149-WATCH lest you permit demonstration to become work, in the sense of its seeming a burden. The human conception of work, if permitted to obtrude into Science, takes away the joy and efficacy of scientific effort. When demonstration becomes laborious, it is usually because the effort to realize that which is already true and established, descends to the human level of working to establish that which may be recognized. It is the difference between calling on a patient to awaken, from the standpoint that he is asleep, and awakening him by realizing that in reality he is already awake. It is the difference between trying to produce health, and realizing its presence as something already established. The scientific effort is not to establish good, but to realize that good is already established as a present reality. True work is not to make good ever-present, but to awaken to recognize it. Demonstration is hard work only when it is the effort to do something. It becomes a buoyant and triumphant joy, when it is the effort to recognize and realize that which God has already done. Only such a right endeavor will establish God's will on earth, as it is in heaven, and will be unlabored.