by Rev. Frank Stribling
The most common sin of man . . . is worry. . . Worry is the sin of sins. I call it "sin" because Jesus said, "Don't worry." It is a commandment. Worry is an evidence of unbelief and a proof that there is a deep sense of insecurity caused by a lack of oneness with God. Worry is negative prayer, or prayer in reverse. It is a habit which is not to be taken lightly, for it is an evil one. . . . Worry depletes you of vitality, enthusiasm, joy and peace. . . . Worriers don't have very much enthusiasm for living, as they can think of too many perils that might occur. Peace and joy are strangers to them and, instead, mental depression is their companion. . . .
People who are not afflicted with the habit of worry but are filled with faith and tranquility are often healed more quickly than others. It is not always because they have more faith, but also because they are free from the strains of worry.
I have told you about the evils of worry, so what shall we do about overcoming it? One way is to stop looking at your troubles and problems. The Psalmist said, "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord . . . ."
Committing everything to God keeps the mind from anxieties.
When an anxious thought comes to you, declare "God is with me, God is for me." These are powerful words and they overthrow worry. Another confession to make is, "God is guiding me now." Too often we plead, "Oh, God, guide me," as though it were something yet to be experienced. But knowing . . . "He is guiding me now in all things," brings an inner peace and joy.
If there is a lack of any kind, don't say, "Oh, God, do something, send help to me." Rather, let your prayer be, "God is supplying all my needs." There is nothing that will give you confidence more in the midst of need than to believe and confess, "God is supplying all my needs . . . NOW!"
"God is now supplying all help, all wealth, and all health. Now I am free of anxiety and worry; I am calm; I am content; I am free." Believe these truths and healing will be released and worry will cease.
(Rev. Frank Stribling, Light for All) San Antonio, Texas