151-WATCH lest, as you taxi around in your mental airplane, trying to get up enough speed to rise above mortal mind, or material evidence, you forget that, no matter how much speed an airplane attains on the field, it does not rise until its elevators are pointed upward. Man can never rise any higher than his ideals or aspirations. If all he aspires to is material harmony, prosperity, and human good, nothing he does in Christian Science can carry him higher than this limited human ideal. His elevators are still parallel with the level of materiality. When the beginner first discovers Christian Science and begins to gain momentum taxiing around the field, he may mistake the exhilaration of this preparatory effort for a spiritual flight upward, but that were no excuse for continuing in this mistake. In the second degree as indicated on page 113 of Science and Health the human mind is stimulated by Truth and brought into a state of activity preparatory for the third degree, where man rises to the point of reflecting divine Mind, and the human mind is left behind. It is true that one can leave the human mind behind only as he reflects divine Mind sufficiently, to be sustained spiritually by it. Otherwise he would be bereft. This watching point is a warning, lest he become satisfied with the improvement and activity of the human mind, and content to taxi around on the old level of mortal thought. If in a business partnership, one partner was lazy and the other energetic, the latter should plan to earn enough so that he can buy out the drone. He should never lose sight of this goal, even though for the time being he has to work with the shirker.