163-WATCH lest you believe that you have escaped from the prison of mortality, merely because you have escaped from your cell, and have climbed the ramparts of the jail. Christian Science finds mortal man first in the dungeon of mortal belief. Then, as he accepts the truth that is brought to him, an improvement takes place, which corresponds to escaping from the dark dungeon and climbing the ramparts of the jail. Escape does not come, however, until one obeys the demand to leap into the unknown realm of Spirit. Until one does this, he has not escaped from mortality; he has merely prepared for his escape. Being in the dungeon might correspond to the first degree of mortal mind, as found on page 115 of Science and Health, whereas the rampart would be the second degree. The third degree would be the leap into the realm of God that repudiates everything that is human for the divine. Let us, therefore, remember that being on the ramparts is not the goal of Christian Science. The advancing student finds it so wonderful, in comparison with the dungeon, that he is tempted to be satisfied to remain at that humanly exalted point.