204-WATCH lest you "give up the ship" merely because you cannot seem to see the unreality of every claim of error that presents itself to you in your experience, at once. If illusion presses in too strongly at times, remember the little girl and her nurse. When bedtime came the child was terrified by the suggestion that there were fire engines in her bedroom. So she begged the nurse to go up ahead of her. The nurse tried to reason with her, saying, "But, dear, if the engines are there, they will run over me just as quickly as they would over you." The child replied, "But I know that you know that there are none there." It is evident that the child could not make the fear of fire engines unreal; but she found comfort in the thought of her nurse, who she knew did not believe in them, and hence was not afraid. It is our privilege as Christian Scientists, when we are assailed by the suggestions of fear which we cannot seem to handle, to find refuge and comfort in the thought of some brother who knows how groundless our fears are, one to whom we can say, "I know that you know that this fear is without foundation, since the shadow I fear is not real to you. Please support me with this realization, until my own thought resurrects to its God-given point of dominion."