As Helen Wright has so eloquently stated in the title of a series of books she has authored, Mary Baker Eddy is "God's Great Scientist." Yet, today, most that know of her, even those in the church she founded, think of her primarily as the founder of a religion, not the revelator of the greatest scientific discovery in the annals of human history. Nor do most people, including those of her own church, recognize her prophetic foreordination, spoken of by Jesus, and enumerated throughout the Scriptures. (See the section on Prophecy, elsewhere on this site.)
This section is not meant to necessarily be biographical in nature concerning Mary Baker Eddy. It is meant to illustrate that Mrs. Eddy discovered and founded the Science of God, of Life, an understanding of Man as His reflection. She brought this understanding to the grasp of humanity in such a way as to make divinity practical in the human experience. She proved her statements by her works. She accomplished more and greater healing work than even our blessed Master, raising the dead numerous times, among hundreds of other documented cases of metaphysical healing of every known ailment man was subject to.