Since my attention has been called to the article in the May Journal, I think it would have been wiser not to have organized the GENERAL ASSOCIATION FOR DISPENSING CHRISTIAN SCIENCE LITERATURE.
1. Because I disbelieve in the utility of so wide spread an organization. It tends to promote monopolies, class legislation and unchristian motives for Christian work.
2. I consider my students as capable, individually, of selecting their own reading matter and circulating it, as a committee would be which is chosen for this purpose.
I shall have nothing further to say on this subject, but hope my students' conclusion will be wisely drawn, and tend to promote the welfare of those outside, as well as inside this organization.
This "tip-in" sheet was to be found in the front of the issue of the Journal mentioned above. It was removed from the majority of bound volumes in reading Rooms, at the request of the Boston church over fifty years ago. The question remains--why was it removed if Mrs. Eddy made a specific point of putting it in the Christian Science Journal?