145-WATCH lest the evidence of error that confronts you, lead you to believe that the battle-ground of Christian Science, on which we win our victories, is ever in any place but your own thinking. We are not trying to change the world's condition, but our sense of the world's condition. We are not trying to correct or perfect mankind, so that they may be fit to take their places in our kingdom of heaven. We are endeavoring to rend the veil in our own thinking, that would cause us to believe that they are not perfect now, or not in the kingdom of heaven now. Mrs. Eddy once wrote, "Error is nothing but erroneous thought, and we must never give in to it, or go down before it." Also she said, "Error is non-scientific thinking and scientific or true thinking is all that is needed to destroy it." When your basis of effort is correct, and you realize that your part is to clear your own vision, your thought, about your patient, as well as your thought about what he thinks about himself, your arguments might seem to be the same as if you were trying to do something to your patient, when in reality you are not. If your thought is scientific, you realize that your patient is a child of God, always has been, and can never manifest aught but good, since he is the reflection of God now and forever. You strive to know this, and to know that he knows it. Your purpose in doing this, however, is not to try to do something to him; rather is it to correct your thought about him, and to correct your thought about what he is thinking about himself. Scientific treatment of the sick opens the door so that the patient is governed by divine Mind, rather than the human mind; but when we believe that we argue to change the patient's thought about himself, we are liable to forget God's part in the operation, and thus descend to mind cure, which is little more than attempted mental manipulation. When you try to heal your patient, as if he were something apart from you, you are working with effect rather than with cause. You are trying to focus the moving picture by attempting to change something on the screen. You must go to the cause of the trouble, which is in the projector, and correct it there.