148-WATCH lest, when you are whipped by your human experiences to speed you up spiritually, as one would whip a sluggish horse to make him go, you complain, and turn around to investigate what it is that is whipping you. Jesus admonishes us, after we have put our hand to the plough, not to look back. When you do, it tends to slow you up and to nullify the good that you should be doing. Mrs. Eddy once declared, "Error is nothing but erroneous thought, and we must never give in to it or go down before it. We must go ahead of error, and keep ahead of error all the way." This statement shows that if we look back, error may have a chance to catch up with us. If a horse should turn around to investigate, every time it was whipped, the whip would lose its wholesome effect. Let us suppose that a sense of lack appears in your experience. Instead of trying to discover the human reasons for this happening, should you not regard it as a whip, the purpose of which is to start you working with more fervor-not for money as matter, but for a higher spiritual consciousness of the fact that, as a child of God, you are not dependent upon, nor do you need, matter, or material money as such, since you are God's child, cared for in every way? This realization would bring you the supply you needed. Let us assume that a sense of suffering appears as the whip needed to force you ahead spiritually. Should you not seek to rise into the realm of Spirit, where you lose all consciousness of the body? Then, as Mrs. Eddy tells us, the body will utter no complaints. But to turn back to the body to investigate its condition and to try to heal it as matter, is neither scientific nor progressive. If disease is thought of as the rebellion of the flesh against your malpractice upon it, the remedy is to stop such malpractice. To do this, one must look forward, and not back.