164-WATCH lest you believe that you can capture inspiration in the symbol. This mistake is illustrated by a student who takes down every word his teacher says in class, and then fancies that he has captured and retained the inspiration that the teacher poured forth. If one makes notes in class and then refers to them at a later date, they may help to renew the exaltation of the moment when they were taken down; but inspiration is a spiritual animus that can never be confined or captured within the narrow limits of any human symbols. Jesus referred to it as the wind that bloweth where it listeth, "and thou canst not tell whence it cometh or whither it goeth." The Bible and Science and Health come the nearest to capturing God's inspiration in symbols; yet the demonstration Mrs. Eddy made in this direction must be constantly renewed by her followers, lest it be lost with the passing of time. That this loss is possible is proved by the fact that, for centuries people read the Bible without being healed by so doing. One student of Mrs. Eddy's said that he worked every single day to know that the inspiration of healing was conveyed through these two channels to those who read them, and that no error of suggestion or belief could darken or lessen the expectancy of students on this vital point.