22-WATCH lest your mental work become vain repetition of arguments against error, instead of being the recognition that it is divine power flowing through man out into the hearts of others that breaks the claim of mesmerism, and accomplishes all good; hence, one's mental efforts are intended to amplify, emphasize, and accentuate this infinite power. It is as if divine Love had provided us with all the ingredients to make exquisite perfume. Our mental work distills this sweet essence, and as we diffuse it to our patients, they are healed. On the other hand, vain repetitions resemble the prayer wheel Mrs. Eddy mentions in Science and Health, in which prayers were placed on a wheel and then the wheel was revolved. The prayers were supposed to gather efficacy and potency by being turned over and over, the faster the better. Does true prayer consist merely of turning scientific arguments over and over in one's mind?