152-WATCH lest in your Science work you bear down on error with a too heavy mental sense. Mrs. Eddy once said, "Touch lightly on evil when treating, as you would upon the grace notes on a piano." When you affirm the truth, you must do it with vigor and power, but your denials of error must be given with a light mental touch. Why? Because the only power of error lies in deception or illusion. If you bear down too heavily and take a too serious attitude toward it, this indicates that you believe that it possesses the power to prevent you from perceiving and establishing its nothingness in the simplest and easiest way. It is true that we need mental activity, since mesmerism or hypnotism works through a sluggish or dormant mental sense; yet, when you touch error lightly in treating, it proves that you recognize that it does not take a great struggle to expose its nothingness, nor does it have some power whereby it can prevent you from doing this. You must arrive at the place where you discover that the claims of error are all false, and the only thing that is true about it is its nothingness. When you bear down heavily on error in treatment, it is proof that you do not see clearly what you are trying to do. It shows that you believe you have a reality to fight, instead of a false claim to expose.