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Mrs. Eddy to Mr. Edward A. Kimball
The belief that scares you is your own hand uplifted against yourself. Put it down. The Truth that is good is your life, and doing good you sustain it, but fearing evil you lose it. Body and mortal mind are one. I know this and take no thought for the body. Look out that your thought is right and your stomach will be forgotten, for you have none in Truth. Stick to this Truth and all is well. If thy right hand offend, cast it from thee. Cast out your liver! God is your life and you are the liver and there is no other liver. This is casting out evils and these signs shall follow them that believe.
Mrs. Eddy to Mr. Edward A. Kimball
There is no liver, no pneumogastric nerve and no nerves, no solar plexus. Then stand, having done all, stand on this Rock. There is no matter, no substance but Spirit. Stand there, know it, draw all other physical conclusions from this one all Truth. Stay in Boston and vicinity always if you please. I know you can master it, the lie, there as well as elsewhere. To run before a lie is to accept its terms. This works like running before the enemy in battle. You will be followed, pursued, till you face about, trust in God and stand on Spirit denying and facing and fighting all claims of matter and mortal mind both one.
Read Science and Health 562:29-568:7. To know that the dragon is in truth but a mythical creation, saves us from it. If we make something of it, and attempt to destroy it, we will be vanquished every time. Only Truth and Love can destroy the dragon. What is it to love? To always see the man of God’s creation, and nothing else, and to separate from our thought of man any belief of fear, sin or disease. This is love. Let us strive more and more earnestly to reflect this love in our homes, where little errors so often tempt us to lose sight of the real child of God.
We each dwell in our own world of consciousness. We look out through the windows of this consciousness and behold the passing procession of mortal mind. Day after day we have been lured forth, have been pressed into the whirl, lost our individual peace and poise in divine Mind, and found ourselves dragged through the meanness, uncleanness, the pain of the procession. We seek to regain our own home of consciousness, wiser for the experience, thinking we will not again become part of error’s pageant: but here let the newer understanding of love guard well your door. Stay in your own home of demonstration. Keep your peace, for idle curiosity, criticism, or even false sympathy may lure you forth.
Logic. July l0, 1909. If a man says, "I lie," does he tell the truth or does he lie? The logical reply is: if he lies, he tells the truth and if he tells the truth, he lies. We ask, What is a lie? It is the absence of Truth, of reality, the absence of God, the absence of good, hence evil is a lie and a lie is not real, therefore evil is unreal. An evil-doer is losing his own selfhood; he is becoming a nonentity, harming himself more than he can harm any other person. What then is success in evil? It is downright defeat. The greater its success, the surer its defeat. Evil is self-destroyed. What is this destruction? It is the loss of selfhood, the loss of the power to do good and to realize the attainable power that is good. The most selfish mortal should heed the Scripture, "Do thyself no harm." Selfishness is the development of sin, sickness, disease, death. Soul is unselfed; it could not be immortal and be selfish. The most selfish man or woman is the most soulless, when selfishness consists in loving one’s self better than he loves his neighbor.
To Judge Septimus J. Hanna, who wrote asking whether a Christian Scientist should go into politics: There is more present good done by being in the midst of error and neutralizing the old with the new. The old bottle of dishonesty in politicians needs emptying, and it needs your purpose poured into it, the purpose to accomplish the most good for the largest number. If you are now sufficiently rooted and grounded in Christ, Truth, and all its sweet savors of patience, wisdom, grace to bear the strain, you can do more good by occasionally working among politicians than by taking yourself away from them. It will be a great strain upon your Christliness, but if you take it up as a cross, and bear it meekly, God will direct and sustain all such endeavors, and you will grow in the stature of Christ by all the things that await you.
Mortals may have a big belief of brain, but according to Christian Science, the claim that somebody thinks, blinds man to the fact that there is but one Mind, God, and consequently one real thinker and one thought. Isa.14:24: "The Lord of hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand." When man begins to see himself as the reflection God, Mind, and recognizes that he has within himself the capacity to act as possessing all power from Him in whom we live, move and have our being, he has reached the highest of all endowments and fruitful of all good works. He who is obedient to Truth has immense power for service. The Truth frees him from ignorance of his capacities and privileges. It fortifies and sustains him under all circumstances. It is here and now. Pentecostal power is always present. It is the power of Mind enabling man to do the will of wisdom, for God’s biddings are always enablings. It is the power to think, to act, to speak so that life will be fruitful and joyous. It is the capacity every man possesses to act in harmony with divine power, and this is to preserve a scientific sense of being. Nothing is truth but the absolute. We do not know anything. Mind is the only source of power. Thought is the only force. Therefore those who have turned to the fountainhead of being for the solution of any problem, have brought such titanic force into intelligent activity that the results may seem incredible. Principle does not require time to become itself and find its true expression. Mind is causative. We reflect the ideas of Mind, interpret them to ourselves and objectify or bring out the fruit of thought. Therefore the word of God, spoken into consciousness, is the seed bearing fruit after its kind.
Now, my students, you go from this class with the intention of doing right. You will not willfully err. Let me tell you, only one of two things can hinder this intention or disturb you; that is fear or malice. When you follow my rules these cannot touch you. When you have treated a patient and have removed all envy, hatred and pride from your own thought, stand in the Truth, not a treatment but an attitude. Some say they have treated and worked and gone their way when in reality they have not given one helpful thought to their relief. Do not work, seek. Do not be anxious, knock and find, and stand in the consciousness of Truth. Do not look to matter to tell you your success but look up, for your harvest is right at hand. You know the Father’s love, trust it. Then when you hear a whisper, "Now you are a sinner, and so and so is your punishment, this suffering is the consequence," put it out; put it out. Animal magnetism says you are a sinner when you know you are not going deliberately to work to sin. Then empty your thought of fear and say, "I look to God, my Father, to see what I am. He alone shall tell me of myself." Never address the person or persons who err by treating them mentally or treating yourself against them. Never recognize the person in your argument. You must not, but take it up, the error only, and never doctor the error much, but make yourself so conscious of the opposite Truth that the error disappears. Know that nothing can come to you or go from you but what God sends, and therefore there is no mortal mind to influence you, for only one Mind exists and that is immortal Love. Overcome the evil mind with good, and do not feel that any other mind or person exists. This will deliver you. If you allow any belief of your own or another personality to dwell in thought, it will hinder you from overcoming personality in your healing or casting out sin. There is no personality, and this is more important to know than that there is no disease. Stop it and remember that you can never rid yourself of the erring effects of personality while holding in thought a personality. The way is to put it wholly out of thought and keep before you the perfect model.
Does the stupid ostrich protect his life by hiding his head from the hunter? Does yielding your purse to a robber prevent his making another demand on your treasures or your life? Becoming the servant of a hard master, whose tender mercies are cruel, will not save you from his lash. Conscious obedience to the open or secret demands of evil minds, ensures moral and physical death. Ignorant submission to these evil though inaudible demands is sure doom. Your eyes must be opened, that you may see and feel this hidden influence; for if you only understood its cause, you would besiege it with Science, until you compelled the city of evil to capitulate, and so saved yourself. Science is more exacting than sense; it abates not one demand. All possible progress in Christian Science is sacrificed by him who yields to the influence of animal magnetism. Knowing this, the envious mental malpractitioner, intent on reducing you to his standard, sends to you, mentally, his demoralizing arguments; but at the same moment he whispers into your thought: "I am not influencing you; it is such and such a one." (No and Yes, first edition.)
Sense and Soul’s Law by Mary Baker Eddy (never published). There is no law of sense making me forget what I should do or do it wrongly. There is but one law and this law is God’s making me remember what I should do and do it rightly.
Copy of notes of Mrs. Eddy’s in James A. Neal’s possession: There is no fear or effects from fear — no reversal. She (Mrs. Stetson) and her students cannot send any thoughts here. There is but one Mind and that is good. No evil spirits, no poison, no theosophy can come, no evil suggestions, no suffering coming here or sent here because of the court. Affirm without limitation the truth that perfect health is here, etc. Ps. 91. No reversal. You cannot make laws. Divine Love governs all. You are governed by divine Love; you feel no envy, no revenge, no hatred. All you feel is Love, peace, and Love fills your thoughts and makes you happy and satisfied.
The origin of evil is the problem of the ages; it confronts each generation anew; it confronts Christian Science; the question is often asked, if God created only the good whence cometh the evil? To this question Christian Science replies evil never did exist as an entity; it is but a belief that there is an opposite intelligence to God. This belief is a species of idolatry. The admission of the reality of evil perpetuates faith in evil, and the Scriptures declare that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are. This leading self-evident proposition of Christian Science — that good being real, its opposite is necessarily unreal — needs to be grasped in all its divine requirements.
Let your minds go out every two hours, all is peace, good will, love, etc. Say nothing of error, confine your thoughts to the right side.
No error can harm our Cause or a true Christian Scientist. Good is supreme, it is all, and evil is powerless. Our arguments cannot be reversed. Truth is not hindered, it brings forth.
Know and realize good is omnipotent; evil is impotent. There is but one Mind; there is no mortal mind.
You produce on yourself just what you are trying to produce on others. You reap what you sow and nobody else does, and you cannot change this law of Truth. You cannot help yourself, your students cannot help you, till you stop lying and trying to hurt others.
Evil is not power, not mind, and nobody has any power to accomplish evil of any sort (here stop and dwell on this argument till you realize this truth), then declare that Love is All and in all, in every thought, and all power is in Love. There is no other power. Evil is powerless; there is no evil. Hypnotism, theosophy, and esoteric magic have no power to do evil, and cannot reverse Truth — but Life, Truth, Love have reversed, and they have destroyed all evil. There are no false suggestions, lying arguments or hatred — these are illusions, they do not exist. I have no fear of them, I am not controlled by them. Divine Love is supreme and controls all I think, say, or do. Pray daily, twice at least, to divine Love to give you success, then realize for yourself that Love and Truth and action on your part (for Truth does not work for you unless you work) will give you the victory. Guard reversal. There is no law of hypnotism to reverse God’s law. Truth is unchangeable, and cannot be reversed.
There is nobody hurting you. You or your students cannot help yourselves by taking up others, for nobody is hurting you. God, Love, governs, and love is not overcome by hate. You cannot fight against God. God, good, is supreme and does govern. There must be an outpouring of love to meet this hour.
When you argue on all subjects that should end well, be a law to your own consciousness that what you say cannot be reversed and inverted and made to produce the very opposite of what you argue for. This is a late phase of theosophy and M. A. M. that needs to be met.
(Stetson) or anybody else that is trying to hurt her, cannot make laws. The lies they whisper hurt no one but themselves. Lies, hatred, revenge have no power but to destroy themselves, and they do destroy themselves every time they try to hurt anybody else. This is God’s law, it cannot be broken, and it cannot make anybody suffer because we tell you this. You cannot help yourself, and nobody can help you till you stop trying to hurt others. You can never prosper while you try to hurt others or make your students believe anybody is harming you, for nobody is doing this. Now you do see this and love God and man. Then turn to the right side in your own consciousness, and know this truth — God alone reigns, and all is Love.
Be careful not to use human will, but speak in the power of divine Love that is a law to human hate and destroys it.
This is the second coming of the Christ and it will be the last.
When Mr. Dickey was telling our Leader of Mrs. Dickey’s healing work in Kansas City (she was there and he was at the home), she said that she wanted to tell him something, and said that she could not give it out, and cautioned him not even to tell Mrs. Dickey until he thought she was ready for it. She said, "When any practitioner puts Science and Health in a patient’s hands, it is Science and Health that does the healing."
She said she hadn’t attained one millionth of what the book calls for. "It is a wonderful book and covers eternity," she said.
One day Mrs. Eddy touched Adam Dickey’s hand with her finger and asked him, "What is this?" He replied, "Matter," She said, "It is not; it is Spirit." Then another time she looked at him and said, "You are Spirit." And he said, "No, Mother, I am spiritual." She said in a very emphatic way, "You are Spirit." And he said, "Mother, I do not see that." She said, "You are Spirit," the third time, but he said he could not see it. When he was going to his room, he met Mrs. Sargent and he told her of the conversation with Mrs. Eddy, and she said, "Oh, Mr. Dickey, why did you say that! Mother was trying to give you her highest teaching."
MOTIVE (April 16, 1909)
We think before we speak, then if our thought is right our words will be as nearly right as our thoughts; but if our thoughts are wrong and our words are right, the result will follow the wrong direction. We may deceive man, but we cannot deceive God. He searcheth the heart and rewards or punishes the motive until the act follows in the right direction. Oh! Thou eternal Love, I leave my adopted children — and Thy children — to Thee who art wisdom, unfailing and unfaltering wisdom and Love, to guard them in this hour of the attempted reign of M. A. M., the reign and rule of all that is selfish, debased and unjust.
My beloved students: Enter into the closet of divine Love, and there in humility ask this ever-present power to shield and to defend you from the enemies of your souls and bodies, to defend you and guard you and guide you in the paths of righteousness, pleasantness and Truth.
Be not deceived; "God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." God knows your motive and will reward it or punish it according to His wisdom and justice, not yours. Not the so-called human, but the divine wisdom shall reign despite your mistaken human hopes, motives or acts. Examine your motives; ask if selfish desire governs them; or of in obedience to the divine command you are taking up your cross and following Him. Self-seeking will never result in Soul-finding — in finding divine wisdom and Love apart from self, and self swallowed up in a victory of Soul. There is but one way of salvation from sin, disease and death, and this way is to take up the cross in order to follow Christ; then God, who knows your motive, will reward your act according to that motive and not according to your words. Hear O Israel! You cannot succeed with a wrong motive, for it will result in a wrong act. Cleanse your hearts, ye doubleminded, and keep your account with God, for you shall be judged according to the Book of Life that registers motives, and records the impulses of Mind, not matter. Let thy tongue and thy pen be employed in the execution of right motives, then shall thy reward come from heaven, that overcometh the powers of earth, and wherein and whereby man deals justly, walks humbly.
To Edward A. Kimball
1893. For the world to understand me in my true light, and life, would do more for our Cause than aught else could. This I learn from the fact that the enemy tries harder to hide these two things from the world than to win any other points. Also Jesus’ life and character in their first appearing were treated in like manner. And I regret to see that loyal students are not more awake to this great demand in their measures to meet the enemies’ tactics.
To Edward A. Kimball
1893. I Have learned from bitter experience that the head instructed before the heart is ready, costs me and our Cause dangerous difficulties and sore defeats.
To Dr. Alfred E. Baker
There is no morphine of malice poison that puts to sleep — that is, to your own best interest — and causes dreams and illusions.
There is no strychnine of jealousy poison that contracts and keeps from seeing beyond one’s own self — that is, to make us voice error where we should voice truth.
There is no sulphur of hatred poison that always inflames — that is, we must watch this, that it does not open the door to the hatred of the world.
There is no arsenic of envy poison to swell and puff up.
There is no cocaine poison to cause depression.
There is no corrosive sublimate of worry poison that eats and gnaws.
Three Stages
1st. Good resolves.
2nd. Continual asking forgiveness.
3rd. Hardness of heart, resolve to take own course.
"Did not bargain to be a Christian."
We must recognize the claim of error and oppose it, or we are in danger of being blinded by it and becoming its victim.
Foreign nations are allied, but the United States stands alone in her glory. . . This little leaven of righteousness will finally leaven the whole lump of nations till armies and navies are not requisite, and the brotherhood of man is established on the Principle of one God and Father, and loving our neighbor as ourself.
Letter to Hannah A. Larminie, January 4, 1891. Your present to me is such a sweet reminder of yourself, your head and your heart — that I just love to look at your offering to my useless feet, useless I mean in the sense of material toil, and faster I hope than ever and more beautiful upon the mountains of Holiness and in the dwelling place of the Most High.
Dear one, I felt a little cloud no bigger than a man’s hand pass before my eyes, and the raindrop of a tear, as I read your letter. My heart goes out to you with a prayer "comfort ye my people," give her an abundance of love this year, and love so divine that a human sense of love would only mar it, and spoil its joy. Oh! Father, make her home here sweet, a resting place from the world, and where no memory of mortal joy or sorrow can come to cloud the immortal peace, for there is no peace, no pleasure, no bliss in mortal things. However dear they may be to sense, to Soul they are not permitted. Now my loved one, which do you choose, for both you cannot have? I would rather drink the cup of pain and anguish than sip the chalice of sensual pleasures in even their mildest and best forms. Why? Because they are God’s high tides that hourly waft us nearer and nearer the shore of eternal bliss.
"Where no arrow wounds the dove.
Where no partings are for love."
Even though the waves are dark and tumultuous in this heavenward course as we are reaching the sweet haven home, they will grow calm, and then Oh! then, it is home at last, and there is no night there and no more sea.
Lovingly ever thine,
Mary B. G. Eddy.
My beautiful slippers fit admirably, are plenty large.
Do we not all understand cowardice never conquers? To get rid of temptation of any sort or to get out of a difficulty, we are not passive and let the wrong rule the right, but we struggle and thus conquer. We should not avoid the things that hurt us, but repeat them and meet them as their superior. Disease is a coward that leaves when you are not afraid of it.
No student can eat at my table who does not say a few words for God before he or she leaves the table. I was early educated to this. I always do it at my table because I cannot avoid doing it.
Remember that unless you travel mentally, that if you don’t traverse new lands spiritually, if you don’t cross metaphysical waters and reach shores hitherto unvisited in Soul, you have wasted your time, money, and effort, and you will get nothing out of it. Don’t do less Science, but more. May God enfold you in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake, where no evil, no accident, no allurements, no blame lies, claiming some world more dazzlingly beautiful than the radiance of divine Love, for straight is the gate and narrow the way thereto.
When animal magnetism has done its worst, it has done nothing.
When animal magnetism has howled and howled, it has done nothing.
The effect of this prayer is not reversed.
God, good, reigns; there is no other mind. Love reigns, there is no hatred, no envy, no revenge. All things are working together for good to those that love good. We do love good, God, and He gives us all our thoughts, motives, and governs all our acts. The divine Life preserves our life and health, and they cannot be taken from Christian Scientists, and Christian Scientists cannot be made sinful. We love God and God loves us and is guiding us every moment. This prayer cannot be reversed. This prayer bears fruit after its own kind, it does good, it blesses us and all others.
Prayer Sent To The Watchers
October 20, 1903 with the comment: "Charge them not to change, add to, or diminish this prayer. Something is out of tune. This will be a chord."
The thief is ready to rob and to steal all treasures. But our Master said that if the good man had watched, his house would not have been broken open. I beg you to watch and pray to this end. You are in danger unless you do. The more useful and prominent you become, the harder the mental robbers will work to rob you of good thoughts, a strong purpose and wise efforts to do God’s will.
One Mind, and loving others as we would be loved, is the panacea for all our wrongs, trouble and strife.
Truth cannot be reversed; it bears the fruit of health and holiness.
Life cannot be reversed; it bears the fruit of immortal harmony.
Love cannot be reversed; it destroys all fear and heals the sick and the sinful.
A treatment is never afraid that it will not work, for the declaration of Truth brings with it a consciousness of its sure and immediate effect.
It is the self-sacrifice that finds the way for others through the experience that meets and overcomes error; then shows this way to others who have slept, to save them from a similar experience.
Love, overflowing, makes angels, is entitled to God’s care, governs fate, kindles all hearts with delight, and, as in Israel’s dream, it rises above earth to Heaven.
From The Christian Science Journal, March, 1897
Mentally treat yourself that nothing can govern your actions or come to your thought that is not from the divine Mind. Be strong there. So many sinister suggestions come to mind, watch! and each day commit yourself to the care of our one Parent, trust Him, turn to Him in all your ways for light to direct your footsteps and wisdom to enable you to separate the tares from the wheat — so that you can judge well between the human or the evil "suggestion" and the good or divine impulse.
To make too little of error is to ignore, evade, endure, excuse, and conceal it. To make too much of error is to love, hate, fear, honor, and drive it. Then error is not to be ignored, evaded, endured, excused, concealed, loved, hated, feared, honored, or driven.
The "liberty of the sons of God" is for each one to desire God, and for each one to desire for his mortal neighbor just what he desires for himself.
When asked by members of her household to tell them what was the most simple yet profound prayer that could be uttered, it is recorded that Mary Baker Eddy said, "Pray without ceasing: O God, show me Thy way and keep me in that way." See C. S. Sentinel, Vol XXXVIII, p. 998
All genius is sad in its youth. It is the precursor of mortal mind that discords — never harmonizes — with Life, Truth or Love. So dear young friend, cultivate joy, hope, faith. Life lies before you glorious. Banish the shadow, seize the substance thereof, and God, good, is with you alway.
This Cause must be carried morally by silent argument, just the same as you carry it physically. This is the great duty for Christians, that they must do or be accountable to God for leaving it undone.
Be wholly absorbed in the work of gaining daily more understanding of God. Then personal ambition, envy, desire to be in this or that place, cannot use you. Personal ambition has no place in a Christian’s thought or life. He is wholly occupied in the loving, humble purpose to do good, to be good, and to prove that good is all that can govern thought, action, condition, or being.
I have only to trust in God, for Love is destroying disease. I can’t do it. Truth and Love are at work and error and hate can’t stand before them. They are destroying sin, disease and death. I know this, and my faith in it cannot fail, and I cannot fear.
No one is loyal to Truth, to himself, to his God, or is worthy of heaven, who has not faith, pluck, and patience enough to endure, without fainting, apparent defeat and delayed rewards.
When holding no hate in thought and only Love, we are doing good to all and this continually.
Vigilance and victory are in Truth inseparable.
Be wise, calm, slow to judge, patient, pure, loving. These are the graces of Christian Science.
Mary Baker Eddy’s
as given to Dr. Edward French, July 10, 1907
Divine Love: Give me grace, meekness, understanding and wisdom for each hour of this day.
Whenever there seems to be a need or lack in your experience, this simply indicates the scientific fact that this seeming need is already supplied by God’s gracious abundance. Then give thanks with your whole heart because you have learned in Christian Science that God’s supply is ever at hand. (This was found in Mrs. Eddy’s Science and Health signed, after she had left us. See Christian Science Sentinel, Volume XI, Page 26.)
Love is safe in the divine Principle, and never safe out of it.
I am because Thou art. I am where Thou art. I am what Thou art. I am with Thee, O Thou infinite, I AM. I am good. I am holy. I am free.
On page 149 of the Christian Science Journal for November, 1885, is the following:
The fairest action of our human life
Is scorning to revenge an injury.
For who forgives without a further strife,
His adversary’s heart to him doth tie:
And ‘tis a firmer conquest, truly said,
To win the heart than overthrow the head.
Mary Baker Eddy marked this poem in her copy of the Journal and wrote in the margin: "To forgive your enemies is equivalent to having no enemies."
Argument for yourself: I am not hypnotized, not self-mesmerized to believe a lie. I am governed by God. I am not glamored. There is no hypnotism, no mortal mind, no presence, no power, in evil. God is All, and my only Mind. He gives me all my thoughts, governs all my thoughts, words and acts. He teaches me how to pray aright.
My dear student:
Love is a mighty spiritual force.
Mass. Metaphysical College, Boston, 1884
Heaven in the heart of one means heaven in the heart of all.
The Christian Science student’s affection, fidelity and devotion are born in the furnace and blossom in wisdom won by experience. This is the price and reward of taking one’s treasure out of material vessels.
(This sentence was originally included in the article in Miscellany 275:24.)
Defeat is to acknowledge defeat.
"God has not given us vast learning to solve all the problems or unfailing wisdom to direct all the wanderings of our brothers’ lives; but He has given to every one of us the power to be spiritual, and by our spirituality to lift and enlarge and enlighten the lives we touch." This quotation from the pen of Phillips Brooks was printed in the Christian Science Sentinel for January 6, 1906. When Mary Baker Eddy read this she wrote under it in pencil: "The secret of my life is in the above."
(See C. S. Sentinel, Vol XX, p. 1019)
Life understood spiritually is heaven here.
July 19, 1907
Everything must come out right when we trust in God.
Christian Science Sentinel, Vol. X, page 792.
It is not self-hardening but humility under trouble, that makes us ripe for deliverance. They who are conscious of integrity never shun a trial. It is a hard task to forgive injuries without reluctance, but to rejoice in the fall of an enemy is malicious and murderous. The greatest provocation will never justify our revenge.
If you have so much to meet, just think how much you have to meet it with.
To Julia Field-King
July 12, 1897. You need not discontinue giving those private written directions to any and all your students who need them. I do foresee that the handling of serpents wisely and harmlessly is the pending need of the period. I have taught mine privately how to do this as I could not publicly, inasmuch as the symptoms or seeming effects demand different arguments and according to the hour. The 1st Commandment is the full remedy. Possess yourself of good, and dispossess yourself of any other mind, and all the mystery of iniquity beateth in vain against your house.
Now I lay me down to sleep;
I trust in Truth my thoughts to keep.
I die to error every day,
And think and step the heavenly way.
I live in Love — the heaven that’s here,
Of God, — Father-Mother — dear,
‘Tis my home; I have no fear
To lay me down, for God is here.
Trust in God — God is Life — God is infinite, therefore if we are the image and likeness of infinity, we have no beginning and no end, and are His image and likeness; that is my life insurance.
Right must triumph because it is part of the divine plan.
(The above caption headed the editorial page of the Christian Science Monitor dated September 15, 1908 which was printed as a sample to show to Mary Baker Eddy, but was not sold.)
Neither space nor time can separate genuine Christian Scientists.
(See Christian Science Sentinel, Volume 8, page 296.)
Because I have put my trust in good, I have no responsibility whatever. My home is in God. I partake of the bounties of God’s table, spread with the milk and honey of His kingdom. I give no heed to what I shall say, to what I shall wear, or wherewithal I shall pay my debts. Whatsoever I shall speak, God speaks through me. His word is for the healing of the nations. He clothes me with white garments of His own weaving — the robe of righteousness eternal and indestructible. Truth is my income, is ever-present, and has wiped out all my indebtedness. Truth and Love flow freely without price.
O God, I have taken hold of Thy hand, of Thine omnipotence. Thou hast taken my feet from the mire and clay and established them upon the rock. I am not afraid for I know thou hast lifted me above the world, its erroneous illusions and temptations. I know them henceforth no more forever.
Wherein lies the wisdom of the serpent? To hide itself. Therefore hide yourself in the understanding of Christian Science. Be it small or great, we have in some way needed the experience we have had. Never be found as a Christian Scientist mourning over an experience; it is a thing of the past; but not so the manifold power and presence of God resulting therefrom.
If you rise spiritually, you lose your sense of "I" in matter and gain your selfhood in Spirit. This brings the divine health which is not dependent upon the body, but is of the Father, forever the same.
Is poverty crying aloud in the land? Then we should know the purpose of God is rich in blessing to the poor — in Spirit. The fullness of the earth belongs to the healthful circulation of honesty, virtue and progress in the footsteps of Truth. (It is said that Mrs. Eddy gave this to Wm. Johnson, Clerk of The Mother Church, to send out in a letter to the field when The Mother Church was being built.)
I have taken you up into the Mount and showed you the Promised Land, but you will have to walk every step of the way to get there.
Self-depreciation is not humility but the meanest kind of pride because it admits a sense of self apart from God.
Letter to Miss Prime found in her Science and Health.
We understand as Christian Scientists that our varied experiences are things of the past; not so the marvelous sense of God’s presence resulting therefrom! God has placed us all in our orbit, and like the stars we are held there by His power. One does not interfere with another and we cannot fall out. Also, God is abundance. God giveth the only abundance. Mental malpractice or error cannot rob us of that abundance, either mentally, morally, physically, or intellectually. This demonstrated proves the power of Life, Truth and Love for every human need.
Concord, N. H., Oct. 11, 1891
Your tender night vision and thoughts by day are indications of pure desires to be clothed in white robes.
"And not a sparrow falleth" without due observation. Your desire to be Christly will be satisfied, not in its fullest, but in its meekest want.
Yes, He who clothes the lilies will tend you and gird you with strength in Truth and Love, and so establish the labor of your hands in His vineyard. Never distrust, never doubt the All-Love, for it never faileth. As your day, so shall your strength be. Be patient, let faith grow stronger and stronger each day of this pilgrimage.
Question. How do mortals grow into immortals?
(S.&H. p. 292:27. Old Edition.)
Answer. As darkness grows into light by the darkness disappearing. St. John the Revelator caught the true vision of man and the universe; in it there was no night, no matter, no mortal mind. This state of being is the reality of all scientific consciousness, and it is here and now. Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is already within you and in proportion as the mortal (which is mortal — even sin, sickness and death) disappears until the immortal appears. Mortals grow into immortals in the sense only that the mortal is found nothing, and the immortal the only thing, fact, and mode of being.
This is Science in contradiction to Kant’s philosophy, that nature makes mortals and in turn mortals make nature.
Keep your joy! This is the hour of demonstration, dominion and power, gratitude and glorification; for even with faults man is still Love’s idea.
I love to be where God wants me to be; I love to do what God wants me to do — without asking how, when, or why. I have my place in Principle; I have my work in Principle; I have my reward in Principle; and there is no law of mental malpractice that can act through any condition or circumstance to hinder or obstruct the perfect and complete manifestation of God’s plan for me here and now.
To my view, the idea of race is superior to the idea of sex. Indeed may we not look forward to a human condition where perfection is near, wherein neither male nor female shall be known, and the race may produce itself otherwise than now?
The Science of Mind uncovers to Scientists secret sin, even more distinctly than so-called physical crimes are visible to the personal senses; crime is always veiled in obscurity, but Science fastens guilt upon its author through Mind with the certainty and directness of the eye of God Himself.
To Rev. Easton
I found it essential when the pastor of this church to lead them by my own state of love and spirituality. By fervor in speaking the Word, by tenderness in searching into their needs, and especially by feeling myself uttering the spirit of Christian Science — together with the letter.
O, may the God of all grace and peace and joy and love give you wisdom to feed this dear flock, and He will if you trust Him and obey Him. These are His only conditions.
To the Rev. D. A. Easton
I feel it my duty to state to you the spiritual need of my old church in that city. It is in short a revival, an outpouring of love, of the Spirit that beareth witness. I found it essential . . . One more candid hint. Have your sermons not at all commonplace, but well chosen, eloquent and adapted to the Boston high culture. To this end you need much study and contemplation.
To Rev. Easton
Unless we have better healers, and more of this work than any other is done, our Cause will not stand and having done all stand. Demonstration is the whole of Christian Science, nothing else proves it, nothing else will save it and continue it with us. God has said this — and Christ Jesus has proved it.
Preaching and teaching are of no use without the proof. I find that the teachers and preachers are the poorest practitioners.
To Rev. D. A. Easton, Boston, March 26, 1889
Allow me my dear student to say — if you will make a study of S. & H. for one month and go through the book as you would any textbook in college, it will be of great advantage to you.
Mrs. Eddy said to a student who had a case that was not being healed: "I would do three things: (1) Rise to a higher sense of the nothingness of matter. (2) Know there is one Mind and it governs you and your patient. (3) Know that no ignorant or malicious malpractice can interfere with you or your patients."
The healing will grow more easy and be more immediate as you realize that God, good, is all, and God is Love. You must gain Love and lose the false sense called love. You must feel the Love that never faileth — that perfect sense of divine power that makes healing no longer power, but grace. Then you will have the Love that casts out fear, and when fear is gone, doubt is gone and your work is done. Why? Because it never was undone.
God bless you and every day show you a little more of infinite Love. Just your daily bread; more you will not digest.
To Rev. Easton, October 18, 1893
The edition of S. & H. revised, is now finished. May the light God has set upon its pages illumine my students and all mankind.
Error wants to be let alone, but we are not going to let it alone. Rather will we continue our effort at right thinking until the absurd and illegitimate argument that man is flesh and bones — organized matter — is met and the ideas of God manifested.
On the 27th of June, 1909, Mrs. Eddy had been reading the Sentinel of the day before, and often commenting upon some one getting results from declaring his divine sonship, etc. She said: "No such experiences ever come to me. I reach the results without intermediate steps. If any one was said to be ill in the next room, I wouldn’t have to treat, I would just know the Truth about them and they would seem to be no more sick or dead than you are. I cannot tell you how I do it, but I have none of the experiences recorded by others, though I enjoy reading them."
Answer to question asked Mrs. Eddy: The time will come when Christian Scientists will not have offices downtown and sit and wait for sick people to come and be healed.
Injustice clogs the channels of Love — clear it away that they may flow.
One more candid hint I will throw out on things less sacred, but very requisite. Give the mesmerists no points to your disadvantage. The wicked horde of this class in Boston exceed any other place. Never name (and caution your family also) any belief of sickness in the past or present, no private experiences of any sort, unless they are good and true.
Put away all selfishness out of your thoughts, such as thinking you have been wronged or any sense of ingratitude or injustice from others. Bury it out of sight forever and let love pour in where that has seemed to be. Forgive as you expect to be forgiven.
Mrs. Eddy turned to Isa. 30:8 and knew this as a leading to write S.& H.; to Isa. 62:10 which directed her to start the Monitor. At Pleasant View, during a terrible storm, thunder and lightning, fear possessed the members of the household and Mrs. Eddy turned to Jer. 29:7-20 and read it to the household; the fear was healed and the storm ceased at once.
To Rev. Easton
God is giving each of us the experience best adapted to lead us to Him.
In answer to Rev. Easton’s inquiry, should he perform wedding ceremonies of Scientists, Mrs. Eddy wrote, "I hope you will not have to perform such a ceremony. The marriage problem presents before the world a question, the most critical belonging to Christian Scientists. I dread the ordeal through which it must pass, and we with it."
571 Columbus Avenue,
January 2, 1885
My dear Student:
Your interesting letter should have been answered sooner but this is my very first chance to reply. Yes dear, a case of deafness from fracture of the drum is as readily cured on the Principle of Mental Science as the simple earache. All that hinders your finding it so is the reality you make of matter. The false teaching of so-called mental healing is fastening the belief in matter, and this fastens the belief in disease, and the only way it can be cured after that, is through belief and willpower, which leaves the so-called cure worse than the disease. Why? Because a stronger belief had to master the weaker. . . The basis of Metaphysical Healing is Mental Science and this Science has nothing to do with matter, only to say and to establish in the back of mind that there is no matter. See this and you heal all cases of belief since all are founded on matter.
Ever truly,
M. B. G. Eddy
Your spiritual qualities are sincerity, simplicity, humility, generosity, activity.
Mrs. McDonald said that Mrs. Eddy said that the four rivers (in Genesis) were the order of Truth’s unfolding to the human consciousness. Pison — Gihon — Hiddekel — Euphrates. Read S.&.H. 593:3; 587:3; 588:5; 595:16.
Mrs. Sargent asked Mrs. Eddy how she did her marvelous healing in the early days, and she replied after being silent a moment — with a smile — "I just got out of God’s way."
The Christian Scientist’s Prayer
There is no matter and no mortal mind. God is All-in-all. All is harmony, health, holiness. This is the prayer "unceasing" to be used on all occasions and at all times. It lays the axe at the root of unreality, materiality (that forbidden tree) and cuts it down. Preserve a sacred silence on this subject of prayer.
Signed, Author of Science and Health.
God never leaves us without light enough to take one step. Do not stop walking until the light gives out.
The irresistible law of God puts me in the right place at the right time, maintains my success, and gives me individual freedom.
The more spiritual one is, the more conscious to him is an error of belief.
We experience a recurrence of evil and suffering because we do not forget them. We are often deterred from undertaking things because of the remembrance of past failures.
Self-knowledge gives us a knowledge of others.
De-personalize self. To personalize thought limits spiritual growth.
The right thing done at the wrong time ceases to be the right thing. There is as much in when a thing is done as in what is done.
If you fight, you make a fight.
What you are doing is not sacrifice, but offering.
The strongest tie I ever had, aside from God, was love of home.
Remember to keep your own doorstep clean. Always keep your medicine chest in order. The greatest blessing you can bestow on anyone is to know God governs him. It is more difficult to demonstrate over the personal sense of a patient than to heal the disease.
Mrs. Eddy was asked once why a patient was not healed.
"You did not feel love enough. Feel love! Feel love!" was the answer.
November 13, 1910. Manna must fall from your lips every day to help some mortal mind for time and eternity.
August 21, 1910. Keep hold of the hand of God.
July 13, 1910. Not wearing out, you mean wearing in.
O! May you feel the touch of the spiritual idea that is the light in your path!
February 10, 1895. I walk right up to death, and I don’t find anything more.
February 2, 1898. There is no overaction, inaction, stoppage or clogging to the heart, for the heart is Love.
February 7, 1898. There is nothing to change of life. (Mrs. Eddy never saw anything of periods after she came into Christian Science.)
January 28, 1898. The only trouble is we limit God’s power. We could even raise the dead from the grave if we did not limit Him. Jesus would not have passed on if the disciples had watched with him as requested.
Ingratitude is the original sum total of evil, and its only remedy is gratitude, the highest human quality its destruction.
Declare there are no accidents, no disease, no old age, no death and we know it.
The tares and wheat appear to grow together until the harvest; then the tares are first gathered, that is, you have seasons of seeing your errors . . . and afterwards by reason of this very seeing, the tares are burned, the error is destroyed. Then you see Truth plainly and the wheat is gathered into barns; it becomes permanent in the understanding. You are growing. The Father has sealed you, and the opening of these seals must not surprise you. The character of Christ is wrought out in our lives in just such processes.
Mrs. Eddy said to Mrs. Annie Knott: "Rise to the altitude of true womanhood and the world will want you."
In the spirit of meekness and humility, affirm and reaffirm the allness and absolute supremacy of the one and only God.
Every leaf of every tree declares perpetually that God is Love.
Demonstrate your way out of wanting or needing money and you will have it.
We lose nothing by giving. God pays back a scientific giver.
To Rev. D. A. Easton
My life, my cup, my teaching are all distinct from that of my students in their immature degrees of growth.
On the flyleaf of The Book of Presidents, "Upheld by divine Love, man can make himself perfect, but he must not attempt this too rapidly with his neighbor."
Definition of spiritual senses:
Sight — spiritual discernment.
Hearing — spiritual understanding.
Feeling — divine consciousness.
Smell — intuition of character.
Taste — relish of Truth.
A little boy said to his mother, "If Mrs. Eddy should say a blossom would come out, wouldn’t it?" His mother said, "No, not at this time of the year" (in winter). Some days later Mrs. Eddy said to the boy, "I will tell you something if you will not tell anyone." He asked if he could tell his mama. Mrs. Eddy said, "No, not anyone." He said, "Well, I will not." Then Mrs. Eddy said, "You see that apple tree?" He said, "Yes." She said, "Now watch that tree every day and you will see a blossom come on it." He did so and in three days there was a blossom and she had him pick it.
Jerry, the horse, was limping, and Mrs. Eddy said to Mr. Frye, who was driving, "Stop!" She put her head out of the window and said to Jerry, "You go right along about your own business and do not pay any attention to anything said to you; you listen to me," and that was the end of Jerry’s limping.
Given by Mrs. Eddy to a student: You must know M. A. M. cannot gain or assert power or action through any mortal or mortals, and if you know it, it cannot touch you or make you afraid. The word that you need is: "It is I, be not afraid" — "Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him." There never was a moment when evil was real. There are no mortals who can reflect evil upon the earth, and you must disown the claim of personality to make room for the dear Love which destroys malpractice. There is no mortal you that can be touched by malicious minds. If God is all, you need not be afraid. Anything that you can be afraid of is unreal, and the fear both useless and senseless. Abide in the 91st Psalm and know that such abiding is treatment and protection. There is nothing that can make laws or influence you. There is but one Mind and that is Love. Do not give life to evil by attaching it to a person or thing. It cannot live without a body. Man is immortal, one. There is but one infinite manifestation. No error can attach itself to man, and so why deceive ourselves by thinking it can do so? Every manifestation of life is ever-present and omnipresent good, and this carries within itself all healing, sustaining. Know that the kingdom of heaven is within you, and this is your armor.
May 1, 1889. To run and not be weary — to run — to rise spiritually and not react — not be weary — to rest in divine Love and not relapse.
In reality there is no disease, and it is a Christian duty to make this appear.
Most Christian Scientists add a dream about Christian Science to their dream of life in matter, just as they formerly dreamed of medicine or orthodoxy. Christian Science cannot be tacked to anything else, but must be used to reform and transform out of matter and its dreams. To accomplish this end, the Sentinel has been provided.
To Mrs. Conger on Vaccination
I would take the point of Spirit whose edge is Truth, and prick the human affections, then inoculate with divine Love, circulating through the system of thought, and the liability of contagious disease, sin, or sickness will cease.
Let us wait on God. He will prepare the thoughts and minds of men for whatever He has to reveal.
Every working Scientist ought to handle the claim of mortal mind attraction between man and woman every day of his or her life.
Never yield for a moment to doubt or dismay. God is perhaps trying you as He has tried all His own, and if you stand the test, all at once you will come into the kingdom of our Lord, a clear and abiding sense of your power to heal. . .
Disease is only a thought of matter, but there is no matter, and man’s entire substance is Spirit . . . We must see that we reflect Him — reflect the divine power. It is He who heals — worketh through us.
This is God’s spiritual household. Nothing can enter it to annoy or disturb. Nothing can enter it to manifest sin, sickness or discouragement, for God, good, fills this household with a perfect love and peace and governs every member of it. There can be no will-power, obstinacy or animal magnetism to darken the atmosphere of my home, for God does in very deed dwell on earth with men, and governs every event. There is no evil condition of thought that can argue or suggest, or make a law to dominate or control me, or intimidate me, or crush me, or bring any evil to pass upon me, or shut out of my consciousness any good. There is no law of failure — want, poverty, lack or limitation. There is no law but the divine law, which is plenty, abundance, harmony and dominion. No mortal mind or minds or mediumship can touch me, or anyone within the radius of my thought this day, for God, good, governs every member of this household in perfect love. If you but knew the infinite capacities of your being, the sublimity of your hope, the grandeur of your outlook, you would let error kill itself. It comes to you to give it life, and you give it all the life it has. (Alternate reading of part of above. No mortal mind or minds, good, bad or indifferent, individual, collective or universal, can touch me or anyone within the radius of my thought this day, for God governs me and every member of this household with perfect peace and love.)
God made them male and female from the beginning, but His creation was not physical. He made qualities, and formations of character shall ever remain thus, as the reflections of God, the Father and Mother of the universe; not that God is male and female in person, two in form, but as including in Himself all qualities of Mind. When we understand this, we shall have no outlined personality, but shall have mental individuality all the same. This is absolute Science, wherein there is but one Mind in the unity of masculine, feminine and neuter as Mind, as infinite Mind and not finite; here is the union again of man and woman, not personal but impersonal, not physical but mental, not finite but infinite. This must be so in the reflection of God, for He is neither finite nor physical, and if we would reflect God, we must become like Him in our consciousness.
Faith and obedience before understanding is required to show us that it is God, not man, that directs our steps in Christian Science; even the intelligent, all-wise Principle of man’s being — one Father-Mother, God.
The purest stirs the depths of dirtiness in the hells of mortal mind.
God is abundant and supplies only abundance. A. M., error, cannot impoverish us, spiritually, mentally, physically, or financially. The demonstration of this is an abundance of light, Love, Truth, and intelligence for all material needs. I AM is the law of I AM, because I AM. I can express Love, patience, Truth, because I AM.
The argument of theosophy is: "Fill the mind that is negative with error and reversed views of what should be done, and through that mind, others are reached." I know that this is the case in belief. Now guard yourselves thus: When a sensitive [mind] such as his has relations with you, take yourselves up that he cannot influence or touch your thought; and hold steadfastly to God; and go to no personality but Him, the ever-present help, to show you the way. But each time, wipe off the dust of M. A. M. as a contagious thing.
The mental act of thanksgiving carries one far beyond the reign of doubt, into that atmosphere of Truth and faith where all things are possible. Go not back to asking, but continue to give thanks that you have received.
A belief of personal sense governed by Truth is a true belief. A true belief governed by Truth is spiritual sense. Jesus in the silent tomb spiritualized his personal, corporeal sense of body, and then he was able to eat and drink with his disciples. I always spiritualize as Jesus did.
S. & H. is changing the belief that heart is matter and sustains life, to the understanding that "God is our Life," that, "In Him we live, move, and have our being." This change of heart would deliver man from heart disease and advance Christianity a hundredfold.
There is another heart in us that needs to be changed; namely, the human affections. Changed from selfishness to benevolence and love for God and man; changed so as to have but one God and to love Him supremely, and our brother man as ourselves. This change of heart will have its effect physically as well as spiritually, and heal disease sooner than burnt offerings or drugs. It is a good thing to mentally remind yourself daily that God is the only law-maker for man, morally, spiritually, and physically.
Do not attack hypnotism; do not take Scriptural authority for its identification, but allude to it briefly when you do speak of it, as you would to a ghost story. This will check its spread more than any other way would.
The temptations that beset all Christians, are either to feel too sharply the burdens borne or to try to lay them down.
To George H. Kinter
Life is the law of health, and you are the manifestation, the embodiment of this law. Know this, feel it. The ways of God are often hard to determine, but Love is preparing us all for a great work.
M. B. Eddy
January 12, 1908
To George H. Kinter
Yes dear, you are right. We must go to the Scriptures always and often, for in them we go to God. Mother only wished you to understand the letter of the Science in its larger sense. I know of Mrs. X. God will mete out and measure to her for, "With what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again," says the Scripture. Beloved, do not let this effort of the evil one enter your thought to disturb you, for nothing shall enter there that worketh abomination or maketh a lie.
January 26, 1907
To George H. Kinter
Trust your God, our God, in divine Science. There is no other way than for us to trust always. This I have proven consistently for forty years. Can you, will you, do the same, my beloved student? Remember this, and live continually in the thought and attitude of trust, confident expectation of good. Nothing else can do for you what this can.
M. B. Eddy
December 2, 1901
To George H. Kinter
My word to you at this time is that of the Scripture. "Rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven." Gladness and rejoicing are divine in essence and their reward is manifold in its effect.
M. B. Eddy
October 14, 1908
To George H. Kinter
Yes, come at once. Mr. Frye has written you for me as to what to bring with you. God is leading you into a blessed privilege, a wonderful opportunity. May He in His infinite mercy grant that you be kept right, sound in mind and body, free from the A.M., "The sin that doth so easily beset us." Notify me immediately upon your arrival in Concord.
July 7, 1903 M. B. Eddy
Keep your eyes wide open to the fads of sin; read "No and Yes," beginning at last paragraph page 39. Integral calculus is no part of Science, when weighed in the balance of God. To human sense and pagan philosophy it might seem otherwise, but did Jesus teach it? No, a thousand times no. It is only a weak form of evolution harnessed to Christian Science.
Do not tell the truth regarding a lie too often. Insist on obeying the Ten Commandments, especially the first and eighth, which the Christian Scientists are most prone to disobey.
When a student loses the true sense of me, and what I do, he is at the threshold of the plunge so many make into darkness, believing that darkness is a greater light.
Will eternity be long enough in which to praise the everlasting good? God is your Shepherd. You are in no danger from aught but the "kiss," and if you read motives as Jesus did, you will understand this, and it will lose its claim.
You have infinite Truth at your tongue’s end. Our Cause is rushing on, on pinions of Love.
I can do you most good by pointing the path, showing the scenes behind the curtain. The united plans of the evil doers are to cause the beginners either in lecturing or teaching or in our periodicals, to keep Mrs. Eddy as she is (what God knows of her and revealed to Christ Jesus) out of sight, and keep her, as she is not (just another white-haired old lady) constantly before the public. This kills two birds with one stone. It darkens the spiritual sense of students, and misguides the public. Why? Because it misstates the idea of divine Principle that you are trying to demonstrate, and hides it from the sense of people.
Keeping the truth of her character before the public will help the students, and do more than all else for the Cause. Christianity in its purity was lost by defaming and killing its defenders. Do not let this period repeat this mistake. The truth in regard to your Leader heals the sick and saves the sinner. The lie has just the opposite effect, and the evil one that leads all evil in this matter knows this more clearly than do the Christian Scientists in general.
I have erased your verities because they are spoken two soon; wait for growth. The textbooks contain it all, but so arranged as to require growth before it is spoken by those who have not grown to it. The letter killeth. It is the Spirit, understanding behind the words, which maketh alive . . . There is an axe to be used and laid at the root. This axe is the first Hebrew Commandment as explained in my works . . . Wield this weapon every spare moment. Do some cutting each time, then the lie will topple down.
Wait patiently on the Lord, as I wait on students.
God bless you; God keep your eyes open to the movements of evil, so that your good will be effectual and not diluted. Every truth you promulgate, every good and ardent thought you entertain, though it expose you to the aim of evil, makes you healthier, wealthier, wiser, and longer lived — evidence of the senses to the contrary notwithstanding. Go on in this path — and your immortality is brought to light.
Take your troubles to God; (Christian Science operates as if it were a personal God) error is impersonal evil. Pray to be delivered from the monster of human will. No one is free from it. This tendency darkens us and dims our windows of receptivity.
Pray for divine government, divine leading. We must live amicably on earth and not a saint among us. Love your way out of hell into heaven. Be patient. Stop making much ado about little things. It is the devil that quarrels.
Sit still and let God talk — let Him do something. No family relations or human associates can dispossess me of the Truth, or interfere with my success.
A treatment is never afraid that it will not work, for the declaration of Truth brings with it a consciousness of its sure and immediate effect. The mental act of thanksgiving carries one far beyond the reign of doubt, into that atmosphere of Truth and faith where all things are possible.
After making your affirmations of good and denial of error, until your thought is clear and true, go farther and give thanks that while you did wait, you did receive what you asked. Go not back to asking, but continue to give thanks that you have received.
To Dr. Baker
"The earth brought forth food for man’s use." Do not say there is no intelligence in food, but instead, strive for the intelligence that sees what both earth and food are.
Adhere to the statement that divine intelligence directs man, and governed by it, eats, sleeps, walks, and talks harmoniously.
There is no anger, hence no pain.
There is no hate, hence no poison.
There is no fear, hence no death.
In class: Can our errors be met and overcome other than by crucifixion? No, there is no other way, else Jesus would not have been crucified. Each one must pass through Gethsemane and up Calvary’s height to the cross. After the crucifixion the resurrection.
In Mrs. Eddy’s library was a book entitled, "Selections from the Old Testament, Authorized Version, compiled by Rev. Mary Baker G. Eddy, Author of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Concord, N. H., 1896." It contained Genesis I and II, Exodus XX, Isaiah complete, and Malachi complete.
Handle with every treatment, reversal through mesmerism and hypnotism; know there are no mortal minds to interfere or obstruct or delay the healing of yourself or your patients, for God governs every case and situation.
Know for yourself constantly, that no mortal mind so-called can hurt you nor cause you to believe that you cannot heal your patient; there is no malice or envy, or willpower.
Argue this clearly.
Live Christian Science; mind your own business, and keep your mouth shut for God’s sake.
To Judge Hanna. August 26, 1902
Whoever opens most the eyes of the children of men to see aright and to understand aright that Idea on Earth that has best and clearest reflected by word or deed the divine Principle of man and the universe, will accomplish most for himself and mankind in the direction of all that is good and true.
You do not heal the sick; it is your faith that heals.
In treating patients, do not repeat words over and over, as it has the effect of morphine, soothing syrup or mesmerism. Christian Science treatment is prayer, but we do not plead with God to do what He has already done, but know His work is finished and man is His perfect idea. Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.
Have you had much experience with malpractice? There is none. The way I meet it is by keeping the First Commandment. Know there is no evil mind to intercept God and you.
When I asked Mrs. Eddy why Christian Scientists were not more grateful to her, she replied, "Because they have not grown to it. Two plants will be growing side by side; one will blossom and the other won’t. Don’t mention this hour to anyone"
To Victoria Sargent
Let God do it. Do not allow that thought of the person who has tried to injure you enter your thought! Destroy in your thought all envy, jealousy, and hate, and other errors, and the light will shine in your thought and heal you and very likely the other person also.
Mrs. Eddy once went into a house and saw a woman weeping in the hallway. The woman said, "My daughter is dying of consumption. The doctor has just left and he told me he could not do more for her." Mrs. Eddy asked if she might go up and heal the daughter. The mother consented, and Mrs. Eddy went upstairs to the bedroom. The father, who was very antagonistic to Mrs. Eddy, was standing by the bed; but Mrs. Eddy felt that, having the mother’s permission to help the girl, it was right for her to go ahead, so she said to the sick girl, "Get up and come for a walk." The girl got up, and Mrs. Eddy helped her dress and they went out of the house for a walk together. The father followed them, secretly as he thought, dodging behind trees and watching around corners, expecting every moment to see his daughter drop dead. Mrs. Eddy knew that he was following, but that did not interfere with her demonstration, for when they returned from the walk the daughter was completely healed.
Mrs. Eddy was living on Columbus Avenue and enjoyed seeing a little baby who lived across the street. She missed the smiles of the little one and wondered what had happened. One morning she noticed the doctor’s carriage leaving the home of the child. Mrs. Eddy went over to the house, spoke with the mother and asked to see the child. The mother said the child had passed on while the doctor was there. Mrs. Eddy went and sat beside the child, realizing the truth of being as no one else has since the time of Jesus, and the child was healed. Instead of gratitude being expressed by the mother, she took the child and expressed ugliness toward our Leader. The child remained healed.
Miss Julia Bartlett recalled that Mrs. Eddy’s eldest sister, Abigail Tilton, was very much opposed to Christian Science. But when her little daughter lay dying, she called Mrs. Eddy or told her what the situation was by messenger, and permitted her to see the child. Mrs. Eddy asked her sister to leave the room and in a short time healed her niece, got her out of bed and dressed, and had a romp around the room with the child, "to get the child’s thought back to normal" as Miss Bartlett expressed it. When the mother came in and saw them playing she said, "It is the work of the devil."
Miss Bartlett recalled that in the early days the Scientists had no trouble in healing. They could sit and work at their knitting and think of their patients and heal them. But after awhile, it got so they could not heal, and the people in Lynn said they were losing their healing power. Mrs. Eddy saw that it was Kennedy and others with him who were mentally interfering with them, so she called them together, told them what the matter was, and showed them how to protect themselves against it.
In one of Mrs. Eddy’s classes, there was a woman who had a strong sense of resentment and condemnation toward her husband, who was very immoral. Mrs. Eddy said to her that Jesus healed the Magdalene by condemning the sin, but not the woman. The lady answered, "Yes, but I have not the consciousness that Jesus had." Our Leader instantly rebuked this by saying that she could claim the Christ-consciousness, for otherwise she could not heal a single case of sin or sickness. The student’s consciousness was so illumined that her state of mind completely changed toward her husband, and when she returned home, she found him healed.
There was in an asylum past which Mrs. Eddy used to drive, a mentally deranged man who had a sore on his leg. Every day when he saw Mrs. Eddy’s carriage coming, he would run to the gate and pull down his sock so our Leader would see his sore. Mrs. Sargent told us that one day when she was at Pleasant View, she heard Mrs. Eddy tell the former’s sister that this man had been healed of the sore and of the insanity.
One of Mrs. Eddy’s students told me that one time a mother brought her dead baby to Mrs. Eddy and placed it on her lap. Our Leader asked her to come back in an hour, and began to treat the child. She realized that Life is Love, and that Love is right here, and Love is Life, and kept on realizing this more and more clearly. After awhile the felt something moving on her lap, (she had forgotten the baby); she looked down and saw the child looking up at her, smiling and kicking its feet.
At the time the church at Concord was being built, Mrs. Sweet went into the building and slipped on a board and hurt herself. Some workers at Pleasant View tried to help her, but without much success. Mrs. Eddy asked them what was the matter with Mrs. Sweet. They answered that she was all right. Mrs. Eddy said, "She is not all right." She then asked Mrs. Sweet what the trouble was, and the latter replied that it was being met. Mrs. Eddy said, "It is not being met." Then our Leader asked her how she was working. Mrs. Sweet answered that she was knowing that there was no accident in Mind. Mrs. Eddy replied, "That would not heal you. You were brought here to help me. You are one of my best workers." She then pointed out that the only trouble was an argument to interfere with her usefulness to the Leader. By the time Mrs. Eddy finished talking to her, Mrs. Sweet was healed. Mrs. Eddy said to her, "I will say for your comfort that if you were brought here with every bone broken in your whole body, you would respond to my treatment."
Mrs. W. went with Mrs. Eddy to a furniture shop to help her select some chairs. The clerk who was waiting on them wore a bandage over one eye. Mrs. Eddy seemed absorbed in thought while they were being shown the chairs, paying very little attention to them, and when pressed as to which she liked best, she said, "Any that we can sit on." Mrs. W. was annoyed at Mrs. Eddy’s indifference, and told the clerk that they would come back the next day and give a decision about the chairs. They were on the second floor of the shop, with two doors opening out, one into a stairway, the other to a chute for sliding boxes down to the sidewalk. Mrs. Eddy opened one door, and went down stairs. Mrs. W. in her perturbation opened the other door and stepped on the chute, and slid down to the sidewalk, where Mrs. Eddy arrived in time to see her picking herself up. Mrs. W. reproached our Leader for her lack of attention to the business in hand, and Mrs. Eddy replied, "Could I think of chairs when the man was suffering?" When Mrs. W. went the next day to see about the chairs, the clerk said, "Who was that lady with you yesterday? I had an abscess on my eye, and when she went out, I took the bandage off, and there was not a sign of it left."
One time some of the workers at Pleasant View were sitting in front of a window working against a storm which was approaching; suddenly Mrs. Eddy came up behind them and said, "You are not meeting it because you are mesmerized by the appearance." Then she swept them aside, took up the case herself, and in a short time they saw the blue sky appear through the center of the storm cloud.
In one of Mrs. Eddy’s classes a clergyman who was very elderly, had a belief of partial blindness, and asked our Leader if it could be cured. She answered, "Yes, if you only touch the hem of His garment." And the man was healed during class.
A well-known actor was healed physically and his testimony appeared in the Journal. Afterwards, one day he was walking along a street in Concord with a big cigar in his mouth. Mrs. Eddy passed in her carriage and looked at him. He took the cigar out of his mouth and threw it away, and was healed of the desire to smoke then and there.
One day Mrs. Eddy was going out for her afternoon drive when a tall, gaunt man, who appeared far gone in consumption, came up to her gate, held out his hands to her and shouted, "Help me!" Mrs. Eddy said a few words to him out of the carriage window; talked to him for about two minutes and then drove on out of the gate. On her return she exclaimed, "What a need that man had!" Next day they received a letter from the man telling Mrs. Eddy that he was conscious he had been healed as soon as the carriage drove on.
Mrs. Eddy drove into Concord one day and stopped at the Christian Science Hall, and Mr. Frye went in with a letter, leaving the carriage door open. A gentleman was standing in front of the hall who had called at Pleasant View earlier in the day to see Mrs. Eddy, but was told that she could not see him and that an appointment or an opportunity might be arranged later. As he went away from the house he was very discouraged and said, so that a worker heard him, "There may not be any later." This man stepped to the carriage, took off his hat, and said, "Mrs. Eddy?" Our Leader said, "Yes." "May I ask you one question?" he asked. "Certainly!" she said. Then he said, "Can you tell me about God, who is He, where is He, and what is He?" Mrs. Eddy told him that God was his Mind, his Life, and continued talking just three minutes. Then the man looked at the clock, which they could both see, and said, "I have learned more in these three minutes about God than I have in all the rest of my life." He raised his hat and said good-bye and the carriage drove off. Mrs. Eddy afterwards told her students that she saw he was suffering from jaundice and that as she talked with him she saw the unhealthy color fade from his face like the shadow of a cloud vanishing away and his face become perfectly normal. She added, "He was healed, but he did not recognize it while we were talking." Next day the man wrote he was completely healed and that he took the train home that same night.
There was a Scientist staying with friends who lived in Concord, and one day Mrs. Eddy called to see these friends, who told her that the lady was ill in their house with diphtheria. Then Mrs. Eddy said, "Tell her to have no fear whatever, as God is taking care of her, and Mother is praying for her." After she left the house, the message was given to the woman at once. In a few minutes, the bad conditions were removed. The student breathed easily, and the next morning rose in perfect health, with heartfelt gratitude to God and to our dear Leader whose demonstration it was.
In the early days, it was hard for Mrs. Eddy to find patients to heal, and one day she went out on the street to see if she could find someone. She saw the doctor’s gig tied in front of a house nearby. When the doctor drove away, Mrs. Eddy went to the door, and asked a tear-stained woman who came to the door if there was anyone sick in the house. The lady said her daughter had just died. Mrs. Eddy asked if she could go in and see the daughter. The woman at first demurred, but finally let her go in where the body lay. In a little while the mother heard voices, and looking into the room she saw that her daughter was sitting up in bed and talking to Mrs. Eddy. Mrs. Eddy said that " a wordless flood of life filled her consciousness and the girl was raised from the dead." Mrs. Eddy asked the mother to bring the daughter’s clothes, and the amazed mother asked why. She answered that she wanted to take the girl out for a walk. The mother said, "You don’t know what you are asking. My daughter has been ill for months with consumption and could not go out if she wanted to." Mrs. Eddy reassured the mother and told her that no harm should come to her daughter through anything that she should do, and finally the mother brought the girl’s clothes. She then took the girl out and walked her up and down for about half an hour, the mother and father following behind to see what was being done. The girl’s color came back as she was not only alive, but healed of the disease. When they got back to the house, the mother took off her diamond ring and gave it to Mrs. Eddy, and this ring, she always wore.
The following is from the Christian Science Monitor of May 11, 1914.
Mrs. Mosher went to the office where Mrs. Eddy and a student were at work and was treated by the student. She saw there a girl who was afflicted with dumbness, whom a student had not been able to heal. At last she asked Mrs. Eddy to help. Mrs. Mosher was present when Mrs. Eddy walked up to the dumb girl and said, "God did not send this upon you. You can speak. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I command you to speak!" The girl shrank back, crying out, "I can’t and I won’t!" and fled out of the room. But she was able to speak ever after.
Know divine Love thinks my thoughts and I cannot forget.
There are many members of my church who should not be, and sometime there will be a sifting in my church.
Promptness is a virtue of my household, my household god.
Mary Eaton brought a horse back to life. When she told Mrs. Eddy about it, she said the horse had passed out, and Mrs. Eddy said, "Passing on, dear. There is no life in matter to pass out and do not put any into it, will you? Excuse me for correcting you."
For three days the doves came to Miss Eaton’s window in formation, and the last day a dove came that was crippled and she healed it. Then when she told Mrs. Eddy about it, she said, "You have brought me peace, my dear," and she pinned a dove of pearls on her dress.
In January 1902, Mrs. Eddy said to Mary Eaton, "Christian Science is nothing personal with me; it is a revelation from God."
Someone in the room said to her, "You cannot deny that you are a Leader in this age," and she replied, "I cannot deny that, but I can only be a Leader inasmuch as I allow God to lead me, whereas others allow self to lead."
To the class of November, 1898: You shall run and not be weary; to run — to rise higher spiritually and not to react, and not be weary, but rest in divine Love and not relapse.
You can demonstrate wealth. If you stand before the mirror your reflection is instantaneous, and just so you reflect God in all your ways. All are yours and ye are Christ’s and Christ’s is God. As a man thinketh so is he. Seek first God, and all things shall be added.
She said when she first came into Christian Science and had given all her money for the Cause, she stood in front of the window of a fruit store one day, but had no money to buy any.
All the children know that I love them for they always stop and bow to me on the street.
Do not say to error, "You cannot harm me," but declare that God protects me from all the attacks of error.
Martha Morgan used to be afraid about her bread raising. She did not want anyone to walk across the kitchen floor. Mrs. Eddy said, "Let God make your bread."
Mrs. Eddy rebuked Calvin Frye for being too plethoric. She said, "I cannot understand why you students become so plethoric when each day you deny matter. It is because Science brings you a human sense of harmony."
"Laura, remember I shall still work in this same chair."
Mrs. Eddy said, "I feel like telling my students to hurry up."
Mrs. Eddy said: "Lydia, I cannot kiss you any more. We cannot kiss matter, you know." This made Lydia very sad, and Mrs. Eddy detected it and said, "Lydia, which do you think this will be hardest for, you or me?"
One day Mrs. Eddy went up in her attic and found a tinsel crown in an old trunk. She said, "I wonder how I would look in a crown?" She tried it on and at once her demeanor changed, and she came down from the attic and went to work.
When Mrs. Dunbar’s sister died, Mrs. Eddy said, "So the saintly sister has gone higher. She is not dead, but lives. Consumption never killed her. To-day she is free from this belief. When we are on the same plane of consciousness, we know and can converse with another."
Christian Science Journal, Vol. 4, page 60. When we have done our work here so well that it needs not to be done over again, the death-change increases all our joys and our means of advancement.
Man reflects the divine perception, intelligence and memory.
In the presence of death, declare Life is spiritual, that Life is present, that Life is my life. Life is God, so life cannot lapse, collapse or relapse, for God is divine Principle.
Every lying argument of hypnotism, theosophy, esoteric magic, etc., is reversed in its effects. Guard this statement of truth by knowing that it cannot be reversed. Their arguments bless us and do us good because the reverse of them does us good. All things shall work together for good to those that love God.
The qualities of mental malpractice: a stolid moral sense; great lack of spiritual sentiments; the desire to subjugate; unsurpassed secretiveness masked by innocence and youth.
Pray that your flight be not in the winter or the sabbath day; that is, pray for divine energy and watch against human apathy.
Never notice publicly an error if it can be avoided. Never rejoice in victory over it nor lament. It gives power where it does not belong. Evil is not something. Then wherefore give it the honor of noticing it further than to remove it? Then let the dead bury their dead. Have no funeral knell or trumpet blast over nothing, otherwise you will make it something and consistency is especially most desirable in dealing with nothingness. To talk of evil is as inconsistent as to talk of sickness unless it be to untalk it and put it out of mind forever.
There is no fatal mistake; there is no unforgivable wrong; there is no unpardonable sin; there is no permanent injury; there is no incurable disease; there is no such thing as too late.
October 10, 1890
Matter and personality are your gods.
When will you turn from your idols? Unless you do, leave me out of your thoughts.
Mind. There is but one infinite Mind and that Mind is my Mind and governs me. All my thoughts come to me from this Mind and return to their source. In this Mind, there is no material sense, no other mind, no mortal mind to tempt, to harm or control. Know this, realize it, and you are the master of the occasion of yourself and of others.
The students were waiting for Mrs. Eddy to return from Vermont after Dr. Eddy passed on, expecting to find her in the depths of despair, and she broke the news by reading to them the following poem by Mrs. Hemans:
Come to me, dreams of heaven, my fainting spirit bear
On your bright winds by morning given up to celestial air,
Away, far, far away from bowers by tempests riven;
Fold me in blue still cloudless day, O blessed dreams of heaven.
Come but for one brief hour, sweet dreams, and yet again
O’er burning thought and memory shower your soft effacing rain.
Waft me where gales divine with darkly clouds, ne’er have striven;
Where living founts forever shine, O blessed dreams of heaven.
I love everyone and everyone loves me. Show me what love is and how to love.
The pneumogastric nerve is to the body what the equator is to the earth.
According to the Dictionary of Dental Science, published by Harris in 1849, which belonged to Mrs. Eddy’s second husband, Dr. Patterson, Rhus Toxicondendron is the poison oak, or sumach. It is used in homeopathy.
There is no arsenic, mercury, morphine, rustox, or ether that can cause any inflammation of the pneumogastric nerve thereby affecting the sympathetic nerves causing any inflammation of the head, stomach or bowels. There is no pneumogastric nerve, materially or in belief.
Truth’s argument written by Frye at Mrs. Eddy’s dictation to the members of her household: Right cannot be reversed. I cannot be made to think wrong or do wrong. I cannot go opposite to what Mrs. Eddy needs in any way nor in anything I do. I do not believe she is unjust nor unmerciful and I will never find her so. I am not mistaken in her and I know I am not. And when I know this then I will prosper and never till then. I can help her, I can. I cannot and will not afflict her in anything I do. I can help by doing what you say and just as you say, and I can do what she tells me.
Mrs. Eddy’s definition of animal magnetism was Neh. 9:36,37.
Mrs. Linscott asked Mrs. Eddy if it was right to kill chickens for food. Mrs. Eddy replied, "You do not take life, do you?"
Mrs. Eddy asked the practitioners how many patients they were treating. Some said as many as thirty. She said, "You cannot do it properly and handle so many. You may do it all right and handle that many now, but you are not giving, and cannot do yourself justice, because you are burning your own oil too low. This is the way the enemy robs you."
The law of divine Life, Truth and Love is a law of instant and complete expulsion and elimination of all poisons and impurities from the system. Why? Because the flood-tides of divine Life, Truth and Love are pouring and surging through consciousness uplifting, purifying, nourishing, healing, elevating, sustaining and energizing mankind.
Adhesion and cohesion are qualities of Mind, and work together for good. In weather conditions, these properties cannot be reversed to harm or retard man.
Mrs. Eddy said that the seven devils to be overcome were self-righteousness, self-condemnation, self-pity, self-love, self-will, self-praise, self-justification, and make it all God.
Mrs. Eddy’s sister-in-law was Mary Baker. She was suffering from cancer. She declared that Mrs. Eddy had always been kind to her, but that she did not want mental treatment from her. Mrs. Eddy remarked of her, "Poor thing, the evil of her disposition is eating her up."
You students can go along together, but I have to go alone.
Talking does not do any good. You must live the truth and demonstrate it. A student then asked if they could give it to another then. Mrs. Eddy replied, "Yes, you can."
To Miss Minnie Weygandt
December 31, 1905. My dear Minnie: You have been a long time at work without a vacation and now you can have one and get well and rested. True, you do not need this for God, divine Mind, rests you and heals you; matter cannot do this, and the Scripture bids us to come to Christ, Truth, and find rest in these words of Christ, "Come unto me, all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." Working for the good of others is not hard work, it is a burden that is light. You have worked for me to help me many years and it has not hurt you for it cannot. Doing good helps us all; it has carried my life on forty years and it will sustain yours. Do not feel you must come back to work till you believe you are rested and able to do so.
With love,
M. B. G. Eddy
We awaken in others the attitude which we hold of them.
Mrs. Eddy once went to call on a patient. After she looked at the sick one, she turned her back on him and went and looked out the window, saying, "Dear heavenly Father, forgive me for looking at matter." The patient was healed.
Do not blame anyone. It is the confusion.
Mrs. Eddy asked in class, "How old are you?" and the question went nearly around the class each one giving their material age.
Mrs. Eddy asked in the class room, "Do you know that Christian Science is the truth?" they hesitated and did not answer. Mrs. Eddy repeated the question forcefully; then a person said, "I believe," then faltered. Mrs. Eddy abruptly said, "Why do you not say, ‘Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief’?" The person answered, "I do say that most earnestly." Mrs. Eddy interrupted quickly, "I know that Christian Science is the truth."
Any claim that says you cannot do it, is self-mesmerism. Go and do it.
Mr. Frye fell down the stairs. The students worked for him, but they were frightened and believed he had broken his neck, because his head wobbled so. Mrs. Eddy sensed the situation and appeared on the scene. She declared in a commanding way from the top of the stairs, "Calvin Frye, come up here." After calling him three times, she turned her back on the situation and he rose up and followed her.
Whatever my need is, it is met now — God rules.
Occultism cannot know to hinder the work of God, good. Occultism cannot embody itself mentally or physically. It cannot rob, steal, persecute, annoy, or destroy me or mine, for there is no occultism.
You must know that malicious animal magnetism cannot gain or assert power or act through any mortal or mortals — and if you know it, it cannot touch you or make you afraid. The word you will need is, "It is I, be not afraid. Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him."
There never was a moment when evil was real. There are no mortals who can reflect evil upon the earth. And you must disarm the claim of personality to make room for the dear Love which destroys malpractice. There is no mortal that can be touched by malicious minds. God is All. You need not be afraid of anything. Anything you can be afraid of is unreal, and the fear both senseless and useless.
Abide in the 91st Psalm and know that such reliance is treatment and protection. There is nothing that makes laws or influences you. There is but one Mind and that is Love.
Mother said, "Can you all hear the wonderful tone that has just been struck, — a tone never before heard in human consciousness?" Then she said, "Could you, my dear ones, but see the grandeur of your outlook, the sublimity of your hope, and the infinite capacity of your being — you would do what? Let error kill itself. It comes to you for life and you give it the only life it has — in belief."
My life is a manifestation of divine Life from which I derive all moral and physical health. Therefore, my life should be beyond the reach of accidents as the divine Life is.
Neither I, my source of or means of supply, nor Christian Science, is the subjective state of any mortal malicious or demoniacal thought, error, or limitation. Infinite, omnipotent wisdom is the source of all purpose, law, power, means and results, and endlessly blesses man — there is no cause of aught else.
Mental malpractice and malicious animal magnetism are utterly without power and cannot voice error to me in the nature of arsenical, mercurial, electric, opium or any other poison or overwhelming soporific influence, mentally, physically, morally or in any other way, for I am panoplied in divine Love where human hatred cannot reach me. Love, not hate; Truth, not error, govern man.
The following notes (an exception to the rule that no notes should be taken in her classes) were taken in the Normal Class of April, 1889, taught by Mary Baker Eddy.
Ever-present Love is the very nearest thing to me at all times. It is the nature of God to bless and care for me. I never reach out for Him in vain. He is always available. He is never beyond our understanding. He never delays. God will remove our sins from us as far as the east is from the west as soon as we are ready to give them up.
Neither I, nor my source of supply, nor my demonstration of Christian Science is subject to any malicious mortal thought or limitation. There never was a moment when evil was real. There are no mortals who can reflect evil on the earth, and I must disargue the claim of personality to make room for the dear Love which destroys malpractice. There is no mortal me that can be touched by malicious minds. If God is All, I need not be afraid. Anything of which I seem to be afraid is unreal. Abide in the 91 Psalm. Inasmuch as I am God’s child, spiritual and not material, I must be perfect. I am whole; I am free; I have all that I need; I live in Spirit and not in matter. I am without care and without anxiety.
No one can hurt me nor take from me anything that is good. I know no such thing as sin, suffering, want or disease, for I am a reflection of Life, Truth and Love. I am never disappointed. The harmony of my being cannot be disturbed, because I live in the Infinite.
I am an unresisting channel through which Love shines with its full healing force. In the reality of being is all I can ever want, need, desire or long for. In fact, I have perfect satisfaction. It includes more than I can possibly now discern or desire in the measure of happiness, and the completion of every wish or prayer that is wholesome or right for me to have. All other longings are destroyed in this realization. I must work to know that the definition of man in Science and Health applies to me. I am God’s image and likeness, reflecting a full, perfect image of Life, Mind, action, and so forth. I am not under any material law of limitation. There is no material plane. We live, move, and have our being in God, and we cannot pass out of that. There is a continuous demand for everything I have to offer. Neither malicious animal magnetism nor any erroneous mortal thought can hinder me from meeting those who desire to get what I have to give. No malicious animal magnetism, no self-mesmerism, nor any erroneous mortal thought, opinion, or judgment can hide, hold, or take from me those persons who can help, elevate, or benefit me.
It is just as erroneous to believe in passing out as it is to believe in death. Break the law that says all must die, knowing that it is not God’s law. His law is life-giving and life-sustaining eternally. Being good and doing good sustains life.
Every treatment according to Science is a law of God which overcomes all mortal laws. Unscientific thinking can be destroyed in its effects by knowing that Truth annuls all statements of error.
Treat to know each treatment, that this treatment is effectual, a good treatment and that nothing can reverse it.
"He anointeth my head with oil, my cup runneth over" means, the action of Mind on our consciousness. Water corresponds to unconscious mind. All unconscious thought is in solution; when it comes to the surface, it is dry land. The Red Sea, spoken of in the Scriptures, is the figuration of fear in unconscious mind. Error, sin, sickness and death, are sown and commence in the unconscious mind of your patients, and yourself; your patients, through ignorant fear; your own, through neglect, or willful sin. "Baptism by fire" corresponds to fear in mortal mind. All our suffering is from fear. We have got to pass through the furnace heated seven times hotter than it was wont to be. Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity. The remedy for the trials of our hour, hatred, fear, etc., is love. How shall I meet this heated hatred, this envy, this malice, this poison of thought? is the question with the Christian Scientist. The answer is, by the exercise of Love, which chasteneth the evil doer. Evil hath its own reward. The law in Israel today is — What you say or do to cause another to suffer, shall cause you, not him, to suffer. Because we do not observe this law, is the reason we do not succeed. That the spirit of revenge in mortal mind may not prevail, students should see the necessity of, and strive to attain a clearer understanding of the law of Love.
There is only one way to meet this rule of sin. Would we entertain a guest that was spoiling our house? Now, instead of entertaining that guest that says, "You cannot heal! old beliefs are re-established; you feel your patient’s beliefs, etc.," it is your duty to eject it at once. Your first movement should be to put him out. No man can enter into a strong man’s house and spoil his goods except he first bind the strong man, and then he will spoil his house. You can make your house — the body — just what the mind is. The discouragement brought to you, you are able to expel as an unwelcome guest. This is the ground on which all must work. Watch just what your thoughts are, and labor there until success greets your efforts. If you think you haven’t time to attend to it, say "I have"; or if you think you need help, prove it otherwise. There is no one who can help you like yourself. There are no conditions hindering. They are only what you admit. Whenever you take this position, you go up higher. The opposite position is that of "I don’t care." Let me tell you something for your encouragement. The one who has met the most and conquered it, is the nearest heaven, harmony. Students are morally responsible to meet any error in themselves, and then it will disappear from the patient. It is not the patient. It is some moral wrong in the student. Never allow error (the use of medicines) indirectly to be used — not merely from fear that they injure your patient, for they have no virtue, but for the reason that God would not get all the glory of the healing.
(Delivered at meeting of the Christian Scientists’ Association, February, l889)
(From Wm. Johnson’s History of the Christian Science Movement Vol. 1, page 29l. See C. S. Journal Vol. VI, p. 642.)
He, Jesus, healed the young man then and there, and he neither prayed nor fasted as men interpret those words today. Is it not reasonable to suppose, therefore, that the fasting (denial) meant the denial of the reality of any such thing as fits, or lunacy, and that the prayer meant the affirmation of the all-presence and the all-power of God wherein there is no possibility of either fits or lunacy? These are the essential features in the Christian Science prayer of today, and by it thousands are being healed every month. See John Gillespie, Scriptural References Sustaining the Doctrines of Christian Science p. 27. (Christian Science Publishing Society, 1907)
Good is infinite. If we limit good and concede power to evil, how can we expect to escape that which we believe has power to hold us in bondage? The First Commandment forbids us to believe in a power apart from God. There is no error of any name or nature in my consciousness that can resist, hide, or escape the Truth. The light of Truth and Life and Love shines straight through my belief of evil and banishes it, chasing it into its native nothingness.
My desire is to know and obey God’s law, to be filled with all the fullness of Spirit, knowing only the consciousness of God, good.
My health, strength, life, intelligence, action, etc., are subject to the governing and controlling power of the divine Mind, and to nothing else, for there is no other power.
There is no insufficiency of any kind in Truth, in infinite Love.
Good is ever-present, and is the only reality of existence; this renders evil obsolete.
There is nothing present or has power apart from God, which has any reality.
Error cannot strangle, smother or choke the Truth or its manifestation, and the Truth cannot be reversed.
There is no belief of evil in the bodily senses which has any reality, and that is the Truth, and it cannot be reversed.
Impersonal error is obsolete, absolutely obsolete, in the presence of Truth, of God, of the Christ, or the spiritual idea, of Life, Love, Spirit, Mind, Soul.
The law of my so-called mortal mind, concerning my body or any part of it, is unreal, nothing, rendered null and void by God’s law.
No mesmeric law of my conscious or unconscious thought can formulate any inharmonious condition in my body that has any reality in the presence of God, LOVE.
Malicious animal magnetism can’t work through materia medica to hinder my work in Christian Science.
The mesmerism of the patient’s own thought regarding materia medica has no reality.
No law of evil of any name or nature can separate my thought from the function of my real being in the Truth.
God is ever-present and is the only reality of existence.
Love is perfect circulation.
Show me thy Love, show me how to love, show me how to use it.
The power men possess to annoy me, I give them. (Emerson).
My mental concept of brain cannot hide, resist, or escape the Truth.
The law of divine Life, Truth, and Love does supersede the so-called law of my mental concept of brain, my belief of brain.
There is nothing present or has power apart from divine Life, Truth, and Love as infinite Mind, that can possibly control or confuse my thought, obscure my spiritual perception, or hinder my progress in Christian Science spiritually, mentally, morally, physically, financially, or any other way.
God’s will is all good, always — it is harmony, perfection. The will of God is health, gladness, all good, Life. His will is the consciousness of divine ever presence, of Life eternal. It is to know what it is to act in conformity with the divine purpose and to be wholly governed by God.
There is no physical law that has any reality to operate through my personality to harm me, to separate me from my true spiritual being in the Truth, to separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus, to separate me from harmony.
I have no belief that matter, brain, can control, derange, or confuse my thought, or can suffer or cause suffering in the Truth, in Life, in Love.
Look away from body to Spirit. My being is spiritual, my life, my intelligence, are spiritual; my senses are spiritual; my life is hid with Christ in God, and there is no other existence.
The Christ, or Truth, the manifestation of God, does supersede my belief that my true being, that real life and intelligence, are in matter. We have immortality now, not shall have.
There is no life in fire.
There is no fear, conscious or unconscious that can restrain the power of divine Love to heal.
Animal magnetism is the opposite of Christian Science in effects upon the senses; in pleasure and pain, passion and appetite, pride and envy, malice and hate; and is readily removed by Christian Science if the cause of the effect is understood. See the chapter called "The Chief Delusion," in the first edition of Retrospection and Introspection, for item beginning, "Animal magnetism is . . ."
There is only one heart; that is the great heart of divine Love. It is beating for all mankind, and it is beating for you.
God is the only surgeon. Love is the only operation. Spirit is the only substance.
To the sore question, "What are the workingmen’s rights?" Science answers: Mercy and justice, wherein the financial, civil, social, moral, and religious aspect of all questions reflect the face of the Father; and this question will not rest until both the employer and the employee are actuated by the spirit of this saying of the meek and mighty Son of God, "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them."
Mrs. Eddy once asked a student if she had made a visit to see a lady who was reported ill. Upon the admission that she had not, Mrs. Eddy said, "If you had called upon her, she would be with us today."
Shut all error out of your thought and drink in the springtide glories of Truth.
We can have no Science apart from our brother.
It is not enough to live good moral lives. Life must be spiritualized.
Martha Morgan gained Mrs. Eddy’s consent to treat a lady that lived nearby who was becoming interested in Christian Science. After her visit, she told her about her experience, how she directed the lady to take off the poultice from her hand. Mrs. Eddy said, "Martha, why did not you let God remove the poultice?"
Dear Minnie:
Do not think of me; keep your mind fixed on God. Take no thought about my food. It only wastes thought to dwell on matter.
M. B. Eddy
Those in this period who overcome error with divine Truth, will not have to go through the hate period, but will be redeemed through divine Love.
Watch Prayer for the Whole Household
All is love, peace and harmony. Heaven is right here. Truth reigns. There is no strife. Love has destroyed all hate. All is peace, love and joy. Run and not be weary. The need of the hour is simplicity, meekness and obedience. Beloved Father-Mother God, give me wisdom to meet all the problems that may have to be met today; give me understanding to rebuke error and moral courage to speak the truth. Give me grace to remain silent when not necessary to speak.
To Irving Tomlinson (l897): Our Cause is immortal; it rests on nothing temporal; it is the cause and effect of all that really exists. What more is left us to desire than its acknowledgement and the unfolding of God, infinite Life, Love! I rejoice that the young folks, yea, the children, are its supporters, embrace it, love it, and will learn to live it.
To Miss Lydia B. Hall, June 22, 1905
I cannot answer you as to the morrow. I am God’s servant and know not what I shall be bidden to do in the future. If I have to call you back, you will haste to come. Let us wait on Him, wait on divine Love that should direct all our ways, and Love said, "Take no thought for the morrow. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."
God moves in a mysterious way — to the human sense, but to the spiritual it is plainly Love that guides and directs in obedience to Love all that we commit unto Him.
Written by Mrs. Eddy on the flyleaf of a copy of Science and Health sent to Admiral Dewey: First in war, first in peaceful conquest; first in the love of his country; and the first shall be last to make war, last to lose an opportunity, last to surrender.
Lydia Hall showed Mrs. Eddy a motto called The House Beautiful. She asked her where she got it. Lydia said a friend bought it for her. She said, "Do not buy another and tell the lady not to buy any more. It is all contained in my books and what is the thought behind it? To make money."
At a time when there was a debating club being started in New York City among the Christian Scientists, Mrs. Eddy discouraged it. She said, "Avoid a movement within a movement."
Mrs. Eddy asked her dressmaker, Miss Eveleth, if she took herself up each day. She replied, "God is my protection from every false mental argument." Mrs. Eddy replied, "Then you know how to make my dresses."
For a time, Miss Eveleth did the buying for Mrs. Eddy. She knew that the moment mortal mind knew that a thing was for Mrs. Eddy, shoes, dresses, anything, it was always wrong, and they had a great deal of trouble in getting anything right. Mrs. Eddy gave Miss Eveleth the following Scripture to use in her buying. Ecc. 3:ll.
Mrs. Eddy told Mrs. Gragg that she always trod lightly when she passed a dog kennel. She also said: "Do not shuffle by a bulldog’s den; tiptoe by."
Mrs. Eddy was showing Mrs. Gragg and three other students a beautiful quilt that had been made for her by loving hands. She turned to them saying, "I thank you for it." Mrs. Gragg said, "But Mother, we were not privileged to help make this for you." "Yes you were, dear, yes you were," was the reply.
Mrs. Eddy said about dealing with patients, "Walk with them to Emmaus, but treat them from the housetops."
In treating a claim, never become discouraged if it reappears; but go to work and keep on treating it each time, and each time it will appear in a milder form; finally it will disappear forever.
Do not become discouraged if you do not heal a case instantaneously. Some go out only by prayer and fasting.
A member of Mrs. Eddy’s household had an appointment with the dentist, and Mrs. Eddy needed her just when the appointment was scheduled and would not let her go. She said that if she had, she would have been allowing mortal mind to rob what should be sacrificed for the whole world’s good. The need was met without the dentist, and the tooth filled with substance.
Lydia Hall had been suffering with a cold and sore throat all day and did not want Mrs. Eddy to find it out. When she went to her room that evening she found a note from Mrs. Eddy waiting for her, and when she finished reading it, she found herself at once free. "There is no fear and no thoughts of poison can come. There are no such thoughts. There is no arsenic and no opiates producing any effect on anyone in this house and no one can be made to believe there is. Love reigns here. Truth and Life eternal reigns here and nothing else can come here. There are no evil suggestions, no hypnotism, theosophy, no electro-magnetism. God is All, etc. M.B.E."
We gather as we sow.
My income is the incoming of right ideas. It comes instantly, constantly, continually day and night. It is my God being.
Mrs. Eddy named her Messages in her own books as follows:
l899. Purification of the church.
l900. What the Spirit saith unto the churches—Revelation.
l90l. Infinite personality — My best.
Beloved Father-Mother God, give me wisdom to meet the problems I may have to meet today; give me understanding to deny error and proclaim the truth. Give me grace to keep silent when speech is unnecessary. There is no strife for Truth, risen Truth, will destroy error of every sort. And heaven is right here. God gives abundance of intelligence and opportunity. I cannot be impoverished mentally, physically, spiritually or financially. God is substance, and I reflect that substance. Realize to yourself daily more than once that the fields are white and ready for harvest, that divine Love always has met every human need, and that Mind is ever active and you reflect that activity. Realize that the source of supply supplies every need; that there is plenty of work for us all, and mine belongs to me and comes direct to me and the supply is abundant and know all the time that this is so. Never let a sense of lack stay a moment with you; it is rank error and brings all sorts of difficulties and disease. Trust in God and He will direct thy path. God is beside us at all times and in our daily work. Realize the ever-present Love and rejoice. Error cannot rob us of our abundance — the demonstration of this abundance of light and love and intelligence even for all our material needs. I CAN is the son of I AM because I AM is I CAN. I can express love, patience, truth, because I AM. Declare against the sense of limitation and realize that nothing can hinder my progress in advancing and getting employment. There is nothing to hinder my success or progress. I am honestly ready to see what God wants me to do.
Everyone in this house is better every hour, every half-hour, every moment they are getting health and holiness — all things work together for good to those that love God, etc. Mrs. Eddy says all things are possible with God, and it is He that worketh with us both to will and to do of His own good pleasure. This is the rule for healing.
A lady came to the door at Pleasant View with a box of American Beauty roses and begged Lydia to accept them and give them to Mrs. Eddy, and say that she would call in the afternoon to see Mrs. Eddy. The roses were accepted. Mrs. Eddy dearly loved this kind of rose. Lydia waited until dinner-time and brought them in to Mrs. Eddy and showed them to her. With a wave of her hand, she said, "Take them away; what a mockery!" The maid took them to the kitchen. All day long the maid suffered severely, and Mrs. Eddy apparently knew it. As night drew on and Lydia was tucking Mrs. Eddy into her swing on the front veranda, no amount of tucking in seemed right, and she had to come back constantly to do it over. Mrs. Eddy finally said, "Lydia, you are suffering and have been suffering all day." She replied saying, "Yes, Mother." Then Mrs. Eddy said, "What have you done with those roses?" "I took them to the kitchen, Mother." "Are they destroyed?" "No." "Go to the kitchen immediately and take the roses and put them in the fire." Lydia said that this was a most difficult thing for her to do. However she complied with Mrs. Eddy’s wish. Immediately she was released from the pain and was her normal self again. As she came in about an hour later to make preparations for the night, Mrs. Eddy said to her, "You are free?" "Yes, Mother, I am." "Lydia, do you know what that means? That was theosophy. They believe that if they can get something into your hands, they can use you as an avenue. Now be on your watch."
Mrs. Eddy said to Lydia Hall, "There was a time when I could rise above everything and was lord of all I surveyed, but I had to come down and teach malicious animal magnetism to my students, and now look at my hands and my feet." (They were very thin.)
Lydia Hall’s own father was jealous of Mrs. Eddy, because Lydia preferred to live with her Leader, rather than to stay at home with him. When he died and Lydia went home, she suffered greatly. Mrs. Eddy said that it was the sense of jealousy that had not been met which was still present to be met, even though her father had passed on. She told Lydia that she should have gone to work right then and there to know that the good would neutralize it and destroy it.
Mrs. Eddy was indignant when she learned that the Whitcomb family had worked for their father three days after he had passed on to bring him back. She said, "What! You kept that dear man in the vestibule three days?"
Mrs. Eddy asked one how his branch church was coming along and he replied that everything was running very smoothly. She said, "That’s too bad. If you were making progress, things would not be so harmonious."
March 24, l896. Mrs. E. S. Davis. My precious child: Yes you are that. As I read your letter, the mother heart yearned for you and said, "How long, O Lord, how long?" I thank you deeply for the oranges received from you. They are excellent and I think of you as I eat them. Dear indeed are your words of wisdom on the subject of theatres. I disapprove of them and all other alluring amusements, but more especially the sensual theatre. You have contributed shining lights to our church communion. I shall write to dear Mrs. Eastaman to receive gladly the names of all applications that you endorse. When to prop weakness or foster conceit, the taunt comes, "You are not Mrs. Eddy’s student" — I give you liberty to repeat my words. Yes, you are my student more emphatically than are those who have more of the letter than the spirit of Christian Science. I would endorse you for a teacher of this Science as soon as I would some of my normal class students. I have not had time to read your MSS, but will read it when I can get the moments requisite. Now dear one, rejoice and be glad, for great is the reward of a pioneer of Christian Science in the far West, such as you have been. Your name is very dear to me as a staunch spirit-filled Scientist. I love the thought that sometime I may have you in a class of my own.
Your Mother in Israel
If we do not control our possessions with the understanding that they are spiritual, they will control us with the belief that they are material.
When the ability of Mind to detect what mind is doing becomes general, it will be all that is required for self-protection. After this manner, the mental medieval age that has to conflict with this demonology will find its remedy and can deprive it of all power.
Denial must include the presence of any belief of substance that can be diseased.
Mrs. Eddy said, "If you say, ‘I’ll go to work,’ you will always be working. God says seek and it shall be opened."
Love is the uric acid solvent. Materia medica says uric acid is poison. It is identical with the venomous poison of the snake. All claims of disease are the result of vegetable, animal or mineral poison, and act as cancer eating away, having the quality of irritability, or fretting and vexation. Poison affects mainly the nervous system, having principally the quality of irritability or ugliness, we learn in Science founded on self-righteousness. The vegetation of Mind will express life and beauty. The minerals of Mind will reflect brilliancy and utility. The animals of Mind will change into sublimity and pure affection of Life, Truth and Love.
Go about and all over the house within and without, but you will not then have seen the house wherein I dwell — but you will see it. (C.S. Journal, Vol. l5, page 532.)
Mrs. Eddy said of Science and Health, "Great power comes from opening this book."
I speak to the whole of human consciousness, and if you do, everyone will hear you.
Humility — yielding to God, willingness to learn all things rightly.
True rest is refuge from the elements of earth. Love-giving Life destroys the last enemy, death.
Body is the embodiment of right ideas. Watch your beliefs, rather than your body.
The problem may be universal, the solution is individual. Hell is a state of forgetting or neglecting God.
In the real organization of work, there is time for everything, rest, work, play, study, etc., etc.
Be not a self-appointed judge in Israel. Supply we gather as we give. Mental power is the Saviour. To know is to be.
Baptism is mental cleansing. Bread is the true idea or understanding of God. Ascension of thought reveals infinite and eternal progression. Ideas fitly joined together are never severed. — What God hath joined . . . .
No belief of transference or mental suggestion through a manometer can touch God’s child with a belief of sensuality.
Material birth. Handle universal belief and universal consent.
Mrs. Eddy once said to Lydia Hall, "Lydia, did you know that the malpractitioner can argue ether, liquor or any other poison, and it has the same effect upon the body as if it were taken individually? The mental poisons: Ether, cyanide of potassium arsenic. Poisons the effect of which is violent pain: Calcium, hellebore and aconite. Poisons that produce stupefaction and paralysis: Opium, hemlock, prussic acid. Poisons that produce violent convulsions and delirium: Strychnine and belladonna."
Mrs. Eddy said in class, "God is impartial, impersonal, universal, pure."
Mrs. Eddy told Lydia Hall that she always started her handling of error by the following method: "There is no animal magnetism; there is no hate, no electro-magnetism, no esoteric magic, black art, hypnotism, etc., for God is All-in-all."
God, good, Spirit, is ever-present and man is His image and likeness. This is a rule that will solve any problem.
You are guarded, guided, governed, uplifted, upheld, and sustained by divine Love. There is no mortal mind-reading. Mortal mind cannot see or know what I am doing, for I am working in the one Mind and error cannot trace its uncoverings.
They cannot be swayed by malicious hypnotism. They are governed and guided by the one Mind and say and do according to the divine government and guidance. God governs it; justice, Truth and Love govern it, and nothing else can or does affect it in the least.
To Julia Field-King: Trust in God and leave evil to do its own work of self-destruction. Always overcome evil with good. Never descend to the warfare between evil and human will trying to do God’s will. But forgive all offences and love every enemy you may think you have.
To Calvin C. Hill: The less mortal mind the better for us all.
To Calvin C. Hill: We never can know who is in reality a Christian Scientist until he is tested under fire; then what is left are dregs unfit for use till purged and purified, or they are qualities that evil cannot destroy and are held by the power of God.
A student went to Mrs. Eddy after having worked on a problem and asked her why she did not receive her results. Why had her work not been rewarded by demonstration? Mrs. Eddy replied, "You have done everything rightly, but you have failed to do one thing and that is to stick to it. Error has an end. Truth is eternal."
Mrs. Eddy sent Joseph Mann out to hoe potatoes. He thought it was a form of punishment and let his thought drop. Soon she sent for him to come in to do some very important mental work. But he had let his thought drop and was not prepared to do it. The lesson he learned was that he should never let his thought drop because of the outward task he was called upon to do, no matter how menial it might seem to be.
Electricity is the counterfeit of the descent of the Holy Ghost.
From Frye’s Bible
Opened — substance — Prov. 8:20,2l
Christian Science Congress — Ezra l0:9
Col. 2:l8. Feb. 26, ’98. In answer to her desire for light after wrestling all night with beliefs of trembling and fear.
From Frye’s Bible
Luke 9:l. Power and authority. Jesus spake as one having authority. The mild and pleasant words to a patient will do when it is to quiet fear, but when there is a real clinch with error, to destroy it you must command as one having authority.
March 4, l898. Mrs. Eddy said if I could only be released from this continual manifestation of error around me, I could meet the claim of sickness easily. Then she opened to, "Whatever inspires with wisdom, Truth, and Love, be it song, sermon," etc., Science and Health.
From Frye’s Bible
Opened to I Thess 5: l-9 when she asked God to show her about the Wood-bury case.
From Frye’s Bible
Continually opened to II Thess. 2:7 at her morning devotions August and September l898.
If we live the truth we talk, then this we can give to another, but if we talk beyond what we have lived and demonstrated, this darkens both us and those that hear us. Stop talking beyond what you demonstrate.
You think you bury the body. You will sometime resurrect it to your own damnation or to its utter destruction. Paul says if you build again those things which you destroy, you are making yourself a transgressor.
Mrs. Eddy sent this to Dr. Fluno by Lydia Hall:
Why did Jesus have more to meet in his day than any other man? Why does Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, have more to meet than any other woman today? Why is it that as we approach the fountainhead, we begin to hear the thunder as she has told us we would?
Mrs. Eddy passed a drunken man in Lynn and turned to the one with her and said, "If that is the man I see, that is the man I am, and I refuse it because it is not the man I wish to be." The man was healed.
Mrs. Eddy commented upon a picture of herself that was in Miscellaneous Writings in the following words: "It is too confoundedly pleasant."
When Mrs. Eddy was to receive Lord and Lady Dunmore, she had typewritten copies of instruction of just what she wanted each of the workers in the home to say and do. Then she made them study them and each rehearse his part before her in advance. But when the Dunmores appeared, they totally disarmed everyone in the home because they were so opposite to what everyone expected they would be. When Miss Lydia Hall was rehearsing her part before Mrs. Eddy, she did it in mimicry, and she rebuked her saying, "Lydia you must stop; you must be more dignified."
I find the way by experience; hence I am a Christian Science weather vane constantly veering with the winds of Truth.
These verdicts are what mortal mind argues and must be handled in giving treatment:
(l) The pre-natal belief, deep-seated and remote.
(2) The parental.
(3) The personal and professional.
Always look for dependability and stability in a thought.
Mrs. Eddy said: "When my students need me, I will come to them."
Mrs. Eddy once said, "My father was afraid of me. I guess it was the power of God he was afraid of."
After addressing the first audience of The Mother Church, Mrs. Eddy was heard to say, "I looked over the whole audience and I did not see one Christian Scientist. I discerned every mentality there, but saw no personality."
Mrs. Eddy called the entire household to her one morning and said to them all, "Take your thought off me," and then dismissed them. A little later she called them all again and said the same thing. Later she called them all again and asked them one by one what they understood her to mean by taking their thought off from her. Most of them answered thus, "So you will be more free to do your own work." Mrs. Eddy replied, "You have no right to keep your thought on the person of anyone. Your thoughts should always be on God."
Once when Lydia Hall was with our Leader, her bell rang calling her to come down to Mrs. Eddy’s room. When she got there, Mrs. Eddy told her to arrange a doily on the table. Lydia did not think that it needed arranging, but she went through the motions and returned to her room. When she was first called she had been reading a newsy letter from home, and when she got back to her room she continued to read it. The bell rang again, and again Mrs. Eddy directed her to arrange the doily. As she went up the stairs she said under her breath, "The old fuss." Then when she reached her room, she resumed reading the letter. The third time the bell rang. This time Mrs. Eddy said, "Lydia, did you say the old fuss?" She said no, although in later years in relating the incident she said that she did, but was afraid to confess it to Mrs. Eddy. This time after she returned to her room, she did not resume reading the gossipy letter, but took up her copy of Science and Health and began to study it. The third time Mrs. Eddy called her down to arrange the doily, she had declared to her, "Lydia, if when you are doing a thing your thought is not right, no matter how perfectly it is done outwardly, it is not done rightly."
Mrs. Eddy detected that Lydia Hall was meeting every caller at the door with a congenial smile. She rebuked her saying, "Do not smile at anyone when you meet them at the door — it only gives error a chance to use you; you must be more dignified. If we smile with error, error thinks it certainly can use us as an avenue; but meet all with dignity and then all is well."
Lydia Hall had a habit of winking at everyone. Mrs. Eddy said to her one day, "Lydia, stop winking at me." She replied, "I did not know I was winking at you, Mother." Mrs. Eddy said, "When a habit becomes unconscious to you, you must have it brought to your conscious attention so that you can correct it."
When the members were first called to Pleasant View, it was a very hot day, and Mrs. Eddy received them sitting on the front porch fanning herself. The notables were seated either side of her. To those who were passing by to get a glimpse of her she said, "There is plenty of lemonade in the rear," waving her hand in the direction where it could be found, in the rear of the house. But when the visitors got to the rear they found no lemonade. It had all been used up.
Mr. Saltmarsh said that when Mrs. Eddy was a little girl and came to play in his yard with the other little girls, she always played the part of the mother, always mothering the others.
Mrs. Eddy detected a false sense of theology in her dressmaker, Miss Eveleth. In order to break this, she got her to make a dress for her on Sunday. When she tried it on on Monday, the hooks and eyes were one-sixteenth inch out of the way. Mrs. Eddy declared vigorously, "This is sin. Your thought was not right in doing this. If it had been, it would have been correct."
Mrs. Eddy once said in the hearing of Laura Sargent in reference to the trial in Science and Health, "I might have left that out." It was omitted from the 50th to the 81st editions of Science and Health.
Mrs. Eddy once purchased for herself a bronze statue of David with his foot on the head of Goliath which he had just cut off, girding himself with Goliath’s own sword.
Once Mrs. Eddy purchased for herself a china figure of a crusader, and it now can be seen in her dining room at Chestnut Hill.
Mrs. Sargent said that once there was a fierce storm at Pleasant View which blew over some of Mrs. Eddy’s fruit trees, as if error was trying to rob her of her fruitage. There was some connection between this fact and the fact that Mrs. Eddy had the serpent taken out of the picture in Christ and Christmas where the woman is searching the Scriptures. She also had the picture put into a window in the Mother’s Room without the serpent. Then one day Mr. Welch went in to see Joseph Armstrong and asked him if he was selling Christ and Christmas without the serpent. He said they had sold about 20 copies. Then Mr. Welch said that he had just received a letter from Mother instructing that it be put back since she "guessed that the old serpent was not dead yet," and to recall the 20 copies.
Mrs. Eddy said to Mary Armstrong, "Do you love me?" "Yes, Mother," was the reply. "Then I wish you would put a little more into my cornmeal mush."
Mrs. Eddy said to Adam Dickey, "Always walk as if you felt that someone was taking your picture."
One morning Mrs. Eddy said, "God’s face is not clouded." Once she said to John Lathrop, "Excuse me for a moment. I asked God to remove the cloud, but I forgot to ask Him to remove the mist."
Mrs. Eddy told a student that at first she hurled the Truth into human consciousness, but this caused her to be cast out of her different abodes in the early days. She learned that this was not the way of presenting the Truth, and she learned wisdom by the things she suffered.
To those who do not boast, there is little strife.
Mrs. Eddy gave the spiritual senses as follows:
Hearing — discernment
Seeing — perception
Smelling — intuition
Tasting — choice
Touching — consciousness
Rule in Mrs. Eddy’s household: "Simplicity, accuracy, and economy. Excuses are intolerable."
C. S. Sentinel, Vol. 41, page 90l. Never become discouraged, dear ones. This work is not humdrum, it is growth. It is repeating and defeating, repeating and defeating, repeating and defeating. Is not this the way a mathematician becomes a mathematician?
Hold sacredly to your joy, your gratitude. It will keep the door of spiritual revelation open and unfold to your receptive thought the white Christ light of unselfishness, of joy and activity, for ministry is gratitude and compassion.
One day a beautifully dressed student called on Mrs. Eddy expecting her to pour out spiritual thought to her. Instead Mrs. Eddy started talking on the plane of thinking this lady could understand. She spoke about her clothing, and added. "What a beautiful hat you have on," and that practically ended the conversation.
An old school friend of Mrs. Eddy’s who was down and out, called on her one day, and she talked with him. Before he left, she gave him a prayer that she had given the students and asked him to say it each day. After two weeks he came back completely healed. Then Mrs. Eddy gave him $500 to set him up in business. The prayer was, "O divine Love, give me higher, holier, purer desires, more self-abnegation, more love and spiritual aspirations."
Christian Science Journal Vol. 7, page 2l3, "Be loyal to the spirit of my teachings, then do your own work in your own way."
Mrs. Eddy asked a minister in her class if he thought he always did the best he knew how, and he replied that he thought he did. She replied, "In Science we do not do the best we know until we do a thing. Science makes demonstration possible, and we all know how to demonstrate the truth in Christian Science."
When Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Blood of Winthrop Highlands sent Mrs. Eddy a bas-relief of herself, she wrote, "I trust it may lead thought up to touch the hem of divine idealism in Christian Science."
Mrs. Eddy once declared that page 275: 6-l7 of Science and Health was the second scientific statement of being.
In speaking about how she was able to endure so much, Mrs. Eddy said in substance, "When the foot steps upon me, I bend as does the grass, and when it is lifted, I come up as naturally."
Mrs. Eddy said to a student, "If you do not have patients come to you, you can treat the birds and plants; they need treatment."
Mrs. Eddy said that we need to go back and pick up all the beliefs we had under materia medica and see the unreality of them. She declared, "When we are healed in Christian Science we are healed to the practitioner’s understanding, but only to our belief; then we must go back and gain the understanding that the practitioner had in order to be really healed."
Christian Science Sentinel, Volume 8, page 765, "Duty never points in two directions."
In the presence of death always declare the presence of Life, Life, Life, and never let your thought rest on or in the negative for one moment.
When Adelaide Still first arrived at Pleasant View there was a terrible thunderstorm that drenched nearly every room in the house. The trees were bent to the ground and the flowers cut right off through the force of the wind. She was in the front tower room mopping up the water that was driven right under the door leading out on the porch, and heard Mrs. Eddy in an adjacent room being comforted by Cornell Wilson. She seemed just like a child in her moans and fright. She had the curtains down so that she could not see the lightning. Several days afterwards, she called Adelaide to be her personal maid and said to her among the very first things, "Do you know that it was divine Love that protected us from the severe storm the other night?" She seemed then to have a great sense of dominion over it, even though when going through it she seemed just like a frightened child.
Mrs. Eddy said to Laura Sargent, "What have you been doing, Laura?" She replied, "I have been studying Miscellaneous Writings, Mother." "Go to your room and do more mental work," was Mrs. Eddy’s reply.
A man who came from Kansas City, who was in the landscaping business, was a student of Christian Science. Mrs. Eddy hired him to come to Chestnut Hill with his crew and do some work on her place. The first day he came all prepared and Mrs. Eddy would not permit him to start. This experience was repeated the second day. Since this meant a great expense to him, he was disturbed and spent the entire second day in the study of Science and Health. When he arrived at Chestnut Hill the third day, Mrs. Eddy permitted him to go to work.
Once Mrs. Eddy detected that a student in her home coveted her beautiful book, The Life of Jesus, illustrated with eighty colored plates. So she wrote in the front, "This is my book. Mary Baker Eddy."
Mrs. Eddy disturbed some of the women students in her home by demanding that they demonstrate over their menses. She wrote in a letter to Mrs. Caroline Frame: "The first experience of mine in entering upon the discovery of Christian Science was the entire stoppage of the periods that are believed to be concurrent with the moon. Hence that saying of the Revelator of the spiritual idea, ‘The moon was under her feet.’ Often it seems to be discouraging to hear my female students talk of this period as if it was part of their life, normal and scientific."
We may have tears for gladness, but never for sorrow.
Love must be stronger than the hater can hate for healing to be instantaneous.
A student once said to Mrs. Eddy that since coming into Christian Science she had lost fear to such extent that she did not have the slightest fear of walking down Columbus Ave., alone at eleven o’clock at night. Mrs. Eddy said, "Do not tempt the Lord your God."
Professor Kent was an English teacher in the Concord High School. When the city was planning to widen the road past Mrs. Eddy’s home, she asked if the professor would be willing to have some of the sand bank cut away in front of his house. He refused; so she gave permission to have part of her property used. When the soil was tested it was found to be quicksand in nature, and the amount needed was taken from the professor’s property by right of eminent domain. When Mrs. Eddy heard of it she said, "The earth is still helping the woman."
A reporter once asked Mrs. Eddy for a brief definition of Christian Science treatment. She thought a moment and said, "Absolute acknowledgment of present perfection." The reporter was not a Christian Scientist and did not become one. Yet many years later he found himself on what he was told was his death bed, and these words came back to him and restored him to health.
Nov. 1897. Mr. and Mrs. [Frank L.] Riley lost a son and then another dear one. They were sent for to appear before Mrs. Eddy, and they both determined that they would not bring this grief to her. At the time she had much to meet in the Field, and so they sought to clear their thoughts of this grief entirely and went about the work of doing this. When they went to see her, as far as they knew they had eliminated this from their thoughts. But Mrs. Eddy was keen to read thought and in the midst of the conversation said, "Now in regard to death. Suppose you were sitting in this chair and I was sitting in that one conversing with you, and suddenly an archer should shoot an arrow into your heart from that window. You would experience a sudden shock or commotion within, nothing more. You would try to continue our conversation, but I, believing the arrow had killed you, could no longer converse with you. So you would arise from your chair leaving no body in the chair, and go among those you could converse with; while I, believing that you had died, would bury my mortal belief of your body which was still in the chair." She declared that death was just like that.
Once when Mrs. Janette Weller called on Mrs. Eddy at the college, she very much desired to see Mrs. Eddy, and was hoping to make her demonstration; yet she did not want to disturb her. She felt that she would be guided to do what was right. She rang the bell and Mr. Frye admitted her. As she looked up Mrs. Eddy was coming down the stairs and when she reached her she said, "What a power of Mind it was that brought me down stairs! I was never more busy in my life at my desk writing when I felt that I must go down stairs, and so I did what Mind told me and now I know that you wanted to see me." From the Diary of Calvin Frye.
Mrs. Eddy said, "When I see a student grateful, I know he is safe."
I have put on paper enough to reveal criminal magnetism, and to meet its development for time to come, when my voice will be no longer heard.
Christian Science Journal, Vol. 6, page 560
Concord, N. H.
January 28, l892
Gen. E. N. Bates
My dear Student:
God did not make the infant Jesus. Mary’s spiritual concept of progeny exceeded the average human belief, therefore she believed that He did. If her conception had been wholly from God, it would have been the concept of a man instead of a babe, and could not have been born materially of Mary. Here is a supposed partnership between God and Mary which is not Science, but a human concept in part. God is the only creator. He needs no help. He can have no help, hence Jesus was a material man between the human thought of Mary that was half right and the Christ or idea of God that was wholly right, because it was never a babe and never a material phenomenon. Now I charge you drop this subject from your thought. Think no more of it; let this seed that I have now sown lie still in your thought until you are ready for the harvest. Obey me once more and you will find the good effects resulting from it. The way your mind has been stirred since I saw you is not profitable. Now if you rest, are not stirred on this question, God will clearly show you what I mean in due time. (Part lost). N.B. You said you must be with me in your teachings. This is impossible at present. You know not what you ask. "Are you (now) able to drink my cup?" No! You could not take my place and hold your phenomenon of human life. Now give up that thought or it will become a mad ambition that will be a weight in the wrong scale, weighing downward.
From the Diary of Calvin Frye
August l890
It is so now that every morning when I open my Psalms, the passage that I open to will always give me warning of the experience of the day. Whenever those around me are controlled by M.A.M. and darkened, I invariably open to "With hypocritical mockers," etc., and when I am tempted to murmur over my trials and burdens, I open to where the Children of Israel murmured and found fault with God.
About June 8, l884
I was sad and sobbing at the thought of how imperfectly I was demonstrating this Science in my own life and struggling to find my way, when there came a voice saying, "You don’t need to struggle, but simply waken and see you are there." And immediately I could see those who had passed on in belief, and they were not dead, but were right here about us; but I had not gained their point so as to be conscious to them, but as it were looked ahead to it; neither did I seem to be in an abnormal state of mind at the time I saw this; yet it seemed as real and tangible as anything ever was.
April 9, l890
During my first preaching in Boston, I had this experience. K—influenced young men to go to church where I preached, Dr. Williams’ church, corner of Shawmut Ave. and Madison St. (Baptist Tabernacle), and disturb the service. As soon as service had well begun they, having taken seats in front, would get up one at a time and go out of church just to disturb the meeting. Finally Dr. W., seeing their intention, placed himself inside the door, and when they began to go out, he rose and locked the door, and ordered them to their seats threatening them with arrest for disturbing services.
After that stopped, one day as I was preaching a stone came through the glass, crashing through the glass and fell at my side; upon which a venerable gentleman arose and implored me not to attempt to go on with the service. I replied that I feared no harm and called upon them to stand still and see the salvation of God. Then of a sudden, a heavy thunderbolt burst which shook the house and members of the audience say that they saw the lightning playing all around me. At the same time my voice was heard above it all saying, "He uttered His voice, the earth melted." During this time there were no clouds to be seen in the sky. We were never more troubled with any attempts to thus disturb the meetings.
April 8, l890
Our salvation is through Love. Call God Love always and bend all your efforts toward achieving perfect love in thought, word and deed. This is the way. All is won through it. Its presence gives me all. Its absence takes all away from me; therefore "Love is the fulfilling of the law." Love is heaven, and hate is hell. Our only way to heaven is through Love; our sure way to hell is through hate.
April l7, l890
When we understand the truth of a lie, then we shall understand God, and not until then.
April 8, l890
"Woe unto you, ye lawyers, for you shut up the kingdom of heaven. Ye will not go in yourselves, neither will ye suffer any other to enter." When any tries to argue in justification of error to cover it up, against their honest convictions, it fills me with righteous indignation beyond any other form of error.
It shuts out the light from them and hinders others from seeing and walking in the light — from seeing the truth and accepting it.
The first encouragement Mrs. Eddy received after issuing the first edition of Science and Health was from A. Bronson Alcott, who called to see her and said, "I have faith in you." She afterwards healed him from a severe form of rheumatism which had confined him to his chair.
What is it that argues to people, "You do not want to practice; it is too uphill work and you can get along without it?"
What is it that sends people out of town when they are needed at home; that sends them to Europe or some out of the way place when they might be better employed?
What says to people, "Confine your work entirely to the poor and uninfluential?"
What sends a lady, who is in a position to do well in Science, to the child bed?
What unites an unmarried Scientist, who is promising as such, to one who can destroy such usefulness and blight such prospects?
August 2, l900
After explaining to Joseph and me a more spiritual way of mental work, leaving the old ruts of argument, Mrs. Eddy opened to Science and Health, page 225:3. (This was found in the back of Calvin Frye’s 1891 edition of Science and Health).
We would better suffer for another’s wrong-doing than to misjudge a person, and the student cannot (does not) always know who is sinning; but he can make sin, through Science — divine Science — to himself nothing.
Faith lifts up the aspirations to Principle for more light and spiritual love, and with the unfolding of Truth to the understanding which comes from desire and research, cross-taking and cross-bearing, to belief comes a return of blessings from Principle which controls all and will control it so as to be found right when judged by wisdom. For wisdom will restrain error when the time cometh for its solution by the understanding.
The real Christian Science compact is love for one another. This bond is wholly spiritual and inviolate. It should never be violated in thought or action even for the sake of maintaining the purity of the letter of Christian Science. For the spirit, the reflection of divine Love, is always more important than the letter. See Miscellaneous Writings, p. 91.
Found in the back of Mrs. Eddy’s hymnal in her handwriting:
Sing often in The Mother Church, hymn No. 173 (Be firm and be faithful). No. l90, Washington, D. C., First Church (Lead, kindly Light). — See C. S. Journal, Vol. 17, Page 527.
Mrs. Eddy seemed disturbed about something. A student undertook to rebuke her by saying, "Don’t you say in Science and Health that it is error to murmur or to be angry over sin?" Mrs. Eddy replied, "I shall have to take that statement out of Science and Health."
When Mrs. Eddy found herself called to make her speech in Chicago, not knowing that she was to be the only speaker, Laura Sargent undertook to comfort her by saying, "Mother, God is with you." Mrs. Eddy turned and said, "I know that better than you do."
As shadows of various types come in contact with one another and no harm ensues, so the impact of material objects in what is called an accident makes no impression on the true consciousness, and in the realm of Spirit nothing has happened.
Mortal mind has not been kind enough to me to cause me to want to loiter in it.
One night the watcher in Mrs. Eddy’s room saw her make a convulsive movement in her sleep and the suggestion came into her mind. "O what would I do if Mrs. Eddy passed on in her sleep while I was watching?" Instantly she woke up and dismissed the watcher.
After the Chicago address when Mrs. Eddy was greeting people at the Palmer House, Mrs. Plunkett (who had started teachings at variance with Mrs. Eddy) got in line to shake hands with her in order to show her students that Mrs. Eddy was friendly toward her. When Mrs. Eddy was at the point of shaking hands with her she suddenly wheeled about so that she passed her right by, ignoring her completely, and shook hands with the next person.
In the morning of the day when Mrs. Eddy took her last drive, Mrs. Sargent opened her Bible and thought, "I wish I might ask Mother what this means." As Mrs. Eddy was arranging her bonnet, she said, "Laura, do not bring your questions to me, take them to God. You lose your answer if you take them to me."
Laura came down and said, "Mother, I have had a revelation beginning with Moses down to Jesus, and from Jesus down to you." Mrs. Eddy replied, "Someday this will come to you never to depart, and then you can do all the good you want to and nothing can prevent you."
April 24, 1894, in the handwriting of Laura Sargent. Mrs. Eddy was revealing something, and she told Laura, "Go write it; go write it." Laura brought back what she had written and showed it to her. Mrs. Sargent records, "On the paper Mrs. Eddy wrote, ‘Well done — Mother.’ Mother said, ‘Write it on tablets, begin with the law "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." This revelation seems like the transfiguration where Moses (the law), Elias (prophecy), Christ (Science), were revealed. Mother said in the old way mortal belief had one devil; now it had many, but we must not call it they, but evil. She said when we take up our watch, we do not help her with our thoughts; we simply clear out our own thought of the belief of evil, and this is getting rid of our thought and getting out of God’s way, so the light can shine through, and this blessed light helps us and all in its shining. This is the blessed, blessed way from sense to Soul."
Mrs. Eddy said to Mrs. Dunbar: "What are you going to say when you go out from here into the world?" (about the experiences she saw her Leader go through). She replied, "I shall tell them, Mother, that you are working out your problem." She then said, "Then you are the one to go back into the Field," and she soon sent her to Boston, where she had the task of purchasing food for Mrs. Eddy’s home.
Mrs. Eddy told Lydia Hall one day that the enemy believes that his arguments can poison mentally and that they have the same effect upon the body as when drugs are injected physically. "The belief of canker is induced by arsenic poison mentally introduced."
They believe that they can mentally argue strychnine, mercury, morphine, liquor, ether, and other poisons mentally, and that these will become injected into the thought of the patient, and that he will suffer the same effects as if the drugs were injected physically. These arguments all are harmless because God is All.
A lady came to Mrs. Eddy in a pregnant condition and told her that she was to have a spiritual child. Mrs. Eddy said, "Then it will not need to be born of the flesh, will it?"
Mrs. Eddy told a student one day that it would become as easy and natural to heal as it is to breathe.
"Oh! to be nothing," was the line from a hymn that kept going through the thought of a student on the day when a group met with Mrs. Eddy. While she was talking with them, she suddenly stopped and asked, "Where does this thought come from, ‘Oh! to be nothing. Oh! to be nothing?’ I do not want to be nothing."
Laura Sargent addressed Mrs. Eddy in the presence of her sister saying, "Mother, she thinks that if she has anything hard to do and pushes right through it and does it, she will get out of it." Mrs. Eddy turned to Victoria Sargent and said, "And you will, dear, you will."
If we speak from the heart, it will reach the heart.
The Golden Rule is the unchangeable law of God.
Every treatment we give will go on and on forever.
Mrs. Eddy detected her maid’s thought of condemnation after the doctor had been to visit her and injected morphine. She said, "If my students here have not love enough to meet my pain, then I have to call upon someone to help me."
She said she did not blame her students if they had to call for help. She also said, "If my students had more love, they could heal these conditions."
One day Mrs. Eddy told a student (Lydia Hall) who was in the home, to sell everything and come and live with her. The student made no reply, but was very sad at heart over the prospect and the great sacrifice it would mean. In a few moments, Mrs. Eddy called her to her and said, "No, you need not do it." She detected her thought and knew that she was not ready.
To Mrs. Janette Weller, January 26, l885.
My dear Student:
Do you find any difficulty in healing? If so, strike for the higher sense of the nothingness of matter. Do not care to search into causation there, for there is no cause and effect in matter; All is Mind, perfect and eternal. Whenever you treat a patient, include in your understanding of the case, that no ignorant or malicious mind can affect the case, and there is no relapse; Science tells us this in all it manifests.
Progress is the law of the infinite, and finite views but supposition and belief. Now, realize this, and be a law to every case when you commence treating it, that there is but one Mind, and this one governs your patient, that there are no minds to interfere; error is not mind, and has no power over you or the patient. These are the rules for you to work out every hour of your life. Realize constantly that no mortal mind (so-called) can affect you or make you believe you cannot cure your patients. There is no malice, no envy, no will-power. All is Love and Truth. Argue this clearly.
Lovingly Yours,
M. B. G. Eddy.
In a class of which Mrs. Dunbar was a member, Mrs. Eddy said, "Christian Scientists will have to defend the M.D.’s, as the indignation and shocked thought of the public will assail them. This malpractice may be so great that they will need the aid of what Christian Scientists alone can reflect.
"Christian Scientists know that M.D.’s as a rule do the very best they know according to their light."
Mrs. Eddy went to a case where the patient was dying with pneumonia and the room was filled with relatives and friends. She was propped up in the bed with pillows. Mrs. Eddy went to her and yanked the pillows out from under her and said, "You are not going to do what these people think you are going to do." The patient was healed.
Mrs. Eddy said in regard to the picture of The Mother Church that hangs in her library and is called Dawn, "It distinguishes the artist, points a history, and illuminates it." The artist said, "It represents the Christian Science church as rising unharmed out of the smoke of contending factions, the struggle of creeds and all sorts of ‘isms’ for supremacy." C.S. Sentinel, Vol. X, p. 732.
One afternoon when a gale was blowing at Pleasant View Mrs. Eddy turned to Lydia and said, "Lydia, you must stop this. Use this, peace be still." It stopped in ten minutes.
Don’t be as arrogant as I, and think that you can help God. (Said to Mrs. Dunbar and others). Differing account: Never be arrogant unless you are speaking from God! Only a policeman can speak from authority. Authority without God is wrong.
Letter to Asa Eddy: I know the crucifixion of the one who presents truth in its highest aspect will be this time through a bigger error, through mortal mind instead of its lower stratum, or matter, showing that the idea given of God this time is higher, clearer and more permanent than before. My dear companion and fellow-laborer in the Lord is grappling stronger than did Peter with the enemy — he would cut off their hands and ears. You, dear student, are doubtless praying for me — and so the modern Law-giver is upheld for a time.
Know that divine Love is All, and because it is All I cannot be robbed of my love and made to forget.
No intellectual disqualifications from poison.
There is nothing about me that attracts, corresponds with, or responds to, any form of error or evil. In proportion to your realization of this, you are immune to the mesmeric and hypnotic influences of A.M.
Love flows through every avenue, fills every channel and removes every obstruction.
Watches Given to Adam Dickey
Watch, August l6, l908
There is no psychology and no Roman Catholic prayers frightening us in this house. There is no sin, and no fear of sin. Christian Scientists love the psychologists and the Roman Catholics and they love us. Good is all power and the only power.
Watch, August l6, l908
There are no lies, nothing is real but the Truth. There is no loss of sight. It cannot be lost. Hold this point and demonstrate it. Mother.
No surplus electricity. All is governed by divine Mind, etc. — Eddy.
Watch. October 8, l908
l. No fear.
2. No loss of sight.
3. No law of mesmerism that we can’t help our Leader or
that it hurts us to help her. We do help her. We can
help others and do help ourselves, and it benefits
us to do good.
4. No sleeplessness and no suffering from sleeplessness.
5. No return of old beliefs of disease or of sin.
6. That good that we would do, we do, and are better
for doing it.
7. There is but one Mind; the divine Mind is the only
Mind. Love is All. We cannot be separated from
divine Love and Life, and no mortal affects a person in this house.
Watch, August 25, l908
Take this up in every watch. Mrs. Eddy’s face is not deformed. Her eyes are large, natural; sight, hearing and memory are never lost. Her finger joints are natural.
M. B.G. Eddy
Watch. May 4, l9l0
There are no thoughts sent here but the divine Mind. There is no malicious mesmerism nor hypnotism, no evil thoughts in this house, or that can be sent here. All is God, divine Love. Divine Love is infinite, and there are no other minds. One Mind and this Mind is Love divine, immortal Life, Health and Holiness right here in this house. No malicious thought coming here. All is divine Love and its manifestation — health, holiness and immortality.
I saw the love of God encircling the universe and man, filling all space, and that divine Love so permeated my own consciousness that I loved with Christ-like compassion everything I saw. This realization of divine Love called into expression the beauty of holiness, the perfection of being (S&H 253:2) which healed and regenerated and saved all who turned to me for help.
It seemed even from infancy that there was a fight against her, but she would always hold her own in contending for the right until she was justified. Only eight years old when she did this and her mother used to counsel the rest of the family never to oppose her. (Approved by Mrs. Eddy, August 3, l9l0).
My body is not a toxine factory; it is the substance of divine Love, the reflex of Soul. This omnipresent Truth is an antidote, antitoxin to all poison, both internal and external.
When Frederick Mann was a boy, he was in the room when Mrs. Eddy asked her students where evil came from. They thought and thought and endeavored to give scientific answers. When she asked him, he said, "I don’t know." Then she said, "He is the scientific one."
Laura Sargent heard Mrs. Eddy say to Maria Newcomb who had a claim, "Read Science and Health just as you did when you first came into Christian Science, not intellectually, nor as if you were going through the lesson; but praying to be healed as you did when you first read it."
Letter to Calvin C. Hill, August 2, l906.
Mother’s darling:
Your dear letter strengthens me. I am having much of the experience that you name but on an opposite basis utterly. "When first I learned my Lord" I was so sure of Truth, my faith so strong in Christian Science as I then discovered it, I had no struggle to meet; but stood on the height of its glory, a crowned monarch triumphant over sin and death. But behold me now washing that spiritual understanding with my tears; learning little by little the allness of omnipotent Mind; and the nothingness of matter, yea, the absolute nothingness of nothing and the infinite somethingness of All. O bear with me, loved one, till I accomplish the height, the depth, the Horeb light of divine Life — divine Love, divine health, holiness and immortality. The way seems not only long but very straight and narrow. Loving in Christ
Yours ever,
Mary Baker Eddy
To Calvin Hill. April 26, l905.
The first thing I do in the morning when I awake is to declare that I shall have no other mind before divine Mind, and become conscious of this, and then adhere to it throughout the entire day, and then the evil cannot touch me. I have done it, but am a poor specimen of preservation. But the greatest miracle of the age is that I am alive.
To Laura Lathrop, March l5, l905.
The body and you are not one. You are not in the body, talking to it, and it cannot talk for itself. You are spiritual, not material; you are my good, faithful, follower of Christ — the image of God. Indeed, you are this idea and have no strife with the flesh. You reflect God, and His image is like unto Spirit, not matter. The flesh has no connection with you. Realize this, and you are master of the situation.
What is the scientific realization of which sexual intercourse is the counterfeit? It is the recognition and realization through communion with God of man as a perfect, complete idea, masculine and feminine. That which is true of yourself as a complete reflection of Father-Mother God, is true of every individual in the universe, and reveals God and His creation, perfect and eternal. Mortals are struggling for completeness and hope to find it through sexual intercourse; when in fact this desire is simply the divine idea, struggling to express itself in completeness.A recognition of this brings compassion, tenderness, and love for the poor struggling heart and conviction that there is no sin.
To Ira O. Knapp (Page 112 in Bliss Knapp’s book).
Oh, do not sleep again, do not let the word go forth "sleep on, take thy rest," "mine hour hath come." You will always think you are fully aroused to the present need when the glamor is deepest. You are always most safe when you realize you are in need of more conscious truth relative to the lie, and its action, and feel sure it is nothing, and His strength abounding in you, and see the path of the serpent and handle the error without fear. . .
The birth out of matter into Spirit is not gained by argument, nor by force. It is growth, hourly; it is forever getting near Love that is Love; universal, divine presence and power, alias might and dominion; first over the body; then its reflection is dominion over all the earth.
Interesting items may be found on the following pages of The Christian Science Journal: Volume 4:95,97,l28. 6:48. 7:38. 9:6. 30:227,285. 32:347,347,656. 33:l92. 34:339. 35:l57,333. Also Sentinel, Volume 35:350.
A student told Mrs. Eddy of a case of bronchial trouble that she had been endeavoring to heal without success. Mrs. Eddy leaned over the desk and shook her finger at her saying, "What are bronchial tubes for?" Then she answered her own question, "They are to be used to sing praises to the Lord, and for nothing else." The student’s patient was healed in that hour.
To Camilla Hanna: Your allusion to your mother gone before us is easily answered. As you have been, and are, my dear faithful student, I will answer it. Would not a student in mathematics that could not work out the sum given him be relieved by seeing the solution? She at least learned that what she thought must kill her, did not, and was relieved of this belief, but she has yet to learn how to master death. She must meet death again, but with how much more courage she will meet it!
Edward Kimball had suffered many years with a claim that made him cross and irritable and from which he had gained only temporary relief through Christian Science. Finally it became so aggravated that he wired Mrs. Eddy that he wanted to see her and she wired back telling him to come. As he sat in the parlor waiting for her, he began to have qualms because he realized that under this claim he was so touchy that he was hardly fit to talk to anyone, even his own family. He began to wonder how he was going to appear even civil before her. When he heard her step on the stair he wanted to run out of the house, he was so afraid of offending her. She entered the room, paused on the threshold, and holding out both her hands, she advanced to him and said, "Doesn’t it make one cross to be sick?" Then without a word from him, she changed the subject and began to talk about other things. She never referred to his reason for coming to Boston all the while he was there. His summary of this interview was, "I had never been so loved in all my life."
Our churches will spring up spontaneously from the soil of healing.
God works with you, not with error.
Prayer is the practice of the presence of God.
First temptation, (i.e. turning stones into bread) turning to material pleasure for satisfaction.
"Father, if it be possible:" i.e. possible in any other way to prove this truth.
Luke l6: 9-l2. Mammon of unrighteousness: i.e. menial tasks which appear to keep us from spirituality. There is no material work; doing small things well.
The bowels act as normal selfless waste, but as we declare that there is no material creation in the scientific statement of being, there is no reason for the creative organs to act.
If you watch me carefully when I am rebuking you, you will see that I am only voicing to you audibly what the mental malpractitioner is arguing to you mentally and you are asleep to.
The mortal is the growth of the human "Thou shalt not"; the growth of the spiritual is "Thou shalt."
The cows could not be milked as the wells were empty and the milkman told Mrs. Eddy. She did not say anything, but later the man came running and said, "The wells are filled with water." Mrs. Eddy said, "Truth governs those wells, not material belief."
The fear which I greatly feared — we are afraid of our fears.
Mrs. Eddy once healed a patient who thought she was being crushed by a boa constrictor. After treating her mentally, she looked up and said, "Is it gone?" The woman said, "No." She did this the second time; then she said sternly, "It is gone." Then she took her in her arms and comforted her as a little child. Thus Mrs. Eddy met her patients where they were. Clara Shannon asserts that Mrs. Eddy always taught her to treat with her eyes open.
A doctor asked in class how to treat severe activity and turmoil. Mrs. Eddy answered, "By the scientific statement of being." Then he asked, "How would one treat paralysis with no activity?" She answered, "The scientific statement of being, because there is no life in matter. They thought there had been and that now it was lost."
After her husband passed on, Mrs. Eddy once said, "What a welcome Gilbert must have given mother!" When asked why, she said, "Because she and Gilbert both loved God, loved Christian Science, and both loved me. It would not take them long to find each other."
The temptation regarding the pinnacle of the temple: Jesus could have been at the top of the priesthood, as he was of the order of Melchizedek. He could have sought the power of the world if he had compromised with the Pharisees and Rome.
Mrs. Eddy said that smacking children neutralized the truth you are trying to teach them in the scientific statement of being. Rebuke error mentally much more than verbally. The verbal rebuke brings opposition of mortal mind; the mental rebuke does not have that to meet.
A spiritualist once claimed that Mrs. Eddy was a very good medium. Mrs. Eddy said she would prove that spiritualism depended on mortal mind portraits. The spiritualist said she would bring Mrs. Eddy’s mother to her and said, "Just keep your thought with your mother and she will come to you." Mrs. Eddy thought of a woman exactly the opposite of her mother, in color, height, and in every way. The spiritualist described exactly what she was thinking. Mrs. Eddy then said, "Yes, you have described exactly what I was thinking, but that is not my mother."
When Mrs. Eddy was a child she thought she saw another Mary playing with her.
Mrs. Eddy was talking with a student who said she was doing her best. Mrs. Eddy said, "No, your best would be perfect; it may be the best you know."
Mrs. Eddy was very loving in her attitude toward members who had strayed away from Christian Science. She once sent an invitation to some disloyal members to luncheon at Pleasant View, but when the time came, they were not present. Mrs. Eddy said, "What a blessing they would have received if they only had come." At another time, she met a man on the train who had become disloyal. She spoke to him so lovingly that he was healed.
A need is already met in Love. Thank God for this truth.
During a bad wind storm at Pleasant View, Mr. Frye and another man were trying to lower the flag. Mrs. Eddy stood by herself with her face turned upward, and Miss Shannon stood near her. Suddenly the whole atmosphere calmed. Mr. Frye and the other had been striving so hard on the ropes that they both collapsed on the ground. Mrs. Eddy turned to Miss Shannon and said, "Are there any clouds?" She replied, "No, Mother."
Mrs. Eddy once used the expression when talking with someone who had been healed but who had a tendency to rehearse the error, "Dear, don’t go back into the house."
One night Miss Shannon was on watch duty at Pleasant View, and Mrs. Eddy saw her in her room very sleepy. She awakened her and said, "No, that is not a natural sleep. Get up and work."
Mrs. Eddy would sometimes say, "The cup is bitter, bitter," but seeing how sad her students looked, added, "but the Father maketh it sweet."
God did not send Christ because He saw the evil, but our need brought the Christ. He sent Him in a far higher way than our material thought could see. He was the effect of our need.
God’s pity. He hears our cry and sends more love. We are conscious of a need, and reach out to God and become capable of taking in more of God.
Astrology. Belief in a horoscope is a mortal thought, and it does actually affect human lives until it is overcome by Christian Science. Every human being comes under its influence unless, and until, we meet it with the truth. Astrologists believe that a man can improve on his horoscope. Mrs. Eddy said we were to know that there was no solar, lunar or planetary influence.
Palmistry. Human thought is reflected in the lines of the hand just as clearly as in the face or in the head.
Evolution. Basis cannot be lesser than that which it evolves. The lesser cannot contain the greater. This does away with evolution; "the invisible becomes visible."
Theology. The worship of personality. Christian Science theology is: reality of good and the unreality of evil. Theologies are opinions of men about what Jesus did; also, about the teachings of the Scriptures and the prophets. In Science, we understand all the teachings of Christ, which include all good and exclude all evil. And we can prove it.
Animal magnetism, I acknowledge your claims, but I denounce your power. When error speaks, nothing is said. Stop justifying yourself in error.
Be like a little child. Turn your thoughts to Love and say, O Love, take me in; give me one Mind, one consciousness and make me to love my neighbor as myself. Trust Him, dear. Let your heart cry out to divine Love. A child cries out to its mother for more light, more truth, more love. Ask Love for what you need and for what Love has to give; then take it and demand of yourself to rise up and live it. Read daily your Bible and Science and Health, and say the Lord’s Prayer to pray the prayer of our Lord’s. Ask for His kingdom to come, for Life, Truth and Love to govern all your desires, aims and motives; to feed you with faith and a clear knowledge of good; to make you patient, forgiving, long-suffering, merciful, and compassionate, even as the dear God is thus to you and you desire Him to be. And thus reflect this God in all His qualities. My desire is that this year shall be crowned with mercies for you and all. Dear God, I ask for divine Love to leave me not to be tempted, nor to yield to temptation in any direction. I ask for wisdom and grace to know and to do just what God would have me to do.
The dream of life and intelligence in matter is gone, when heaven, man’s harmony, is reached. Those who are dead to our personal sense of them preserve all the prerogatives of being, but because personal sense will bury the body, it virtually proves that we separate mentally and physically, and that our views are not theirs, for there is no conscious change to them. The belief of the so-called living is, that a body has died; the opposite belief of the so-called dead is, that the body is the same and did not die; thus the direction of belief commences from that hour apart.
Oh, may the light that is never dim so encompass you that no night is there. May His angels hold thee in their power, and Songs of Science be heard in the intuitions of thought, till your life is in tune with the rhythm of God.
There is no mental, moral, physical, or financial paralysis in God’s kingdom. The world is mentally and morally paralyzed to the Truth of being and this must be handled in every case. Our treatments must be universal as well as individual.
To Laura Sargent: My work is mine — it comes from God. It cannot be intercepted nor diverted into other paths, being governed by divine Principle. It is progressive, prosperous, joyous, continuous. It reaches from shore to shore, from ocean to ocean, perfect, infinite, going on all the time, for the glory of God. Perfect idea is already located with absolute satisfaction in Mind. In this perfect place in Mind, I am able to support myself, have all the recreation and companionship needed. In the perfect place of Mind is complete satisfaction. I live in the affluence of Spirit, and am one with the inexhaustible, unobstructed, omnipresent source of income, and infinite as is the source, so infinite is the supply. It is the Spirit that profiteth. I am the ceaseless intake of God’s eternal giving. You, false claim of malicious mind, whatever or wherever you are, you cannot mesmerize me, or hypnotize me to think I haven’t understanding to meet any claim that comes to me.
Mrs. Eddy’s Own Message From Scripture
London, August 24. — The Daily Mail cabled to Mary Baker G. Eddy, the Founder of Christian Science, offering to print a message from her reviewing the legal proceedings in her case, and the situation for the benefit of English Christian Scientists. Mrs. Eddy replied: —
"The situation of the lawsuit is described in the Scripture, James 2:24. Our work in the future will be the same as in the past; namely, to love God supremely and to love our neighbor as ourself, to return good for evil, to reform the sinner and to heal the sick."
To Edward A. Kimball
I never knew a dyspeptic who was either a man or a woman. They are nothing but stomachs all absorbed in digestion — of what? You are not a stomach! and a stomach is not talking, arguing, feeling, suffering. You are a man occupied with a great demand. He is too wise to say, "Go to work in my vineyard," and then render you unfit to work.
To Julia Field-King
January 25, l897. Be guarded, and fear no sexuality; it has no power over you. A Christian Scientist is as exempt from that temptation as an angel.
To Gen. Frank Streeter
July 2, l900. You say to me, "I believe that one of my eyes is shorter than the other." I have often felt I ought to have said to you what I now write, namely, you acknowledged metaphysical healing in that testimony and it should have proved and settled the case in your favor. If you believe that one eye is as long as the other it will be so. All that makes it seem otherwise is your belief. The Scriptures said, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Now I appeal to you as a lawyer not to testify against your own case. Your physicians have testified for the case against you and you believe their testimony. Your false sense of sight has testified against you and you believe its testimony. But the Science of your being gives you the verdict of Mind, not matter, and it decides the case against atrophy and declares that matter cannot bear witness and that one eye is as long as the other. Believe Science and you are saved.
To James F. Gilman
January 25, l894. When you protect yourself from mental malpractice, you will rise and continue to grow, and never till you see this need and meet it can I trust even your word. Much less your delineation of Christian Science.
To teach students in class without teaching them how to handle animal magnetism, is like sending soldiers into battle with brass buttons and braid, but with no ammunition for their muskets.
Error never shoots dead men.
The only is about error is that it is not.
To Caroline Foss
August l2, l906. It comes to me in my prayer to tell you that disobedience and self-justification are the cause of your not mastering M.A.M. I have begged of you to quit telling me why you did a thing wrongly, but you have not obeyed me. I have told you it is like the sick excusing sickness — tell why they are sick, and you do know that this would tend to make it real and to justify sickness.
They do not hate you because they do not like you, but because they are not like you.
To Mr. Kimball
When patients come to you with their problems, shed your light upon their way. Point out to them the error and show them how to correct it. Lovingly help them. But if they continue to come again and again and want to drain you of your oil, your inspiration, stop. You have done all you can. Give them all the light they want, but never give them your oil.
To Mary Philbrick
September 22, l886. Now watch and pray; every wrong unscientific thought, every fear, put down; every symptom moral or physical, that is not Science and does not reflect Life, Truth and Love, meet and master; then you are out of the reach of malicious mesmerism; and they are only, by trying to hurt you, helping you to difficult problems, and you are solving them, and this is your only way to heaven — the harmony, peace and immortality of being. Now be strong in the Lord, put on the whole armor of Truth, and not go to laying it off in the battle and call on other gods — to go to matter for help!
To Mary Philbrick
1890. The delicate conjugal question you asked in one of your letters is to be handled wisely. You and everyone have the rights of conscience, but you must be careful to manifest more affection for your husband, and in the proportion you withhold the conjugal claim. By this justice, many a wife has in Science held the affections of her husband, and he has come peacefully into her truer sense of total abstinence which is the only true position in Science.
To Mary Philbrick
September 24, 1885. The spiritual darkness that malicious mesmerism leaves on your mind is all that you are really in danger from. I see this darkness in everyone that writes me on this question from Chicago. Now knowing the physical symptoms of disease is no aid spiritually, and you can only heal them by spiritual, not by material power. Arouse yourself from this spiritual blindness that seeking other gods occasions, and find Truth and Love the only powers, for they are and you ought to know this. I want to instruct Mr. W. If you "take the sword you will perish with it." That was what killed my husband — he would fight mesmerism on a material basis, with a human instead of a divine sense, and I could not be allowed to do this work for him. To make him see this was the effect on him of malicious mesmerism, was the point. His last moments opened his eyes and he said I was right.
Two Letters to Hannah Larminie
1887. Words are inadequate to express the love that flows from the human hearts touched by the Divine.
That sweet, dear offering of thine, reached me as a prayer, that unites us in Christian fellowship.
Now, darling, I hear of your success as a healer, I knew it would be so. The Christ heals; the Spirit and not the letter is the potency of Christian Science.
One thing let me ask of thee. Do as David did when his heart was wrung at the severance of earthly ties. Lay off the sackcloth, exchange the bitter tear for the oil of gladness. This is Science, to "rejoice alway," as Paul admonishes.
Now, darling, death is as unreal as sickness; your dear one never died. No, he never died! Lift up your eyes and lift up your heart to behold Life eternal. Let this comfort you that you only sorrow in belief, or can sorrow except over a belief. Now rise superior to this — belief in death, or sorrow — for Science divine reveals the great truth that Life is the master of death, and joy thus abides in Him, the master of all grief.
Christ hath overcome the grave. Truth and Love, God, our Father, as taught by Jesus, hath taken away death; for He hath shown us that all the evidence or testimony of the senses is untrue, unreal! Now let us rejoice this Christmas morn that Christ hath so arisen to our understanding that all sense material is hushed; and the great facts spiritual of Life and Love are more apparent. All else, which belongs only to human, mortal belief, is false.
l887. I was sad on reading your letter, but it all arose from sympathy with your loss, not that of the dear departed; it is his gain.
Let this console you, for woman’s love is so unselfish it can sacrifice for others. Let the good you can do and the stimulation of action keep your mind from dwelling on the past, for the present demands your care, and you must go forth to meet the future calm and strong.
God is your refuge and a strong deliverer. He will hide you under His wings till the storms are past and the sunlight of His presence cheers and invigorates you with new strength and exaltation.
To Hugh McDonald
December 18, 1893.
My beloved Brother:
Let us rejoice with the angels to day. Your dear wife, my precious student, has added one more to the glad throng and the sweet song of those who have gone up thither, having washed their robes and made them white through all they have experienced.
While in the sweet sense that she now entertains, she knows there is a Life in God, good, that is eternal and in this Life, no pain, no death, no parting, no night there.
Oh, my dear friend, I wish you and I knew this as well as she does today, who has awakened as we all must in some way to the truer sense of the Love that gives us this alternative.
You have no cause for grief, there is no change in the fact and reality of your relative existence, only as the old impressions of death and parting linger in thought. Now dear Brother, dismiss these, as they are as unreal as the false sense of sickness and of sin. They do not belong to God or His creations, and you are master of all "that worketh or maketh a lie." You will learn as did Jacob when he said, "All these things are against me" that they are for you, and the footsteps by which God is calling you more absolutely away from the falsities of sense and flesh, into an entire surrender to Divine Science, and the imperative call: "Leave all for me," "Go work in my vineyard."
I speak from my own experience of His ways that are not as yours because His love for us so exceeds ours. May His angels soothe and comfort you for He giveth them charge over you.
Yours in Christ,
M. B. G. Eddy
P.S. Please give much love from me to your dear children, and say to them that all this that seems so severe for us all to bear, is not what it seems; but is working out for the loved one, and for her children, and her teacher, and husband, "an exceeding weight of glory."
Ever tenderly for you all,
Mary B. G. Eddy
To William P. McKenzie
February 4, l898. I send you herewith a sheet which Mother wrote a few days ago for the Trustees, but wanted to send by messenger. C. A. Frye
l. When Mother foils a demon scheme do not mar her success. The hardest battle is the last one.
2. Never act on first thoughts unless they be of good, God, but watch and separate the tares from the wheat.
Learn by experience and careful comparison to know whence cometh your conclusions. Try the spirits before acting, look over the purpose that the enemy might be trying to accomplish and so avoid the snare.
3. Have the bird in your hand before disturbing the bush that he hangs upon.
To Mrs. Helen A. Nixon
Your confiding letter was sweet, delicate and lovely. May the God of all grace lead you gently into the gate that shuts out all that belongs to the flesh in origin or manifestation.
Until then, and as you journey thither, may the "Love that never faileth," strengthen your clear sense that you are in the true way, if indeed you follow afar off. It just pierced my heart to hear you say, or rather to read of your saying, that you were not a Christian Scientist! Oh! how can you indulge the thought that Christ has not shown you this diviner way in Science. I scarcely believe that you do believe what you wrote when you said, "I know that I am not a Christian Scientist." I do pray you never to repeat this saying unqualifiedly, again. It is indeed a great achievement, but many are regarded as Christian Scientists because they have started in this direction, and this is proper. If it were otherwise we should have to drop the dear name and this will not do. Let us work on and pray on in His, Christ’s, dear name, until we have more and more of His spirit and arrive at the fullness of His stature.
To Mr. William G. Nixon
January l3, l892. I congratulate you on the success at your home. But I also pray that you be left not to temptation, and understand that God has created all and man is not, cannot be, a creator, however much the senses declare against this great truth of Christian Science. To the senses you have gotten a child, but not in Science have you a mind in matter, anymore than you have sickness, disease and death. Hence what you believe is a mortal child, is mortal, and subject to the above, and if you believe you have an immortal child, formed of matter, you believe a lie for this is impossible. I felt so strongly it was my duty to say this to you, that I have written it. Please bring wife and children to Concord and visit me when Mrs. N. is ready for this, and all will be loving and Christian in our interview.
Relative to the oft repeated question, Shall the spiritual interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer be printed in Hymnal or any other form? I reply always, No. This is properly repeated by the Pastor and not from the pews. The 9lst Psalm is suitable for the Hymnal.
Separation of Truth and Error
The most insidious form of evil — the highest attenuation of error concocted by mortal mind to oppose Christian Science, is that one taught in Chicago and recently illustrated in New York. The teaching and the scandal are related as cause and effect. It is not with personalities we have to do, but with error.
The formula of this error is, "God is all; God is good; there is no evil." So far this is Science. Science adds to this abstract formula, "There is no evil — i.e., evil has no Principle or permanence — but we are in the sense of evil; this sense is a false sense, is error, and our problem is how to work out of the error." Science says we work out of it by uncovering it — the error must be seen before it can be cast out. Science recognizes the warfare that the apostles speak of, the enmity between the flesh and Spirit. It declares, "The way is strait and narrow that leads to the understanding that God is Life. It is a warfare with the flesh, whereby we must conquer sin, sickness and death, now or hereafter, but certainly before we can reach the goal of Spirit, or Life, as God." (Science and Health).
But error takes up the scientific formula at the point — "there is no evil" — and says, "Therefore there is no evil for you to get out of; all you have to do is to deny its existence." Error does not want to be uncovered, that is what it fears, what it wants is to be denied in this way; for to stop at denial is to confound Truth with error. Science says, "Cast out error;" error says, "Do not see me." Science says, destroy; error says, deny. Science destroys the sense of sin; error teaches man "to sin without a sense of sin."
The next inevitable step in error is — "If there be no evil, I can commit no sin." This devil’s logic first breaks down the eternal wall of separation between Truth and error, and then — to human sense — spans the impassable gulf that separates good and evil. This conclusion of error once reached, the moral anchorage is lost, and the bark drifts helpless amid the surging waves. Whether it will finally be swallowed up by "free love" or other forms of gross sensualism, or by pantheism, theosophy — the higher attenuations of error — is a matter of individual predilection, the play of forces of mortal mind that none can calculate.
The subtle poison of this error is working far and wide. Its emissaries have been active. Many have partaken of it — many who are sincere and honest in purpose, good and lovable — by human standards — in thought and life.
Sin’s necessity is "to destroy itself, and so yield to the government of God, wherein is no power to sin." "To destroy sin is Love’s method of pardon." What a lesson in Love and in Love’s methods, is the incident that suggests these lines. It is the higher human consciousness of Science that brought on this consummation of error, this rushing to its own destruction. "Be still, and know that I am God," is its word to us. Thus error clung to us, and we knew not how to free ourselves from the standing reproach to Christian Science carried in the untruthful assumption of its name. But as we honored God, as we saw Science Divine, He worked for us, and the destruction through the methods of Love is more complete than any that humans could have devised.
From The Christian Science Journal, Vol. 7, page l88.
The human sense dissolves in tears.
"Laura, I am chiseling you."
Divine Love breathes deep and long to accomplish its divine purpose.
There is no mortal mind, or man, or personality, that can think through me, or read my thoughts, or change, influence, beguile, bewilder, or darken my consciousness. It is impossible for darkness to destroy light. Nothing that divine Mind created can be perverted, reversed, relapsed, or changed.
The infinite light forever protects its ideas in the substance of Soul. Man was never educated to believe in, nor to rely on false theology or materia medica to heal and save him. Man relies entirely upon the Principle of being for health, supply, happiness. Evil minds have no power to reject, deny, oppose, or defy God; no power to stop the work of Christian Science.
There is a spiritual reversal for every argument of evil and to declare it agrees with your adversary "quickly."
God will reverse every argument of evil before it reaches us, through the Word, which is the two-edged sword, which liveth and abideth forever. We must be spiritual detectives and arrest every thought that tries to gain admission and cast it out when the idea tries to present itself. There is a perfect presentation for every idea of Love. We must think of ourselves as spiritual and perfect. Our sight, hearing, and all of our senses and faculties are spiritual, perfect, and eternal, for God created all.
There is no mortal masculine, or feminine, or neuter gender. No he, she, or it. No development of human concepts. To know this through demonstration, destroys false spiritualism. We must handle the claim of trickery, slander, meddlesomeness of the human mind. It is in the mirror of Spirit that we see the brotherhood of life, and brotherhood of life is of understanding. Let us reach out to the Word for help, for the Word is ever-present.
September 17, l904. Upheld by divine Love, man can make himself perfect, but he must not attempt this too rapidly with his neighbor. To so live as to keep consciousness in constant relation to God, is to individualize infinite power — and this is Christian Science.
Whatever God governs is not subordinate to matter, physics, or geometric altitudes, and never deprived of the light and might of omnipotence. The resuscitating power of health, harmony, and life, is God, Mind, not matter; and guided by this, spiritual understanding would never falter before the infinite tasks of truth. Only by understanding that there is but one God, one power — not two powers, matter and Mind — can be reached correct and logical conclusions.
Human will may trespass on divine law; corporeal sense may hide health, and truth, as the mist obscures the mountain; but Science subordinates human will and is the sunshine of Truth which melts the shadow and reveals the substance. Follow my teachings only so far as they follow Christ’s in word and deed.
An article called The Seed, thought to have been recorded by Frank Mason:
For habits of whatsoever nature, destroy the (supposed) pleasure therein and you will win. Pain is but a continuity of supposed pleasure. If the hand itches, it is a pleasure to scratch it; but if this same pleasure is continued, it becomes pain. This is true of all pleasure from the physical standpoint.
Take this thought and carry it with you. God is Spirit. I am His child, made in His imagine and likeness. Jesus’ teachings will restore to me that which I seem to have lost — the likeness of my Father.
The instantaneous realization that man is the perfect expression of the infinite would result in instantaneous healing. This is a mature, harmonious thought, and brings forth fruit after its kind. Our patients manifest health after, and in proportion to our consciousness of perfection. "If I be lifted up," lifts itself above matter. "If I be lifted up," is true of every individual. We lift our patients as we lift ourselves above matter. The body is but the garment of thought and portrays the condition of mind. The suggestions of evil are not yours or mine — they are of their father, the devil.
The sense of dominion is the only begotten son of the Father. Allow nothing to come between you and God. Jesus recognized nothing between himself and God.
Think deeply for yourself. Muse on the allness of Spirit until it becomes a consciousness of perfection and harmony which will be manifested openly to the world.
Know that you have the supremacy of thought, and that error cannot defy the Truth, and you will win. Realize that evil possesses no power over you or your patient, and that it cannot make either of you conscious of fear. To be born into the belief of matter is the last enemy to be overcome — death — physical life. Mankind has reached the last enemy and knows it not. The divine overpowers the human and finally vanquishes it.
Put your patients in the ark into which God commanded Noah and his family to enter; that is, hold them in thought as conditions of Mind reflecting and expressing only the attributes of the infinite. Realize that they exist in Mind, and that mortal thought cannot find them, being unable to transcend itself. Having done this, "pitch the ark within and without," that is, seal up every crevice by which the erroneous thought of worldliness can enter. Realize that God is the only thinker, and that man reflects His thoughts and can transmit only what he receives from God. Holding your patients thus, you lift them above the clouds of worldliness and, like the ark, they will always be on top of the waves above the destructive floods.
Every spiritual baptism is followed by stronger temptations. That is, each higher manifestation of Truth uncovers its supposititious opposite to be met and destroyed. Thus we rise step by step until we finally reach a condition which has no erroneous phenomenal expression. This moment must be the ascension when the senses can no longer manifest nor cognize us, we having overcome their claims. Immediately following Jesus’ spiritual baptism, he was led into the wilderness to be tempted. His higher baptism drove error to a higher and more subtle temptation.
Every claim of materiality has a twofold expression and must be conquered with Truth. The first is the manifestation described in Jesus’ temptation as the stones beneath his feet which Satan sought to make Jesus turn into bread. The second is the temptation which transcends the first suggestion, and which met him on the pinnacle of the temple. In these two manifestations, we see the twofold power of each temptation one must meet, the lower and the higher, the physical and the mental. In other words, every manifestation of evil discerned in physical phenomenon will recur in a higher and wholly mental sense ere it is dissipated. Because of the universal belief in the existence of both mind and matter, in the present phase of existence, error will manifest itself through both classes of phenomena.
Popery, now openly discernible in Roman Catholicism, will be repeated in alcoholism, and similar physical manifestations must be met on the pinnacle as well as below. If we can conquer the visible physical embodiment of error, we will be endowed because of this victory with power to meet it in the higher manifestation. Watch and strive against the senses, where you meet every class of temptation.
Poverty is just as much a disease as cancer. Jesus says, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God . . . and all these things shall be added unto you." He did not say they were a part of the divine whole, but that they would be added. Our conceptions being yet material, the reward must come to our present consciousness. A realization of a perfect spiritual home will make our present home better. A consciousness of the purity of heavenly surroundings will bring out a more harmonious earthly existence.
We tend too much toward the physical, and this tendency produces discord. Jesus said, "Take no thought for your body." Do not let error tell you that you are not a good loyal Christian Scientist because you are not rich. The heavenward path is only won by struggling, but you will win if you faint not. If the senses lie about this life, they also lie about death.
Electricity is the thought essence which forms the link between what is matter and mortal mind. God, the divine Mind, self-existent, self-perpetuating, and self-energizing, is the great universal reservoir, or dynamo, and the thoughts which flow from such fountains, constituting a complete expression of that infinite Mind, Spirit, are thus shown to be inseparably linked with the Principle of Life and action, and to be the manifestation of spiritual force or power. All of us as individual thoughts proceeding from one central source, must be communicators in some way of the flow of the divine Mind, and should recognize in each other a oneness proceeding from the unity in that source. Blurred and clogged by material sense, we oftentimes lose sight of our connection with the power we are to express, and in a vain attempt to externalize ourselves as an independent life, apart from God, we fail to be about our Father’s business, and are thus temporarily defrauded of our birthright, for we find, if we neglect to live up to the light we have, according to the scientific law of operation, we lose our power proportionately, for that which obstructs, self-deception, pride, whatever it may be, is accumulating until removed.
Death is an illusion. It is the termination of the universal lie which declares that man was born. No person will ever be more conscious of death than he is of birth. Everything that has a beginning must of necessity have an ending. Death is the ending of the beginning termed birth. Death is not in the victim who we say has died, but in us. It is we who are still alive — as we term it — who dig the graves. It is we who put our friends into the ground and cover them up, and forever after declare they are gone. All these phenomena are in us, not in them. Death is the culmination of the thought of physical life. In life we are in death. Our verdict of death upon our friends does not change them one iota. Jesus was the same after apparent death and burial as before. Again I say, no one will ever be conscious of death. It is absolutely nothing, and it is impossible to become conscious of nothing.
Man is a co-existent creature with his creator. He, man, has always existed, and if none of us have been conscious of death up to the present minute, it is pretty good evidence that we never will be conscious of it. The person who says, "I am dying," is but a helpless automaton, who has unwittingly become a victim of preconceived opinions, and voices the culmination of error. If the senses lie about life, they certainly lie about death.
We lose the conscious presence of our friends by a change of belief. A strong-er belief in the verdict of the world than in the presence of our friends, wipes out their presence and leaves in its place the lost belief. We still exist to them unless they otherwise accept, instead of our presence, some other belief similarly destroying their conception of us. The disciples were the same to Jesus after his apparent death as before. We exist (as matter) in others’ minds, and all we know of our friends is the mortal conception of them. This concept remains until we transpose it with another, when the last becomes the dominant belief.
There is nothing gained by waiting for death, for it never comes. We must individually lift ourselves above the claims of the senses. Death brings no relief. "He that is filthy, let him be filthy still, and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still." "As a tree falleth so it shall lie," substantiates this conclusion. Man still continues to live in a physical belief until he overcomes it. Death does not rid him of it, for death is a mode of matter, and does not advance mind. This is the point to be borne in mind, that, from every Eden we create in materiality, we shall be banished. The condition we call satisfactory from a material standpoint is a delusion of human sense and from it we must be exiled, "for to be carnally minded is death."
To successfully treat children, cut off the parent thought. Man is the offspring of God, not man. The material birth is but the false conception. Realize that matter cannot transmit good or evil. It is inert, unintelligent, and cannot be the medium of intelligence. Seedless oranges are produced by turning the top of the parent plant back to earth, and when rooted, disconnecting it. The offspring produces seedless oranges. Detach the thought of the child from the parent and the germs of erroneous seed of the parent thought will cease to impress the child.
Notes taken by a student in a class taught by Mrs. Eddy (copied from the original in the handwriting of Maria Newcomb.)
The rod that Moses threw down, became through God, the power of good. The rod Moses had, God did not give him, but God commanded him to throw it down, and it became a serpent, his enemy.
Then God spoke to Moses (who fled in fear) and commanded him to pick up the serpent (demonstrated the nothingness) and it became a rod.
He could not expect to throw away the rod power at once, but must take it up as a staff, let it become the power of God, see it (sickness, error) work in us unto salvation.
Jesus bore our infirmities. He took every step of the way before us. He demonstrated the whole problem and left us the rule. We must expect to take all the steps ourselves, and I tell you this, not to pronounce sentence upon you, but that being forewarned, you may be forearmed. When passing through the belief of sin, sickness or death, are you going to make a reality of it, or are you going to pick up the serpent and have no fear; but know that the serpent once handled becomes a rod, a staff? If made a reality, it becomes a stumbling block.
Expect to suffer through every belief of mortal mind; but once settled upon, give it no thought, as you know when these problems are worked out, you not only believe, but know and understand, that man is perfect, and cannot suffer. You must understand the nothingness of every phase of the dream in order to realize the somethingness of Truth. But we must not flee from the serpent. God’s word is, pick it up, and we can prove to ourselves that as soon as our fear of the serpent is overcome, so that we can stretch forth our hand (power) and pick it up, the serpent changes into power.
Higher understanding always brings with it submission and humbleness. Take the stand today, God is All. Live it. No thought of mortal mind affects; there is no mortal mind. The fire of Truth destroys all error in consciousness, and God is All.
When you hear a Scientist speak the lie or live it, never mention it, as you double the lie by doing so. When seeing such, declare for Truth, and so destroy the lie.
Go slowly, take each step, and feel content. Do not let ambition to go beyond another influence you. Lay aside ambition and pride. Put pride beneath your feet. Never care for popularity, or covet praise, and never let words of praise delight you, but rather rejoice in rebuke in that it takes out of your way obstacles in your path.
The difference between Science and faith-healing; one makes the healed know God; the other simply heals the physical. Faith-healing is not really healing, or else the patient would be one with God. So do not think, because you heal, you are a Christian Scientist; as medicine heals as regards the senses, and so does error. A Christian Scientist heals the moral as well as the physical. When carrying a case, and having used the arguments for some time and not healing, depend upon it, they are implanting the belief in the patient’s thought. The arguments must be dropped. But when one is teaching a child to walk, they give the child a finger to hold by; but they do not withdraw the finger until the child can walk; then the finger is removed. So with arguments; they are the finger.
Rise to a sense of the omnipotence of God. Know that God is All. It is not sufficient to say it. You must realize it. Destroy fear with Love. Remember God’s law is the only law. Do not ask the patient’s belief; you are perpetuating it as long as you take account of error. Never expect to win without drinking his cup, and carrying his cross.
How to treat sin? To treat sin when understanding the unreality of sin, to cast your net on the right side. Do not treat for sin; declare for God, realizing His omnipotence. It is the only safe way. Touching sin is dangerous, as it cannot be unreal to you until you understand its nothingness.
Now what of those who make a claim such as this: declaring the Truth harmonizes matter, that Truth will heal matter, or in any way make matter a reality to be healed? If we admit there is matter, then we must admit all the causes and effects, all the beliefs; there is no other way. Then never admit matter. Never for one moment admit a claim of anything to harmonize.
And what of those that admit God knows sin? If He knows it, it is in Principle, and man is the expression of Principle; then man must sin, as he expresses Principle. Sin is not in Principle and there is nothing else. Now learn the lesson that sin is nothing, so to you, until you understand its nothingness, you must uncover it and handle it; let the serpent turn into a rod.
Let your prayer be daily: reveal to me, Oh God, my secret faults, every error, every sin. Earnestly desire to know thyself, to have thy heart searched, to let thyself be humbled, and the man of God stand revealed. Never for one instant say, "Thank God, I am not as other men." There is no I. If you are a personality, you are as other men; but if you are the idea of God, there is but one I, God.
Stand alone. Never allow anyone to help you; as sure as you do, you cripple yourself; you weaken your power. Remember what it means in Jeremiah l7:5. The arm of strength is in God and nowhere else. Trust then in God and when you have all you can bear, and even more than you think you can bear, go and say, "Watch with me one hour," and then once more take your stand.
You have but one Leader, and your allegiance and trust belong to but one.
The seed must remain quiet; it must not be disturbed or it cannot grow. It must not
be worried. Do not stir the ground. How sad a thing it is to see the fowls of the air come and scratch away the seed ere it has a chance to grow; but how sad to have seed worried and stirred, and then grow stunted and distorted, unfit for fruit. Now, remember, let the seed have a chance. Watch that the fowls of the air cannot scratch it; care for it tenderly, and then after that, take heed that man’s hand disturbs not the soil; let the ground remain protected; this is your work and the result is sure.
Never let the world come in. Now you know the material universe is the expression of mortal mind and that it is powerless (but until you realize and understand this, it is not powerless) so watch lest ye enter into temptation. When you once understand the real, then you have dominion over all these things, but until then, watch. You shall have dominion over the whole world, but only when you have conquered.
Remember God never gave man dominion over man. Man was told by divine law to "bear one other’s burdens," to uplift the hands that hang down; but never to rule or have dominion over man.
In teaching, all reform has been a stir, so you must stir the mind, move the waters and then go in. The pool of Bethesda, the waters were stirred before they went in; so you must stir the waters, then go in and you can expect to win.
Treat yourself before you treat your patients.
Be a law to yourself. Remember you are a law to yourself anyway, so be one on the right side. Let it be understood, and never let it be neglected.
When battling with mortal mind, stand firmly on the side of right, that God is All, and if you have a sense that you cannot win, lay the problem aside for a while; then once more take it up, as you would when a child in mathematics, and never ask for help except you come to the agony of the garden. Science reveals the necessity either before or after death to quench the love of sin. The remission of the penalty due for sin would be for Truth to pardon error. Escape from punishment is not in accord with God’s government, in which justice is the handmaid of mercy. In the undoing of the errors of sense here or hereafter, one must pay to the uttermost farthing in order to bring the body into subjection to Spirit. Unwinding one’s snarls, learning from experience, dividing (through pangs unspeakable) between Truth and error, these are the divine methods of paying the wages of sin.
The mists of error sooner or later will melt in the fervent heat of suffering. Mortality will burst the barriers of sense, and may be found perfect and eternal.
Your Holy City, called salvation, will we have for walls and bulwarks, Isaiah 26: l,2. "Open ye the gates that the righteous nation which keepeth the truth may enter in." "Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls, Salvation, and thy gates, Praise." Isaiah 60:l8.
"Behold I lay in Zion a foundation stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation. Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet."
The divine mystery of Godliness was the rock of Truth on which he built his church of the new-born, against which the gates of hell cannot prevail.
God is All. The law of Life and Truth does more than forgive the false sense named sin; for it pursues and punishes, and will not let it go until it is destroyed, until nothing remains to suffer or to be punished. Forgiven thus, sickness and sin have no relapse. God’s law is in three words, "I am All," and this Gospel is ever-present to rebuke any claim of another law. God pities our woes with the love of a father for his child, not by becoming human and knowing sin; but by removing our knowledge of what is not.
Divine pardon is that divine presence which is the sure destruction of sin. So the only proof of sin’s pardon is its destruction. The belief in sin, its pleasure, gain, or power, must suffer until it is self-destroyed. "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reap." "As a tree falleth so shall it lie." As death finds mortal mind, so shall he be after death.
Heaven is within man, when all is harmony. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Our mortal idea of Him is progressing, growing, expanding.
Moses, from a high realization, talked with God. But to the Children of Israel he could only forbid sin, not deny it.
The difference between imagination and belief: Imagination is thought in solution; belief is the gathering together of the vapors into a solid conviction.
We must not rely too much on thought. "By their fruits shall ye know them." "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven."
Animal magnetism is the malicious or unconscious action of error, the direct opposite of Christian Science. It exists in mortal mind. It must be met, recognized and mastered before it can be destroyed by Christian Science. To do this, it is necessary to recognize that all is Truth, God, and there is none beside Him. Deny all else. To do this we must attain a high realization of Truth.
Remember what Christ said to his disciples, "This kind goeth not out, but by fasting and prayer;" prayer that enables us to silence the claims of sense, to deny all sin and error, and to let our lives attest our sincerity; fasting that enables us to deny the claims of appetite, learn that we live to eat, not eat to live.
Learn to see only in spiritual discernment, and learn that hearing is the all-knowing; that touch is the divine consciousness of all.
Never treat without consent of the patient. Deny all sickness and discord, but do not restrict it to personality. Treat yourself for a higher consciousness of God’s power. Deny all but Him, and realize there is none beside Him; then you will reach not only the one case, but all error. Rebuke discord in every thought and by your very presence. In treating error, realize that you are treating nothing; then it will disappear before you. We sometimes make it such a reality to ourselves that we hold it over the patient, even when we would leave it.
We do not heal by faith, but by conviction based on understanding. The steps are improved belief, faith, and understanding. The sooner we realize the utter nothingness of all the evidences of the senses, the sooner we arrive at the true Science of Being, God. This must come by prayer and fasting, prayer that is one constant desire for something higher, whose earnest sincerity will work its own answer.
Contradict the evidences of the senses all the time, in all ways. Be willing to surrender all affection, all worship that is merely personal. Do not make the mistake of refusing to admit the belief of error. There is a belief, a strong one, and it must be met and denied. Flee from it, and it will follow faster than ever. Suffering is the gospel that will bring man to a knowledge of his real estate. Better to have pain than pleasure. The greater the pain, the nearer its own overthrow. We should not wait for perfection in our work before demonstration. That would be to admit the reality of imperfection, the very thing we are trying to overthrow.
Christ said, "Come ye that labor, and are heavy laden and I will give you rest." To come unto him is to show our acquaintance with Him, to demonstrate. We do this while we are weary and heavy laden, and we find rest.
To be sick, does not always prove we are sinning, anymore than to be well proves we are not sinning.
Remember man’s extremity is God’s opportunity.
Christ was the first and greatest Scientist. He overcame the world, the flesh, and evil. He came, not as a Saviour from the consequences of sin, but to teach us how to overcome sin with understanding. He spares us nothing of suffering, but to him who strives and overcomes shall be given a crown of Life. He died a man in the flesh, and he rose a man in the flesh. As a tree falleth, so shall it lie. He explained this to Thomas before he demonstrated the unreality of matter and disappeared from his disciples.
Probation, progress, goes on, until there is no life, substance, or intelligence in matter.
Before each meal, deny the existence of any power or intelligence that can interfere with our conscious oneness with God.
There is within us a divine selfhood that recognizes the genuine, good and true; a reflection of the divine perfection and intelligence, that enables us to lay hold of the Truth when it is presented to us.
What is meant by the Trinity? Father is supreme being; Son, the divine reflection; Holy Ghost, the Saviour, divine Science.
Do not go into the ways of the Gentiles; Follow not after the ways of the world. Help them, salute them, but do not follow their customs. Do not urge your views on those who do not wish to listen.
Heal the sick: Help those who need it, whether in sickness or sin. Do not say you can heal; rather, say you will try.
The kingdom of heaven is at hand: wherever God is, is heaven, and He is everywhere, omnipotent and omnipresent.
Provide neither gold nor silver nor brass in your purses: Does not mean money, but what it might attain in worldy sense, position, power, or whatever might bring you into prominence, or gain the world’s approval.
No scrip: Anything which seems to promise advancement.
Neither two coats: A semblance of worldliness, to gain the world, or to win the Pharisee. Always and above all be honest and true. Be yourself as God made you.
Neither shoes: Shoes are a protection over rough places. There are no rough places, only as we make them. Have no fear, and they will not appear. God makes straight paths; trust all to Him.
Neither staves: No support, nothing to lean upon but the conscious oneness with God. The workman is worthy, and is worthy of God’s sustenance, the Bread of Life.
And when you come into a home, salute it: Knock at the door of human beliefs, wait for permission to enter. Speak gently, decorously; make no onslaught upon doors and windows, demanding entrance, or you will get a rebuff, and deserve it. Neither try to gain an entrance secretly, against the owner’s will; that is worst of all. God has given each one certain rights no one has a right to invade.
Justice is man’s highest mortal belief.
Study to be quiet. In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.
Mind is the quickening power. Let the same Mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus, Spirit, boundless freedom; for the law of the Spirit of Life has made me free. Life: — to know God. Understanding: — to know God is Life eternal. Truth, power, demonstrated law of God. Bread of Heaven: — that which nourishes, and sustains.
To Calvin Frye
If you are faithful and watch with me in my Gethsemane, you will learn your way through.
To Stetson
July 7, l906. Now let me say that mental malpractice must be met daily by all the students; met by your mental protest that breaks the so-called law of a lie, as you are liable to be affected by this lie all unconsciously. Dear one, remember this: Our Master said, "Had the good man of the house watched, his house would not have been broken open."
To Mrs. Julia Field-King, 1893.
Now dear, let not sorrow be the master of joy for it is not. The burden is light, the yoke is easy, and if I can say that, any mortal can; for never mortal before drank my cup. Yet I bless God for every dreg. Be of good cheer: Love is supreme.
Oh, how utterly awful are the grandeur and wisdom of God in His rod to bring us all back when we stray, to the fold of His love!
Man walks the earth enveloped in the atmosphere of Truth, Life and Love which hold him in spiritual gravitation. The force of Love which man reflects repels all the illusions of the carnal mind. Man is the son of God and knows his sonship. No stronghold of error, no delusions, can stand before or against the armed army of omnipotence.
To Mr. Knapp
Answer to question physical. The cause is personality. You must have no pleasure coming from personality and no suffering coming from personality. You must hold no intelligence in finite forms. Your love or your dislike of another personality, or your fear or your love of your own personality, puts your weight of thought in the scale of error and this weighs against yourself.
To Miss Lane
Now beware of what our Master warned his students against, viz., "The doctrines of men." Waldo Emerson was a man fitting a niche in history well, and we all in Massachusetts love him; but he was as far from accepting Christian Science as a man can be who is a strict moralist. Bronson Alcott is far in advance of him. I saw Emerson some months before his demise; went for the purpose of healing him. Let no one but my husband, Dr. Eddy, who went with me, know it. As soon as I got into the deep recesses of his thoughts, I saw his case was hopeless. I can work only by God’s graces and by His rules. So when I said, in reply to his remark, "I am old and my brains are wearing out from hard labor" — and then chattered like a babe — "But you believe in the powers of God above all causation, do you not." He answered "Yes," and this followed in substance; but it would be profane for me to believe a man does not wear out. I don’t believe God can or wants to prevent this result of old age. Now Miss Lane, what would this be for an item of history — that Normal Class Students from the only College or School in our land teaching the supremacy of Mind over all error should relapse into studying the ethics of one who died in that belief. Can you find in any work higher ethics than in Science and Health? Can you find in any work as good a system of hygiene? Do you understand all that work? If you do not, then it is your bounden duty to do it; and, if you wish to graduate at my College, under the seal of the State of Massachusetts, you must know this great textbook sufficiently to be examined in it throughout, before you can receive a diploma and graduate at the only chartered mind-healing College on earth.
To Edward A. Kimball
No need of leaving home. God, Truth, is there and everywhere. Awake right out of your dream; nobody is hurting you, and you know and I know there is but one Mind, and none other to harm you. There is nothing to relapse, since God is all and does not relapse. You are not hypnotized, since Truth and Love are not hypnotizers, and there is no other mind or power on earth, or in heaven, but Love, Truth, Life. You cannot die if you tried to; you cannot be poisoned unless you consent to be and so kill yourself, as the Oxford boys by thinking they were bleeding [a man] to death. Pshaw — you, a man glorious in every respect, yielding to such illusion! I cannot credit it. Now, know you are not, and cannot be, poisoned by a lying argument, for a lie is nothing, not even an argument, and not one word of what you believe is real, and you do not believe it is.
Stop your blubbering. God works through strength, not through weakness.
This is a mental age. Malpractice would dominate, and unless Christian Scientists are awake to it and alert, it would hold back Christian Science for centuries.
The following poem by Bonar, Mrs. Eddy pasted in the front of her Bible.
Where no shadow shall bewilder,
Where life’s vain parade is o’er;
Where the sleep of sin is broken
And the dreamer dreams no more;
Where the bond is never severed,
Partings, claspings, sob and moan,
Midnight waking, twilight weeping,
Heavy noontide, all are done;
Where the child has found its mother,
Where the mother finds the child;
Where dear families are gathered
That are scattered on the wild;
Brother, we shall meet and rest,
Midst the holy and the blest.
To Sue Harper Mims
Never leave a treatment until consciousness is baptized in love.
"If students come to me with their thoughts full of worldliness, self, pride, hate, materiality, etc., although I have so much to give them, it all stops here," she said, pressing her hand to her throat. "But," she continued, "if they cleanse their thoughts of all of these things, then I can just pour it out upon them."
When Mrs. Eddy’s father came upon her grandfather in the fields watching a snake, he saw that the grandfather’s head was moving to and fro just as was the snake’s. Mrs. Eddy said, "If you watch error long enough, you will find yourself doing just what it is doing."
To Julia Field-King
Watch and pray against becoming worldly; also for spiritual sense to govern all your motives and acts.
You have not to fight, not to struggle, but only to know.
Christian Science Sentinel, Vol.l0, page 792.
You must get rid of the "old man," the old woman; you cannot make them better and keep them. You are not getting rid of the old man if you try to make him better. If you should succeed in making him better, he would stay with you. If you patch up the old and say it is good enough, you do not put it off, but keep it. If you try to make the old satisfactory, you are preparing to keep it, not to put it off.
We have but one Mind; and to abide in this perfect freedom of individuality is the resurrection, is to have risen above material or lower demands. The resurrective sense is positive; it is "yea, yea and nay, nay." The resurrective sense does not listen compromisingly to error. It is always about its "Father’s business" — reflecting Principle. Jesus’ whole life was resurrective; that is, his life was a constant conscious rising spiritually above sin, sickness, death; and his resurrection from the grave was to sense a type of divine Love’s final triumph over the human belief that matter is substance, or has power to impose limitations to Mind or man.
From Lyman P. Powell’s book, Mary Baker Eddy, first edition, page 232.
Mr. Kimball asked Mrs. Eddy, "After we have helped a patient, how far are we entitled to go in our work?" She answered, "When they come to you and ask for your help — help them. Then if they come back and have done what you told them and wish more help — help them. But if they are not obedient to what you ask them to do, refuse to help them further; for patients such as this do not want your light; they want your oil. Shed your light upon their path freely, but do not give them of your oil."
As we gain the evidence in Science that man in God’s image is the only real man, the evidence before the senses of man’s deflection disappears, and proportionately as the fact appears to the consciousness of the mental healer, that man has his being in God, good, the reflection of this thought will restore the sick, reform the sinner, and carried to its ultimate, as Jesus did carry it, must destroy the last enemy, called death.
Christian Science Sentinel, Vol. l3, page 7l.
Our home is in divine Mind, is spiritual consciousness, the eternal harmony of Soul. The builder or maker of this home or consciousness, or aggregation of right ideas, is God. It is BUILT AND ESTABLISHED. Nothing can destroy the harmony of our home. Mind fills it with the glories of right ideas. No fear of sin, sickness or death can enter this home. No sense of poverty or want, no sense of lack of supply has any presence or place there. They are but illusions, nothing but animal magnetism, sin, a belief in a power apart from God.
We do dwell in the secret place of the Most High, and are ever conscious of His infinite riches and abundance of Love. God is our supply inexhaustible and we do realize it. Poverty is a lie about the Truth; it has never been felt. There is no rejection of the Truth in our home, no resistance to it and no indifference to it. Every manifestation there reflects the allness of God, good.
Animal magnetism does not deceive me. It is not my consciousness. I do not hear it argue, neither can it argue. It is neither mind, life nor intelligence; neither person, place nor thing. Try to realize the omnipresence of Life and Love, the inbreathing of His presence. Arouse yourself to a clear sense of God’s power, the eternal and ever-conscious Mind which knows only Life.
Animal magnetism, ignorant or malicious, you cannot separate me from God, good. You cannot dim my spiritual perception. You cannot make a law that I cannot heal myself or others. God is my refuge; the only intelligence, the only power, the only Mind. Animal magnetism is not intelligence, is not mind nor any of its attributes.
Animal magnetism, you are a non-entity, nowhere, nothing. Animal magnetism cannot think or feel. It has no existence nor creation. It never has been nor ever will be. It cannot maintain itself in my consciousness as life governed by a sympathetic system of nerves, neither as an organism sending forth impure secretions; neither as impurities, deformities, or abnormalities; for God is All-in-all, the only creator of the only universe and man. We are His children and we do realize the all-fullness of the omnipotence of God.
571 Columbus Ave.
July 2, l884.
My dear Student:
Your very interesting letter just arrived and I hasten to reply.
The tone of your letter is right; it indicates the working of the "little leaven" of Christian Science, which if the spirit be not quenched, will "leaven the whole lump." You ask why you linger longer on the case of belief where the genital organs are the fears and gout the manifestations? The Apostle says, "Know ye not that we are the servants of that to which we yield ourselves servants to obey?"
Mortal mind rests contentedly on the foundational error that man is conceived through the so-called material senses; hence if pleasure of sense is real, is not the pain of sense as real also? Hence the mortal thought weakens under its own argument, and all you gain over sexual disease is absolute Science that rebukes both the so-called pleasures and pains of sense. The gout is another manifestation animal, as a general thing, and requires a shock oftentimes to start its foundation to tumble into nothingness. Attack the appetites, if it be a case of common origin, and startle the dream into loathing itself and craving a higher sense of what supports happiness and is Life.
Treat the genital disease according to the sex; if a woman married, it is often inflammation caused by compulsory indulgence, in which case, realize yourself the myth of mortal thought, that all its sense of action is but a dream. When nothing is done in the right direction, then has nothing been done, and no fear can cause inflammation and inflammation cannot cause weakness, stricture, pains, prolapsus, because matter cannot be inflamed, and there is but one Mind, and this Mind creates and acts independently of sexual organs.
There are no sexual organs, only in belief, for all is created, and man or woman are not creators. Destroy the belief of sexuality or its results, take thought into its upper departments and you heal the disease.
I shall be pleased to hear from you. Did you get the Mag. I sent? In sending it my hope was to give you sweet comfort in reading a sentence I marked.
I have great interest in your success and know that with "clean hands and a pure heart," you will succeed and finally all cases will be treated. At first you must wait and work yourself up higher, for God worketh with you.
Truly yours,
M. B. G. Eddy
Lady Victoria asked Mrs. Eddy how she healed the sick. Leaning back in her chair, Mrs. Eddy smilingly said: "I will tell you. I heal the same way today as I did when I commenced. My original way was instantaneous. The students did not understand any more than an English scholar could understand a foreign language without learning it. They, therefore, put it into their language. The argument used in healing is simply tuning-up. If your violin is in tune, it is unnecessary to tune it up. Keep your violin in tune." This last sentence was repeated quite imperatively and much emphasized. "There is no disease," she continued. "If I dream there is a table in place of that chair, it is only a belief. The patient believes it, he does not feel it. God is All, and God is infinite, precludes all else. Keep your violin in tune."
From An Historical Sketch by B. Tatham Woodhead.
To Archibald McLellan (1903)
I deeply sympathize with you in all you wrote. I would quickly joyfully give you a rule for each need wherewith to supply it. But God alone can do this, and He will do it. Ask for wisdom of Him, the divine Love, and you will receive it, and as ye pray believe, and it shall be done unto you, are the words of our Master. Our periodicals stand for a system to be established and a Science to be demonstrated. They are not to amuse or to entertain so much as to instruct the public. They should contain only what tends to this result. The dabblers in literature are not the ones to fill this demand. We need cultured writers to make the abstract interesting; and sound subjects to make our readers satisfied. Wisdom and the keen perception of what to write and how and when to write it, are requisite in the editor, and a fearless stand as to maintaining the rights and rules of periodicals in self-defence and the dignity due to our paper and its purpose. Wit and wise repartee are sometimes auxiliaries to this end; and sarcasm blent with love may gain a strong point in human thought. Unlettered novices in Christian Science are not the writers that we need. I recommend that you get exchanges with the leading religious or secular magazines and newspapers if possible. This is advantageous in many respects.
There was a large attendance at the April meeting of the Association. Our Teacher was present, and spoke at some length on two points, of which her students have need to be watchful. She said error will urge two extremes; the first, to act too far in advance of our understanding, and to strike a blow too soon, and bring on a crisis that we are not fully prepared to meet and master.
We must not mistake self-sufficiency, pride in the letter of Christian Science, and our finite conception of the fitness of things for spiritual intuitions. The other extreme is apathy, inactivity, whereby many who are really good, and might do much for the Cause, do little or nothing through a seemingly paralyzed condition of mind, from a false sense of fear. Such individuals must use what they already have, to obtain more. To destroy sin and heal the sick, we must take the sword; sin cannot be healed without it. It is the "sword of the Spirit" we must use, and the sword of the Spirit is Truth and Love; the word of Truth will cut away the belief of pleasure in sin from the human affections, then Love will heal the wounds from both sickness and sin. If, while we are using this sword to the best of our ability, error arouses itself to stop our progress, and we are temporarily in doubt as to what is just the right thing to do, we can stand still and wait on God; and in this waiting, remember what He has done for us in the past, and trust Him to do for us now. We shall thus surely see His salvation; and by these experiences, we shall lose the sense of fear; then we gain the spirit of meekness; in the might of this meekness, we go forward and possess (inherit) the earth.
She also showed it to be the positive duty of Christian Scientists to uncover error (as they should a nest of vipers), that the people may see it and be warned of their danger, while they themselves are striving with Divine Science to take away its sting and destroy its poison. (From The Christian Science Journal, Vol. 7, page 80).
"Where all students have failed is in not knowing how to handle animal magnetism. If we don’t break the belief that mesmerism has power, we are still the victims of mesmerism, and it is handling us. Now then, the main point is to keep your watch. Keep your watch. Jesus said, ‘Could ye not watch with me one hour?’" (Matt. 26:40). Then again she quoted, "‘If the good man of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched.’" (Matt. 24:43). "If you can defeat the mesmerist in this, you can defeat him in all things," she continued. "He boasts that he can make a law for you six months ahead, and then work to cover every hour in the night. You must break their supposed laws that they can produce suffering asleep or awake." After a long talk and many illustrations and admonitions, we were dismissed. We were all recalled in a few moments and asked, "Now what is the great necessity I have been impressing on you?" I replied, "Demonstration." Others said something else. She said, "No, you are all wrong. You have missed the importance of the lesson I have just given you. I felt it and called you back to show you your ignorance. The lesson is this — keep your watch." Then we were dismissed. Shortly we were called back again, and she said, "What I have to meet, you will all have to meet, now or again. Therefore, know that the mesmerist cannot afflict either you or me with erroneous beliefs." We all solemnly promised to "keep our watch." Our Leader responded, "Amen." During the course of the talk, she said, "If you will keep your watch, I shall be a well woman. If you stay here until you learn to handle animal magnetism, I will make healers out of you. I had to do it, and did it for forty years, and you must do it. You must rise to the point where you can destroy the belief in mesmerism, or you will have no Cause. It tried to overcome me for forty years and I withstood it all. Now it has gotten to the point where the students must take up this work and meet animal magnetism. I cannot do it for you. You must do it for yourselves, and unless it is done, the Cause will perish and we will go along another l900 years with the world sunk into the blackest night. Now will you rouse yourselves? You have all the power of God with you to conquer this lie of mesmerism. The workers in the field are not healing because they are not meeting animal magnetism which says they cannot heal." Then she turned to each one and said, "Will you keep your watch?" They all answered, "Yes." In explanation she said, "To keep your watch doesn’t only mean to be awake at that hour and be working mentally. It means to do the work and succeed in breaking the mesmerism for the two hours assigned. If you don’t succeed, you haven’t kept your watch." From Memoirs of Mary Baker Eddy by Adam Dickey.
It is good to be afflicted, to drink in the experience by which we are made mete for the Master’s crown. Love is in itself a purifier, and if we reach its glorious behest we must be purified in the process.
Thirty years I have been in the fiery furnace, and the dross has dropped away from the gold through agony. But "if we suffer with him we shall also reign with him."
To Hannah Larminie
When will we all be anything but poor and naked and hungry? I thirst, I hunger daily for the living God, for such an active power of Love as will touch every child of His with love, joy, peace, longsuffering, faith, meekness, temperance. God bless you all, my little children; I long to see you. Be strong in Love, the bond of perfectness; forgive everyone his trespasses. "Be kindly affectioned one to another, in brotherly love preferring one another," are Paul’s words. Do not doubt the talents God has given you, but use them in meekness.
The Christ must be lost as something to be followed, and gained as something to be embodied.
I may have no sense of smell, but I cannot be deceived by the odor of sin.
A formula is an effort to gain an instantaneous healing without the Holy Ghost.
Error minds its own business.
There is no rebound of hatred after the baptism of Love. Destroy hatred.
Gold: The silent thoughts of Truth and Love which heal the sick.
Silver: The spoken word of Truth and Love which casts out evil and heals the sick.
Currency: The written word of Truth and Love published and distributed throughout the world healing sickness and sin. But this currency must be backed up by a gold reserve in human character.
(See Christian Science Sentinel, July 13, l9l8, page 910).
To Julia Field-King
March 1, l895
Dear Heart:
How Mother loves you as she reads your last letter and perceives the experienced woman and the babe in Christ combining. How natural that the babe should be fretted with the friction of material history and the error it includes, and must go to Mother for the milk of the Word and rest on the bosom of God. Mother has felt all this and a million more struggles for thirty years and walked in the strait and narrow path which lies between harming others and helping them. Giving milk to babes and meat to men, requires great wisdom, great growth, great love. To lead the world wisely means much, hence Jesus’ words: "Be ye therefore wise as serpents."
When Mrs. Eddy had a claim, she used to say, "Father, what would’st Thou have me to learn from this?"
On page 341 of her copy of Miscellaneous Writings, line 19, Mrs. Eddy added in pencil, "O learn to know that you can lose nothing that is real."
From C. S. Journal for July, 1886. Strawberry Festival. After due justice had been done to the ices, berries, and cake, Rev. Mary B. G. Eddy made an address from the portico, to the effect that some day Christian Science will enable us to enjoy such a treat without raising the fruit, compounding the cake, freezing the cream, or buying the sugar; just as Jesus fed the multitude without procuring the loaves and fishes through the usual channels of natural production and supply. She also narrated some incidents about the unusual and seemingly supernatural (but really natural) growth of apple-blossoms in icy winter, and of fresh shoots from dry stems in summer — through the power of Mind. She argued that if belief produces disease, and its removal leaves health to have its perfect work, then false belief may also prevent the perfect fulfillment of Spirit in all our material surroundings, flowers and fruit not excepted. Coffee was then served within doors, and the visitors clustered themselves into conversational knots.
Summer Communion Service. This communion can come only by regeneration, by the baptism of Spirit, as taught through Christian Science. This baptism with fire brings out the true odor of divinity, establishing the omnipresence of God, imparted to man in healing the sick by salvation from sin, and triumphing over a sense of dead and buried understanding, and revealing the Comforter which leadeth into peace. This it is to eat the bread. What is the Bread of Christian Science? It is the strength and nutriment that God gives to the fainting heart and faltering footsteps in the awful hours of human helplessness; yea! that power He imparts, by which we gain a recognition of Himself — that recognition which is never grasped by intellect, but by the humble heart. What is the Cup of Christian Science? It is that cup which is drank in affliction. It is the exhilaration of joy, after the triumph over temptation. It is the fruit of that vine of which the Father is the husbandman. It is that winepress whose seeds of sin must be crushed, and which the weary feet may not leave till each seed is in itself crushed — that out of this essence God will distill a new creature, which shall bear witness of Himself as the Love which heals. We are bidden, as members of this church, to partake of the silent sacrament, to come to this table of His preparing with thanksgiving. To us is spoken the command, "My child, give me thy heart;" while it is ours to answer:
Search me, oh God, and know my heart;
Try me and know my thoughts;
And see if there be any wicked way in me.
We are called to lay ourselves daily, hourly, upon the altar of self-sacrifice, of utter dependence upon God, glorying in each awful trial, rejoicing in each draught from that cup which fits us to become participants with Jesus of his martyrdom and victory. This power is given us in the same extent as we entertain the sense of the Spirit which enriched him, and we come into the fullness of demonstration as we have the same Mind which was in Christ Jesus.
Christian Science Association. This Association has great reason for congratulating itself that in the many upheavals of the last year, it has rid itself of some of the mere lookers-on and drones in its busy hive of workers; while the new members, coming in such large numbers, are permeated with the desire to work — to put a steady shoulder to the wheel of progress, and keep it moving onward. Every tidal wave which sweeps over this Association purges it. It brings from the depths of mortal sense some hidden growths, washes them upon the shore, and leaves them bleaching and perishing upon the sands of time; while the great sea of thought, whose constant motion is a type of its constant power, is left clearer than before. In this Association, laziness, lukewarmness, and vice are out of their sphere. Its atmosphere, growing purer with years, is not a comfortable inspiration to any but the lovers and correct followers of Truth. What a mighty bulwark of strength does this unity of hearts prophesy for the future!
(Authorship of the above is proved by a letter on page 128 of volume four of the Journal).
God knows that I live; I am not in the body, and the body cannot talk to me.
Your Father is rich and will not deprive you of one good thing, but will add continually to your storehouse of blessings; everything belongs to God, then it is yours now as His reflection, for there is no debt in divine Love.
From the C. S. Journal, page 56 of Vol. 5. What should be the voices of Spring in the human heart? Resurrected and purified desires; praise, for man’s ability to seek and find the Kingdom of Heaven here — the reign of harmony that furnishes glimpses of the great Source whence cometh all earth’s beautiful hieroglyphics of Love; joy, that human character may be stately as the cedars of Lebanon, and Truth thrive like the willows by the water-courses; humility, bowing down before His goodness, and peering through mortal mind; industry, arranging with beauty each budding thought as it puts forth new glories; higher aspirations and purer pleasures, which give spiritual energy and power to work for man and in obedience to God.
Has the Springtide brought this harvest to the human heart, putting on costly wardrobes, gained in seasons of toil, defeat and triumph? Are Christian Scientists as faithful as the seasons, birds and flowers? Do they challenge mankind as sweetly to flock to the Springtide of God’s omnipotence — His power to heal and save? Will they sing in the storm? If buds of hope disclose scarcely one blossom, and the birds are silent, will they yet wait and work, till the latent elements of harmonious being control earth’s cold and heat, sunshine and shadow, and the heart’s seedling and germ spring into freedom and greatness?
To the Readers in First Church of Christ, Scientist, Troy, N. Y.,
December 3, 1897.
Your excellent letters were duly received, and each day thereafter I tried to find moments in which to answer them. Today is my very first opportunity. I rejoice to read a notice of the dedication of your chapel pending the erection of a church.
Your quiet, efficient labors specially commended themselves to me. I hope the Church shows are now over. I saw the advantage of giving emphasis to the Chicago Dedication; beyond this, I recommend to all Churches to give no publicity and particularly no public pictures of their Churches. It is too commercial, too cheap looking, too little like things that come in course and to stay, and too like a surprise that one can have a Church edifice. These have always been my views on this subject. I feel so even in regard to The Mother Church, although that is an exception to all others.
In His light you have all models, all example, and this light is for the illumination of all taste, culture, scholarship, morals, physics, and metaphysics. A Christian Scientist is as much perfected in the above whole, or in any part of those. My desire and prayer is, "Father, make them perfect even as Thou art perfect." Give my love to your dear church, lead thou its members into light.
If we obey God’s law, our affairs come under His immediate control.
Oh! That personality and materiality were made the point of attack by all who desire to be Christian Scientists. Pull down the strongholds and we would have healers worth having. Spiritualization of thought is what the cause demands and I see little growth in that direction.
I know and see God only in His reflection.
Life is not eternally prolonged; life is forever spontaneously self-renewed.
Make broader your bounds for blessing the people. Have Friday evening meetings to benefit the people. Learn to forget what you should not remember, viz., self, and live for the good you do. Conduct your meetings by repeating and demonstrating practical Christian Science — tell what this Science does for yourself, and will do for others. Speak from experience of its Founder — noting her self-sacrifice as the way in Christian Science. Be meek; let your mottoes for these meetings be, Who shall be least, and servant; and "little children, love one another."
(See C. S. Journal, Vol. 13, page 41).
After the Next Friend’s Suit instigated by the New York World, Mrs. Eddy said, "The New York World has shown us what an unscrupulous newspaper can do. Now we will show them what a just and kindly newspaper can do for the world," referring to the Christian Science Monitor.
Supply is continuous, ever-present and available; prove it. I could no more stop my income than a straw could stop Niagara.
Could we but fill our consciousness with the thought that every individual idea of God is as fixed in its place in divine Mind as the steadfast stars in their orbits, it would help to dispel the illusion that any of God’s children is out of a position, displaced, out of line with the source of supply. No one of that universe, which is unseen and eternal, is ever out of place, for God is without variableness or shadow of turning, and His ideas reflect His stability.
Malicious animal magnetism cannot through any claim of business necessity or policy move me either internally or externally. It cannot change my habitation, for I inhabit infinity, eternity. I dwell in the realm of unending bliss, in a house not made with hands high in the heavens of Life, Truth, and Love. I live in an atmosphere of purity, peace and plenty, and in the sunshine of Love and joy. My home has an everlasting foundation. There is no limit to its beauty and pleasantness; and infinite Love conducts my home. There is but one home-maker; one home beautiful; one builder; one habitation. "For in Him we live and move and have our being." Principle gives every good and perfect gift. Principle gives all; is the only source and cause of all good.
Criticise yourself, open your thought so you will become a receiver. This is the preparation for giving.
"Mother, what love you have!" "Yes, and wisdom, too!"
The virginity of Jesus’ mother is a cardinal point of Christian Science.