154-WATCH lest, in a misguided and over-zealous effort to protect yourself from error, you shut yourself off from God (if such a thing were possible). You pull down your curtain at night to protect your eyes from a bright street light, and in the morning you are shut off from seeing the beautiful sunrise. When you face an error with full confidence that it is nothing, and that in reality only the light of good can come in to you- not its suppositional opposite, since error has no light, then you find no need of pulling down any shade. Jesus commanded his followers when smitten on the cheek, to turn the other, rather than to seek to protect themselves from another blow. In other words, do not fear that you will be struck again because of your forbearance, since in reality only love can come from God's children. We should realize that the suggestion that evil can harm you as the street light hurts one's eyes, is really a trick of error to get you to try to protect yourself from it in a way that will cause you to shut yourself off from God. Animal magnetism whispers, "You must protect yourself from your enemy." If you obey this suggestion, it carries with it the acceptance and the acknowledgment of the existence and reality of an enemy. Truth says, "Protect yourself from the belief in an enemy, from the belief that there is anything external to you from which you need protection, since God is All."