There is no law of transmission, contagion, heredity, no poison, microbe, or germs.
With God there are no limitations, no sense of limitation. No sense of limitation can be manifested by God’s image and likeness.
The law of God maintains my health from a spiritual standpoint.
The divine Mind supplies all the wisdom, all the power, all the opportunity for every man, and prompts every man to the right action at the right moment, so there is no conflict of interest; no possibility of failure; no discord of any sort.
Latent belief in disease, fear of disease — unconscious thought. There is no material substance to lack, mind or minds to give operation to hypnotism or mesmerism.
Every idea of Truth acts according to its own law.
Try to realize the allness and presence of God. You are His image and likeness.
There is no lack of resuscitation. God’s law is the law of resuscitation.
There is no inaction in Mind, no lethargy, no insanity, no stagnation, no hypnotism, no evil; nor can any of its claims subtly take possession of the so-called mortal mind, for Mind is God, ever conscious, ever acting, all motion.
There is no electricity to poison the nerve centers. There is no deterioration, no disintegration; no form of woman to waste away; no destruction, no cohesion.
God knows the things I have need of; the quality and the fact that seem to be lacking; therefore, I, as His child, must also know it.
You have no faith in evil. You have no power to do evil, or to cause others to sin. You cannot take away from anyone Mind or one of its faculties. God is the only power. You cannot poison anyone. There is no poison. These are God’s laws; they control you, and you cannot escape from them.
No mortal mind can harm Christian Science. The clergy and press will not; they cannot and they do not want to harm Christian Science or its Leader. They love Christian Science and they love the leaders thereof.
You are face to face with both Truth and error, and this must come before the power of Truth is understood, and the powerlessness, yes, the nothingness of error is proven. Wait patiently on the Lord. Why? Because He has said it, and because the escape from sense is slow, and if we are patient, it is accelerated.
Overcoming age is not resuming our youth; it is thought going into new paths which history has never recorded.
Never argue all on one side. But handle the serpent; then claim the real, the Love.
Take this thought earnestly twice each day: There is no evil thinking and no evil argument; the lie and liar are a lie, an illusion; there is no such person nor thought. God is all there is.
There is but one Mind, and this Mind is yours and mine, and governs us. All our thoughts come to us from this Mind, and go back to their source. There is no material sense in this Mind. There is no other mind to tempt, to harm, or to control. Know this, and you are master of the occasion, master of yourself and of others.
Letter to Mrs. Collins written Dec. 29, 1890
The old year is stepping out in storm and shine. The New Year will have come before you see my face in a locket mailed with this letter.
Darling, what a joy it will be when we meet face to face in a bodiless bliss, where the face of the Father is reflected in us, and we are all of one family, loving and beloved.
I was sorry for our dear Annie, but when father or mother forsake, God is nearer, for the joys of sense only becloud the joy of Soul. I should startle you by a rehearsal of what I experienced in this line, without a fellow mortal to solace me, when I began in the field of Christian Science to sow and water.
But all these trials enrich the heart and quiet the forbidden pleasures or longings for the things of time and sense. It is good to be afflicted. In the world those who are growing away from it, must have tribulation; but knowing that Christ — Truth — hath overcome the world, our dear Master said, "Be ye not afraid!"
He who understood Love could "wait patiently on the Lord," well knowing that all our "light afflictions" work out for us a mighty joy, a joy imperishable.
With a bounty of love for our child-hero, sweet Annie, tell her all this and much more. God is Love. He careth for her, for you and for me — what more need we? Yes, the years of my pilgrimage have taught me deep, deep lessons — and high. O, who can attain unto them except it be through experience!
God must be reflected. His goodness, His care, His love, His substance, are reflected by His ideas.
We are the channels, transparencies for the reflection of His goodness in proportion to the demonstration we have made over self, and the understanding gained of the Truth of being, the love for the brotherhood.
Letter to Mrs. Wallis upon receipt of Science and Health and Unity of Good bound with the Bible:
What sweeter unity can there be for our model than Christianity and Science. I regard the type sacredly and trust that our acquaintance will be built upon this Rock. Hearts unite on some basis, and if the foundation of friendship is spiritual, it cannot cease; it must be perpetual.
May the light that breaks upon the dawn of eternal day illumine your path, cheer, comfort, support you. This divine ray is never obscure in Science; only the shadow of sense can cause temporary eclipse, as we stand in our own light.
The deadliest poison is a secretion engendered by the working of hatred. Handle arsenical and mercurial poison to prevent rheumatism. Strive to work from God instead of up to God.
Know that M. A. M. has no intelligence to make a law that mercurial or arsenical poison can be mentally administered to produce catarrhal condition of the body. God is the only lawmaker. There is no belief in a mentality through which poison can be hypnotically administered.
We, as God’s ideas, are free from, and cannot be touched by the errors of unfavorable comment, disapproval, criticism, fault-finding, censure, blame, condemnation, hate, murder.
Man has no constitutional liability to disease, no inherited weakness; is not subject to abnormal growths, decay, decomposition, A. M. or vital poison; is not subject to or liable to death, sin, sensuality, vice or consequence.
Always remember that error in the individual is the result of a long line of mortal relationships with its prejudices, doubts, fears, etc. This is all there is to a mortal personality.
There is no opposite to Love. Hate claims to be; see that it is nothing. Human hate has nothing on which to operate. It claims to degenerate, consume, and disintegrate. One’s protection against hate is the realization that divine Love flows through every avenue, cleanses every channel, and removes every obstruction. In fact, the law of Love is the law of elimination and the law of destruction to everything unlike itself. There is no mortal selfhood to be touched by hate. "Human hate has no legitimate mandate and no kingdom."
My future is locked up in the secret of my God, and He will direct my path on, on to the bright realm of the real where we may meet to part no more.
God is supreme. He reigns, and evil is not. The only is connected with evil, is that it is not. See this and take courage.
Calling or thinking of error as lie relieves it of any personality whatever.
You — lie — cannot fasten your fault upon me.
You cannot unload your filth at my door.
You cannot argue fear, inability, lack of understanding, paralysis, inaction.
You cannot rob me of my property.
You cannot rob me of my good name.
You cannot rob me of my friends.
You cannot take away from me what God has given me, nor deprive me of what God has in store for me.
You cannot cause me to make mistakes, cannot blind me, cannot accuse me.
This lie has no origin, is not a creator — there is but one creator, that is God.
This lie cannot rob me of the fruits of my labors. Cannot rob me of my individuality. It cannot reach me through jealousy, hate or malice. It cannot argue that I am misunderstood. It has no activity, no intelligence, no personality. It is neither person, place nor thing.
I have no desire to rule, possess, or control men, or their kingdoms on earth — because what I am, every child of God is also, and my rights are the rights of all others, so I cannot court a sense of material power or influence.
God is speaking to us all either in commendation or rebuke through the things which we experience. If we are doing strictly right, we shall be blessed for all we endure; if not, and we continue to justify ourselves, we shall suffer more and more and gain nothing by that suffering.
My prayer is for all who learn by suffering, and for all who learn by enjoying, to enter into the rest of rightness; for every experience humanly is met, compensated or punished by divine Love.
Mrs. Eddy said if we were really conscious of the meaning of the synonyms of God, this would heal every case. Then she defined them as follows:
Mind — Infinite knowing — not thinking. It is reasoning.
Spirit — The presence of omnipotence. Nothing else is going on.
Soul — Consciousness. We are the children of Soul. If we knew this, there would be no dimness of sight, no dullness of hearing.
Principle — The presence of infinite law.
Life — The reflection of activity. No weariness.
Truth — Infinite inclusion of all facts.
Love — Infinite giving. Jesus gave on the cross;gave comfort to those
hanging with him; compassion to mother; blessing to disciples.
Selfishness is sin.
Sensuality is disease and sickness.
Sexuality is death.
Selfishness is the father of the lie.
Sensuality is the mother of the lie.
Sexuality is the child of the lie.
Selfishness is the predisposing cause.
Sensuality is the remote cause.
Sexuality is the exciting cause.
Selfishness is the old theology.
Sensuality is the materia medica.
Sexuality is the old natural science (so-called).
Selfishness is the old mortal sight.
Sensuality is the old mortal hearing.
Sexuality is the old mortal feeling (touch).
OVERCOME selfishness and you bring out unity.
OVERCOME sensuality and you bring out purity.
OVERCOME sexuality and you bring out the God idea.
These are the laws of sickness, sin and death, which war against the spiritual laws of Life, Truth and Love.
"Science lays the axe at the root of the tree." You must go back to overcome the root, cause. Selfishness is the cause of sensuality.
What is God? God is Life, Truth, Love. What is man? God’s idea, perfect, made in His image and likeness. How many men are there? One, the perfect man. How many bodies are there? One. How many ideas can there be of this man and body? Just one. Does this idea admit of disease? No. Can that body have a diseased eye? No. Is that eye diseased? No. Then what is the matter? You believe it is diseased. Do you believe this? No. Why? Because you are God’s perfect man — and believe only what is true about man. Then what is this that talks belief and disease? Error. Can error make disease? No. Did it ever do anything? No. Can it ever do anything? No. Has it any power? No. Why has it no power? Because God is all-power. Is there any other power than God? No. Then is error anything? Error is nothing because God created all things — All-in-all.
With this silent argument, you have silenced — entirely destroyed — the false type of man, and put him in his own true inheritance, and what was belief has become truth, and he is transformed by the renewing of his mind. And his body, which is not apart from him, but part of him, takes on its true likeness, and the Christ is made manifest in the flesh.
When the Court convened at Mrs. Eddy’s home at the time of the Next Friends’ Suit, when she was requested to appear, she delayed. The members of the household observed her walking the floor, working, and at times raising her arms as she worked. After a few moments she signified her readiness to go before the Court.
Later one asked her w,hy she delayed. Her reply was, "Oh, I could not go in. There was a witness against me."
Judge Aldrich admitted that when the case had been presented to him, it seemed to him that a woman of her age did need the help of her two sons in the conduct of her affairs. Suddenly he awakened to realize that he had formed an opinion of the case — was judging it — before he had heard it. Was this the witness that Mrs. Eddy felt was against her — that was ruled out?
God, good, is with you always. M. A. M. has no power. Know this and you are safe.
Prayer without ceasing is to live in the consciousness of one Mind, one God.
Mrs. Eddy told Miss Robertson that animal magnetism can always be detected in thought by (1) a confusion. (2) forgetting. (3) refusal to do one’s duty. (4) moral illness. The declaration of one Mind — and no power or presence beside God — will destroy these effects. Mind is all action.
When Miss Robertson visited Mrs. Eddy at Pleasant View, Mrs. Eddy said to her, "Do you know when I had most evil in my life to meet?" Then she said, "It was when I spoke in Chicago on Science and the Senses. The newspapers said it was a triumph for the Cause. For me it was a trial and tribulation. I, and I alone, had to carry the whole burden. All the Christian Scientists were happy, but I fought with animal magnetism all night after that talk." Miss Robertson said, "But Mother, God was with you right through it all!" Mrs. Eddy said, "Don’t you suppose I knew that?"
Giving lectures and teaching classes is not Christian Science. Healing the sick is.
Mrs. Eddy told Miss Robertson that she had asked Mr. E. A. Kimball to serve in her home at Concord. He was not happy over her invitation. Mrs. Eddy then said to Miss Robertson, "I knew then what he had to meet, and I let him go to meet it. It was up to him to know how much he had to meet it with. God gave him an opportunity to work here, but he made his choice."
The only time is now; the only power is Love; the only Mind is God.
To build a church requires more than money, stones and talk. The world will give you plenty of money. M. A. M. will stone you. Talk will not be lacking. But demonstration — one Mind — one God — this is necessary. See Matthew 7:21-23.
I have taken you up into the mountain and shown you the Promised Land, but you will have to walk every step of the way there yourself.
Mrs. Laura Sargent told Miss Robertson that Mrs. Eddy had much to meet — in belief — from the Theosophists. Miss Robertson asked Mrs. Sargent if Mrs. Eddy had ever told them why, and Mrs. Sargent said, "Mother said it is because the Theosophists think they have the only knowledge of God there is."
As a child puts her hand in the hand of a parent, so I have put my hand in the hand of God — and He will never let me go!
Students expect more and more teaching. This is the work of the evil one. God alone teaches. He says something to us all every hour. When will they all awake to hear His voice and stop looking to me?
Watch that M. A. M. does not dull your thought to the clear Word of God. I gave so much to your class — my last class — and so little has been done with it! Why? Because sleep overcomes the thought. Students must be watchers against the "thief that cometh in the night."
One God. One Mind. All is Truth, Life and Love. This is the path, straight and narrow, leading to the Father’s secret reward. You must follow every step of the way. I alone know what this means!
When the storm of A. M., Catholicism, Theosophy, demonology, blows upon our house, Truth will sustain it. We have to know this. It was this that saved the Cause after Dr. Eddy was taken away.
God bless you, my dear. I know He does. You must know it, too!
While Miss Robertson was with Mrs. Eddy, our Leader invited her to accompany her on her drive. While they were returning, driving toward the house, Mrs. Eddy suddenly leaned forward, and looked intently at the house. Then she said "Nemi, see that man crawling along the roof there!" Miss Robertson looked but could see no one on the roof of the house. However, Mrs. Eddy insisted there was someone there, and when she reached the house, refused to leave the carriage until a search had been made. When no one was found, she alighted. Then she called the household into her study, and spoke very sharply about keeping the watch, and about the work needed to be done. She opened her Bible and read from Jer. 9:15. She spoke to them about this verse, then sent them all away.
Mrs. Eddy gave Miss Robertson a present of a copy of the Christian Science textbook with the following written inside:
"To read this book is to hear the voice of your Father. Ponder this in your heart and tell no man — Mother."
Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.
February 7, 1897
Anatomy is the sign of the dragon. Knowledge of God is the reward of diligent seeking. One God. One Mind. Love is the only power.
Our Father sees us in secret. Do you know what this means? Only God can give you the answer. Divine Love will lead you if you trust.
Mr. C. A. Frye, Mrs. Eddy’s secretary, told Miss Robertson that Mrs. Eddy called him from bed one cold winter night to dictate the motto on the Christian Science spoon. He said that she seemed very happy when she spoke the words. But she never mentioned it again until someone, nearly a year later, was speaking with her about the proposed spoon. Then she turned to Mr. Frye, and reminded him of the words she had dictated to him. He found them, and brought them to her. She said, "When God told me that, I didn’t know what it was for. Now I know." The motto is, "Not matter but Mind satisfieth."
Theory never built a church, never taught a class, never wrote the Christian Science textbook. Healing the sick is done by practice, not profession — by prayer and fasting from material sense. Mortal mind claims otherwise, but God is All, and there is no evil. Love rules, and you know it.
Mrs. Eddy asked Miss Robertson to stay in her home for a period of time. Miss Robertson could not accept because of some personal problems which had to be met at that moment. She therefore asked Mrs. Eddy to allow her to come later. Mrs. Eddy said, "God will tell you what to do, dear. He has prepared you a blessing, and you will receive it — if not here at Pleasant View, then somewhere else." Miss Robertson was not led to stay at Mrs. Eddy’s home, and our Leader did not invite her again, though she often visited her for short interviews. But Miss Robertson felt that the blessing which our Leader said God had prepared for her, was given her through the privilege of teaching and practicing Christian Science over many years.
Once Miss Robertson had a patient who manifested great resentment toward Mrs. Eddy. While thinking about this patient, Miss Robertson wrote a letter to our Leader, but did not mention the patient. Mrs. Eddy wrote back to Miss Robertson, "Turn your patient’s thought to God, and let Love show me to him just as I really am!" The patient was healed.
When you lean on divine Love as a staff — as David did — then you are safe.
God wrote the Textbook. Study it; let God speak to you!
Love controls the weather. No electricity of mortal mind. No thunder, no high wind to blow. Divine Mind governs all. (This was given to the workers at Pleasant View when Miss Robertson was there. The result was that the dark clouds cleared away, and the sunshine appeared.)
When Mrs. Eddy was speaking with Miss Robertson, word was brought that Dr. Alfred Baker was downstairs. Mrs. Eddy rose and went down to see him, telling Miss Robertson to remain in her study. When she returned, she said, "Dr. Baker is a good Christian Scientist, but like all of us he forgets that God is by his side all the while. I had to remind him of it just now!" (Miss Robertson learned afterward that she had spoken very sharply to him as though to arouse him. The result was that he left in a happy and alert frame of mind.)
Many minds are at work at this instant to stop our work for humanity and for the Cause. Yet their effort will fail. Why? Because God speaks to me as He has spoken from the earliest days when He guided me to the founding of this Cause. He speaks, and I must follow. This is my cross. How I wish I could explain to you what this means!
(Noted between 1904-6.) It was when I could turn to God completely — leaving all thought of family and friends behind — even the nearest and dearest — that He could lead me into the land of Christian Science. I do not know how others find this path, but much was demanded of me in the first years; much giving up. Yet divine Love has more than compensated me for it all!
Students do not understand animal magnetism for what it is and for what it is not. When they do, they will raise the dead, and not until then.
I have told you that evil has no power, yet I have told you to handle evil as though it had power. This is because of your place in growth spiritual. When the Allness of God is seen, the nothingness of evil is evident — hold to that.
You would not believe the storms of evil that rage and roar round this house. Yet within, all is calm and serene with the light of His presence. (This was said when Miss Robertson remarked on the beauty of a spring day at Pleasant View).
Christ, Truth, is seen, as error, animal magnetism, is unseen. But do not forget the steps between you and the haven of your Father’s house!
Jesus understood his spirituality; hence his success in healing. If you all understood as he did, you would not need me to teach you, and to correct you. I am amazed when I see how little Christian Science healing is done. So much is faith healing, little more.
Students love the explanations of Christian Science: God is Love, God is good, God is Mind, etc. This is the crown of Christian Science. But they dislike the cross of Christ — the patient, slow bearing of the cross they shun. They will not handle animal magnetism. All the cross-bearing they leave to me, while they love the crown. Yet this lesson they will learn.
The work of many minds attempted to stop the building of The Mother Church. Now that plan of M. A. M. was defeated. It is up to the students to protect that demonstration — from the enemy within our gates.
Mortal mind says, "Trust in me!" God says, "I AM." This is the answer to error.
When students rise in the consciousness of God alone as reality, then error, animal magnetism will disappear. Why? Because it never was.
Attacks on the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science are attacks on the Cause itself. When will you see this, and stop these efforts of animal magnetism to destroy us? The students alone will be responsible if these demon schemes are not ended. Yet who will bear this cross? See Matt. 10:33. With love, Mother.
August 12, 1905. Today I visited our Leader at Pleasant View and she spoke with me for about a half hour. She seemed distressed in regard to Mr. Johnson and Mr. Knapp, and kept saying, "God will reward them; they will see me as I am!" Then she turned to me and said, "Dear, do not be distressed at what you see and hear here. Love cares for us all, and I am old in God’s service. I long for heaven." Then she sat silent for quite a time, looking through the window. At last I said, "Mother, are you ever lonely?" She turned and looked at me, and then said with tears in her yes, "Alone, child, but never lonely!"
My angels are exalted thoughts (Science and Health, 299). Mrs. Eddy told Miss Robertson that this passage in the textbook understood would raise the dead.
I do not understand students when they speak of difficult cases. When I first practiced in Truth, all my cases were difficult. Mortal mind never gave me an easy case. But all this is M. A. M. You must rise to see only one Mind, and the mists will disappear. Rouse yourselves! God is here!
Mrs. Mims and Miss Robertson visited Mrs. Eddy one day in 1900 at our Leader’s request. She spoke with them about the Cause for nearly an hour. When they were about to leave, Mrs. Eddy said, "My dear ones, let God speak," and without another word she left the room, without bidding them farewell.
My ideal is Christian Science demonstrated. God gives you fresh opportunities every hour for work in His vineyard. Will you take this yoke upon you? I have borne it forty years. With love, Mother. Jan. 1897, to Miss Robertson.
Animal magnetism is powerless — but you must declare against it as though it had all power.
Prayer for Yourself
I am the child of God. His care and Love surround me. Animal magnetism cannot reach me to make me fear or be afraid.
The Weather
God governs all, is All-in-all. God is our constant Guide and Guardian. No mortal thought, known or unknown, seen or unseen, can interfere with the manifestation of Love