150-WATCH lest, when your thought becomes depressed, you continue to grind out arguments, as your remedy. When an automobile settles into mud, if you continue to spin the wheels, it only settles in deeper. You can get out of the slough only by lightening the load, and lifting up the car. Sometimes our mental arguments make error seem more, instead of less real; to depress thought, instead of uplifting and lightening it. It does harm rather than good, to continue to argue at such times. The remedy is to remember that we argue so that we may convince ourselves of the unreality and powerlessness of error. But if we are bearing down on it with a heavy hand, it shows that we have forgotten that we are merely exposing a lie, and not destroying a reality. When mental work seems to be a burden, stop it and find out why this is so. Lighten your thought by realizing, "In reality I have no burden, no problem, no work to do, other than the work necessary to realize that there is no work to do, God having already done all." At such times you should rest in infinite Love until you can feel thought getting lighter, and throwing off its load of heaviness, through the surging in of the spiritual consciousness. Then, when you feel that buoyant consciousness of God's presence and power, you can go forward to the accomplishment of all good, and make whatever demonstration is necessary.