147-WATCH lest, after you have applied the truth to a case and it does not yield, you feel that the demand is always to apply more truth, in the sense of building up enough truth to outweigh the error. It is true that Mrs. Eddy used the illustration of weighing up sugar, with her students. She said that there might be a large amount of sugar piled up on the scales, and yet the balance would not change until the last teaspoon of sugar was added. She told this to students to encourage them to continue in the word. At the same time it is necessary to remember that, whereas Jesus healed all manner of disease, he did not heal all manner of people. Perhaps you have brought enough spiritual power to a case to move mountains, without effecting a cure. The reason for failure may be a claim of unbelief and hardness of heart in the patient. A Christian Science treatment may be thought of as Christ knocking at the door. Do not be discouraged if the door in the patient is not opened at once. If you continue to help the patient roll up the shade of unbelief, so that a joyous acceptance of truth and expectancy of healing is established, the patient will be healed. But it is wise to remember that you should listen for Love's guiding, since it might lead you to give up the case, if the patient was not receptive, not expectant.