Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science
Author of the Textbook
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
Compiled by
Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr.
PLEASE NOTE: Originally Collectanea was a book of 250 pages. But in converting the book to this format, the number of pages have been greatly reduced. Although in this new format there are fewer pages, none of the original text has been deleted or edited except for the changes noted in the Publisher’s Foreword.
Essays on Christian Science Ascribed to Mary Baker Eddy
Fragments Gathered from Unpublished Items Ascribed to Mary Baker Eddy
Items by and about Mary Baker Eddy Culled from the Press (1845-1888)
Watches, Prayers and Arguments
Collectanea was published in 1937 by Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr. His book revealed for the first time the vast amount of spiritual enlightenment that Mrs. Eddy gave her students through her unpublished writings, teaching and remarks, letters, and healing treatments.
The book had a total of three printings, the last being in November 1953. With the second and third printing, an Addenda was added with references to various passages in the original book. These were to correct, or add to, or give the source of a passage. In this transcript, these notes in the Addenda have been included with the passage that they refer to in the original text. Both Addendas included passages that were entirely new to the book. In this transcript, the two Addendas have been combined into one which includes only the new material.
About these Addendas, Mr. Carpenter wrote, "The compiler of Collectanea has gathered from various reliable sources the records of Mrs. Eddy’s sayings which appear in this volume. Occasionally the same sayings have turned up from additional sources but with differing phraseology. Just as the Bible student enjoys comparing the somewhat differing accounts of the Master’s sayings and doings as recorded by his several disciples, so have we decided to include here the varient recordings of what Mrs. Eddy is reported to have said. These additional statements prove that what has already been printed in Collectanea is substantially correct, having been attested to by more than one recorder."
Aside from rearranging various notes in the Addendas so that they are included with the passages that they relate to, the original book has not been edited. This transcript contains all of the material that was in the last edition.
In some instances, punctuation has been added to make the sentence easier to read, but the content has not been changed. The titles of books and periodicals have not been italicized unless they were italicized in the original book.
Certain abbreviations have been kept:
S. & H. — Science and Health
C. S. — Christian Science
A. M. — animal magnetism
M. A. M. — malicious animal magnetism
R. C. — Roman Catholicism
At the end of this transcript is a biographical sketch of the Carpenters that acknowledges in some small way their great work in preserving for the world these priceless teachings of Mrs. Eddy. Without their deep devotion and dedication, it is possible that these writings would never have come to light.
Keep the joy of Christian Science and a well-grounded and boundless hope in your success. Remember, as Truth progresses, error grows more subtle and aggressive, but it does not become something — it always remains an illusion, and is always met and destroyed with the understanding that divine Love is the only power.
Mary Baker Eddy
The miscellaneous items in this volume will have to speak for themselves. Authentic proof as to Mrs. Eddy’s authorship of each one, would cause a student to place blind faith in them, which should not be done. When one blindly puts his faith in statements as coming from God, other than those contained in the Bible, and the published writings of Mary Baker Eddy, it may retard his spiritual growth. Advanced statements such as those in this book are needed by mature students to help them to exercise their spiritual muscles.
What should the advanced student do with writings such as those collected in this book, provided he feels the urge to study them, and to determine their worth? He should open his thought in earnest prayer to hear the voice of God, and to determine through inspiration the veritable nature of each statement and incident. In so doing, he will forward his spiritual growth; will develop his spiritual sense; will keep faith with God, with his Leader and the Church Manual; and lastly, if he has grown to the spiritual stature that is requisite, he will be greatly blessed by such an effort.
Just as the words of the Bible have an underlying spiritual meaning, in like manner what our Leader wrote contains this same inspiration. The endeavor to find this hidden spiritual message is the task of all those who would truly progress along the way, and the earnest seeker will find that divine Love will never let him be led astray in an honest desire and effort to find the heavenly earmarks in every statement of our Leader’s or incident in her life. If he is not afraid to search for the true inward meaning of the Bible, he should not fear to do likewise with the items in this volume.
Those into whose hands this Collectanea falls, and who accept the above as true, may read and study it with profit and do themselves good. Others should lay it aside, and know that its pages are not for them. This book is not "milk" for "babes." It is "meat" for "men in Christ." See Hebrews 5:14.