202-WATCH lest you believe error attempts to make you suffer for the good you do. We may be persecuted, but that does not necessarily mean that it must be suffering. Error aims its hatred at the kingdom of heaven-not at you. When you endeavor to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth, you place yourself in a position where you feel the opposition of the carnal mind; but you are protected in this work, because you are working to protect the establishment of the kingdom of heaven. I knew of a practitioner who customarily tried to realize, after every case that he healed, that error could not turn and avenge itself on its destroyer. If he had a clear perception of the operation of the lie, then he meant that he was endeavoring to realize that he could not be tempted to accept the suggestion that error had power to turn on its destroyer, and make him suffer for the good he had done. We handle the claim of sin's revenge on its destroyer and cause it to redound to the glory of God, by knowing that the efforts of evil to stop our work, or to make us suffer, only spur us to a greater spiritual development. The best protection from the wrath of man is to make it praise God by our doing better work to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth, and to protect it at the same time. Then when the suggestion comes that we are suffering for the good we do, a corrective thought is to say that we are suffering because we have not done enough good, since we suffer, not for good, but for the lack of good. Then we will strive to do more good, and in that way we will be safe. Did not the good Mrs. Eddy did protect her from the entire consolidation of error determined to destroy her? And did she not say, "God's law is life-giving and life-sustaining eternally; doing good and thinking good sustains life?"