"The question is, should the crumbs which fell from our Leader's table, those numerous bits of marvellous teaching which she gave her spiritual children--be circulated? Certainly the answer would be no, if their accuracy is questionable, or if by doing so the By-Law in the Manual is broken that forbids the use of aught but the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's works, as "textbooks for self-instruction in Christian Science, and for teaching and practicing metaphysical healing."
"Another question comes up: Does the word, works, mean only Mrs. Eddy's published writings? It must be true that she wished to remain as the standard teaching of Christian Science only that which she had a chance to revise until it was letter perfect. She instructed students not to accept her earlier writings as her last word (or her only word). Therefore it follows that nothing but her latest published works should ever be used for self-instruction, and for teaching and practicing metaphysical healing.
"The only rational deduction in connection with Mrs. Eddy's unpublished material is that she expected each student to be taught of God eventually, and that in his footsteps leading to God, the inspired Word of the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's works would be his infallible guide. She knew that in this journey God provides each one with the supplementary aid that will best help him along the road, when he is ready for it.
"One point is indisputable. No student is ready to have unpublished material by our Leader until he has studied and practiced her published works to the point, where he can determine to a large degree whether such unpublished material is in exact accord with what she left us in her published writings. When such a time comes for a student, the blessings coming from her unpublished writings may best be described in her own words, that she wrote to Julia Field-King on June 29, 1896: 'When you say the effects of my letters last for days you but slightly state it. They will last till you are not a mortal in sense; but realize yourself in Soul-and immortal. "Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not," said Jesus. Your faith in the immortality of Truth will be according to your understanding of it ... I have taught all that is requisite for all occasions. It only remains for you all to understand and apply it to daily practice.'"
"In 1945 the Christian Science Board of Directors issued a book written by Irving C. Tomlinson, which contains a number of items or fragments from our Leader. Many of these are prefaced by the statement that they are what Mrs. Eddy said to him, 'as I later wrote down my impression of her words.' See page 76 of Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy." (earlier published edition by the church)
"Evidently the Directors were willing to have Mr. Tomlinson share the spiritual bread that our Leader broke with him, trusting him to have been capable of accurately recording such fragments. The Field was blessed by being given Mr. Tomlinson's book, and most recently published in a newly expanded form. By originally publishing it the Directors indicated that they placed faith in the 'fragments' that he gathered, as being accurate transcriptions of Mrs. Eddy's inspired pronouncements; they obeyed the Master's commandment, 'Gather up the fragments,' as well as Mrs. Eddy's direction to Laura Sargent, 'Go write it.'" Fragments, op. cit., p. 11-12.
Additionally, many students of Christian Science are familiar with Mary Baker Eddy's officially expressed views on the topic of "authorized" literature. She is clear on this in her published writings, and quite explicit in the "tip-in" sheet she put in the July, 1891, Christian Science Journal.
The compiler of this website humbly feels that items here were prepared in obedience to these same commands, and hence, are presented to the public for their obvious instructional and inspirational value [Additionally, students such as Laura Sargent, Judge Hanna, Clara Shannon, Edward Bates, Henrietta Chanfrau, etc., were some of Mrs. Eddy's most faithful and trusted students].