by David L. Keyston 
I started to read the lesson one morning but got no further that the Golden Text. I got stuck on the word "sent," "the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world." I pondered this and looked further in the gospels. While "many" are called, and few chosen, even fewer are sent of the Lord for a special purpose. John was sent to prepare the way, the thought of the people, for the Messiah. He recognized what his mission was, and when Jesus came, that his pupils should then follow Jesus, and no longer himself. God sent Simeon to be a witness, through inspiration of the Holy Ghost, to the advent of the Christ. While each of these individuals was sent, their purposes varied--some had magnificent blessings for mankind; others had "bit parts," as it were, but vital essential purposes to fulfill. Those whom God has chosen and sent as His windows of Truth, to bear witness to Truth, preserve the thread of Holy inspiration throughout human history.
Imagine yourself, for a moment, in a room with a window. The window is the only means by which real light can enter the room. Now imagine there are drapes that are closed over the window--you are now in darkness--there is no light.
Christian Science is this light. Mary Baker Eddy is that window. Some claim that the window is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and that we don't need to dwell on the individual--yet, all throughout history there is not one single instance where mankind, as a whole, was blessed with increased spiritual progress or understanding where that Truth has not come through an individual that has endured untold hardship and persecution. Moses, Elijah, Jesus, Polycarp, Luther, Wycliff, Hus, Mrs. Eddy--none of these martyrs for the Christ-Truth could have been the window had their personality been worshipped. Through the acknowledgement of their God-ordained spiritual status was the divine power and authority manifested to change history and advance mankind spiritually. In fact, not one speck of Truth any of these noble, spiritual warriors labored to bless mankind with would have had any practical import, had not they been accorded a proper recognition.
Whenever evil has closed the drapes upon any of these windows, mankind has lost the practical blessing and vitality of the light, they were in darkness, endured persecution, or in some way lost the practical example of that window, that clear way of understanding. Conversely, any that have opened the drapes, the understanding, of the window to that age, have benefitted mankind in a fuller understanding, a clearer perception, of the Truth brought forth by that luminary.
While I am grateful for each and every one of these windows of spiritual light in world history, I am most grateful for the one window that embraces them all and illumines the full import of all their light so that our feet are guided in the paths of peace. The light of Christian Science as brought to humanity's understanding in Science and Health, beamed through God's window, Mary Baker Eddy, and is indeed the Comforter, that would lead us into all Truth, as the Master promised. I thank God every day for our dear Master and her, His windows, to bless humanity, and those that are ever opening the drapes wider.