146-WATCH lest you limit your conception of healing, and thus give your patients that which might be called a pool of Bethesda healing (See John 5:1-5). The fact that the angel came down and troubled the pool at certain times sounds as if the healing was brought about by a change of belief only. The angel was limited to coming at certain times for a specific purpose, which was the healing of disease. A limited conception of healing in Christian Science gives a patient only one strand of the rope of divine Mind, thus narrowing the action of divine Mind to restoring a sick body to health. This does little more than trouble or stir the human mind for a brief season, after which it returns to its former level. A more unlimited and continuous conception strives to give the patient the whole of divine Mind, that not only brings about the desired physical transformation, but brings a mental regeneration and spiritualization that is worth far more than a change in the physical condition, and that remains long after the healing has been forgotten. A practitioner gives a Bethesda healing when all he seeks to do is to bring the power of Mind to the patient to stir his thought sufficiently to heal his body, without the higher purpose to bring him a spiritual regeneration, if possible. Jesus' rebuke to Bethesdaism was his statement to a patient, "Rise, take up thy bed and walk." Bethesdaism fosters expectant stagnation- inactivity-waiting for the troubling of the pool, or for the healing to come. A higher demand is to encourage the patient to take up or challenge the error of stagnation and fear, which has held his thought dormant, and to help him to establish right activity. Then he will be encouraged to seek not only physical relief, but spiritual regeneration as well.