23-WATCH lest in reading Mrs. Eddy's history, that tells how at times she directed her students to handle the weather, you believe that this was perhaps a personal obsession of our Leader, who desired comfort of body and peace of mind just for herself. She was instructing her students to broaden their demonstration of Christian Science, and their conception of the infinite power bestowed on man by his heavenly Father, in preparation for overcoming the last enemy, death. The error both in the weather and in death is universal false belief. Learning how to handle one will lead to the ability to handle the other. Students must rise above the belief of having personal problems upon which they expend their whole effort, time and attention. Personal problems should be regarded as the bugle call to an impersonal effort to help all humanity.

God could not have shown our Leader a better way to instruct her students in the great art of endeavoring impersonally to bless all mankind, than to teach and encourage them to work on the weather, inestablishing the great fact that, "In atmosphere of Love divine we live and move and breathe." For a student to work on the weather precludes the possibility of working with God's power in a selfish or limited way. It also broadens his concept of the vast scope of the Mind and law that it is his privilege to reflect, and yet gives him a field to work in, in which he may expect a result to prove the correctness of his effort.