166-WATCH that you leaven all three of the measures of meal referred to in Matthew 13:33. These three might represent our understanding of God, of man and of the universe. The leaven is the spiritual inspiration which brings out your ability to view all things from the standpoint of the real and spiritual-as God sees them, as His own expression. Sense testimony declares both good and evil to be real. The world believes in a good God and an evil God, in good men and evil men, and in a good place called heaven, and a wicked place called hell. The understanding of Christian Science has brought the spiritual leaven which, when applied to the first measure of meal, causes the dual conception of God to give place to the recognition of one infinite, perfect Father-Mother, who is of too pure eyes to behold iniquity. When the second measure of meal is leavened, it brings the realization that there is but one man, namely, God's reflection, perfect and immortal, and that what appears to be a sinful man is a phantasm of mesmerism, which is not man, and is no part of him. Students must learn how error tricks them into becoming its advocate, so that mortals believe that they represent themselves, instead of error. When our country is at war, we must learn that the real enemy is the mesmerism within our own midst- the fifth column that would tempt us to think as others are thinking, and to hate individuals or nations. When we yield to this error, we lose God. The application of leaven to the third measure of meal, namely, the universe, is the point that is apt to be neglected, since it seems easy to accept the dictum of old theology, that man is striving to leave behind this imperfect world with its sin, sickness, decay, discord and death, in order to go to some distant place called heaven. We must realize that there is no heaven except that which is right here, which we will see externalized when we have established the consciousness of it as being within. Mrs. Eddy tells us in Science and Health that we make our own heaven. God's only universe is right here and now; it is the only universe there is. It appears to be material because of the distortion of mortal sense. Man must change his standpoint of thought; then that which has seemed to be material, will be found to be spiritual and perfect. We may feel that we have outgrown the dual-God and dual-man conception, but we have not leavened the whole lump until we have discarded the dual-universe conception. We must awaken to see that there is but one universe, which is right here and now; that there is nothing wrong with it, except to the one who views it through the mist of mesmerism. No doubt this is what Mrs. Eddy had in mind when she said, "If you do not have patients come to you, you can treat the birds and plants; they need treatment." The use of leaven is to lighten bread, not to make new bread. The use of spiritual leaven is to enlighten thought spiritually, to perceive the truth about that upon which the smoke screen of mesmerism has thrown distortion and falsity. Christian Science does not bring a new man or a new universe; but a new and correct sense of the old one.