199-WATCH lest you accept the suggestion of animal magnetism, which would cause you to believe that the difficulties attending a problem are represented by the apparent size of the problem, rather than by the subtlety of the error involved. All problems are simple when the error has been exposed, so that divine power may be applied without interference or reversal. We read with wonder of the miracles performed by the Master, failing to recognize that his accomplishments will be ours, when we can unravel as he did the subtle claims which cause us to doubt our reflection of God, or to believe that our application of God's power is not perfectly straightforward and successful. Once Mrs. Eddy said, "Handle reversal and obstruction; if you do not, you might as well sit in the gutter, where the blind leading the blind have fallen in belief." At another time she said, "If you do not heal, it is because you have not reached the realization in your treatment-or reversal."