No one is loyal to Truth, to himself or to God, nor worthy the Kingdom of Heaven, who has not the faith, pluck and patience to endure facing apparent defeat and delayed reward. Keep to your aim, stick to your text, and have faith in your understanding of Christian Science.
(DOER) Your aim is action. There is no inaction; there is action.
(KNOWER) Your text is: God is almighty, and you know it. Error is a lie and you know it is powerless.
(LOVER) Your faith is,—God is All, and you know in whom you trust. This will win every time.
No person nor thing in all the universe, no claim nor circumstance, can by any possibility interfere between you and all joy, all good. You think falsely, you think something stands between you and all joy, all your heart's desire, and you go through life here with that desire apparently unfulfilled; but it is fulfilled. You will find yourself free, and good will begin to flow unto you; then you will see clearly that nothing can stand between you and your reflection of Himself (God).
God's thoughts of us are unchanging. To help ourselves or others we must think God's thoughts after Him, cast aside false testimony, accept only spiritual thoughts (facts).
"If God be for us, who can be against us?" Sensuous willful malpractice has no power to distract or confuse me so that I cannot perceive the Truth clearly. It cannot make me believe that I am suffering from old beliefs or from poison; nor make me see its image, nor fear its mental arguments. There is no danger that can befall me, for everything is in God's keeping. To affirm anything is to assert it positively,—to assert even in the face of all contrary evidence, that it is so. You may not be able to see how, by simply affirming a thing true (which to all human reasoning or sight, does not seem true at all) we can bring it to pass; but we can compel ourselves to cease quibbling, and go to work to prove the rule, each one for himself.
His beautiful presence all about us, is the substance of every good which we can possibly desire. Yes, infinitely more than we are capable of desiring,—"Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, neither hath entered into the heart of man, the things that God hath prepared for them that love Him."
Thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee. There is but one power in the universe, and that is God. God is omnipotent. Apparent evils are not entities in themselves (nor things of themselves) but are simply an apparent absence of good, just as darkness is an apparent absence of light. But God (our good) is omnipotent, omnipresent, so the apparent absence of good (evil) is unreal—it has only the appearance of evil.
There is no reality, life or intelligence in matter, for "the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal." Pain, sickness, poverty, old age, death cannot master me, for they are not real. There is nothing in the whole universe for me to fear, for greater is He that is in me (my true self) than he that is in the world. God says that He will contend with him that contendeth with me. He says this to every child of His (Isa. 49:25).
Repeat the following affirmations silently several times a day; not with a strained anxiety to get something out of it, but trying calmly to realize the meaning of the words.
All is good There is no evil
All is Harmony There is no discord
All is health There is no sickness
All is Spirit There is no matter
All is joy There is no sorrow
All is truth There is no falsehood
All is faith There is no fear
All is life There is no death
All is love There is no hate
All is trust There is no doubt
All is abundance There is no lack
All is Truth There is no error
All is perfect There is no imperfectio
All is secure There is no danger
All is freedom There is no bondage
All is light There is no darkness
Progress is the law of the Infinite. Finite views are but suppositions and beliefs. Now realize this for everyone you treat (realize it as a law for everyone you treat), that mortal mind cannot make laws, and the real man is not the lawmaker.
Mortal man is to be denied. Spirit overcomes it.
Deny that you cannot help yourself.
Deny that you cannot help your family.
Deny belief in animal magnetism.
Deny belief in electricity.
Deny belief in nerve-centers.
Deny belief in polarity.
Deny belief in earthly currents.
Deny belief that you cannot break Nature's laws
(Air, fire and water; they are your playfellows. Man has dominion over all the earth).
Deny belief in material forces.
Deny belief in vital fluids.
Deny belief in thought-transference (contagion).
We must cease to acknowledge or admit in our thinking the reality or power in themselves of sin, sickness, death or misery, or pain or evil in any form; we must think steadily, persistently, the truth which stands opposite to them. We do in this way overcome discordant conditions of consciousness. Now anyone who persists in this course many times each day, will have the following signs:
Signs of lessening fear that aught can happen to him.
Signs of mental equilibrium, and a reliance which faces calmly and steadily that which others flee from.
Signs of lack of painful consequences from doing that which is right or one's duty to do.
Signs of less love for those things which we formerly considered necessary to our happiness.
Signs of growing independence of them.
Signs of broadening charity, circling around that which is ours, and including all mankind.
Strength for the demands of each day, when each day's work only is considered.
Signs of peace within, which all the tempests of mortal mind cannot destroy; a holy of holies with an everburning lamp; a covenant with God (the all-good); the peace which comes to him who rests in the intervals of battle; the peace which passeth all understanding; the peace which is above all other happiness.
Whenever you commence a treatment, realize that there is but one Mind, and no other minds to interfere, Error is not mind; and it has no intelligence, therefore it has no power over your patient.
There is no malice, no envy, no will-power; all is Love. Truth governs the way. God gives you daily supplies. Never ask for tomorrow; it is enough that Love is an ever-present help; and if you trust, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment.
What a glorious inheritance is ours, through the understanding of omnipotent, omnipresent Love! We cannot want or have more. That sweet assurance, "Peace be still!" is for all.
Inasmuch as I am a child of God, I must be whole. I am perfect. I am free, I have all that I need, for God is the source of my supply, and His supply is infinite.
I have neither fear nor care, for I dwell in Spirit, not in matter; no condition of the body or presence of any other personality, is essential to my happiness, for God and God alone is the spring of all my joy. I am not in danger; no one can bother me nor deprive me of any good, for I am the reflection of God, Truth and Love.
I am not grieved; never disappointed, for I live in the Infinite. My only life is hid with Christ in God; therefore, I must be immortal. Nothing can be lost or die in God.
We must talk more closely with God,—bring ourselves nearer to Him, more like the old style of praying. We must feel and know that God is what we live in,—like the atmosphere, or the sunlight, all about us; we must rest more in God.
When you have a patient, do as well as you can, and let God do the healing. If your children need treatment, do not sit up all night to treat them, but treat yourself to retire and to sleep—give up the error to God. Ask for our daily bread; enough for today. A little child of its Mother does not ask continually if it will have food andclothing for tomorrow or next week, but runs happily along and trusts its mother's care; so must we do—have that trust in the care of the one Father-Mother God, and without fear.
If you suffer, do not fear. Suffer it out. The true thought brings the error to the surface, and if we fear not it will pass off. Put physical ailments in the mental; know that they are the result of fear, or anger or other wrong thinking; so do not fear the physical. Just ask for more light and more goodness.
There is no personality, and to know this is more important than to know that there is no disease. Do not doctor the error much; but make yourself so conscious of the opposite truth, that the error will disappear, be destroyed.
am the image and likeness of God. No mortal opposer of the Truth can confine this image in mortal body to mar or molest it, because Divine Mind alone governs and holds it forever free from mortal touch.
The footsteps of falsehood are swift and weak; those of honesty and truth are slow and strong. All jurisprudence depends upon identification. Identification with infinity means inseparableness from understanding. Understanding is evidence of identification with divinity.
Your joy and peace no man can take from you. Jesus often spoke of his joy and peace, which should also be enjoyed by his followers, and which the world cannot take away.
I always preserve in my thoughts (as I know Jesus did) the fact of actual and harmonious function of the body.
As malicious animal magnetism is only a false claim, it is really nothing; it cannot separate me nor anyone else from the best, the greatest good, nor limit my supply in any way. It cannot touch me with a claim of poverty in any way (myself or anyone else) for Spirit is my unlimited source of supply. It (M.A.M.) cannot hide my work nor blind my judgment, nor make me feel failure, nor lack, nor incapacity.
God gives to each and everyone of His children abundantly, all they need; and that supply is not and cannot be hidden at any time by any mortal mind law or claim; for all laws and claims of mortals are false laws of no-mind, which have no real existence; they are destroyed by Truth now.
I am free-born, not in bondage to anyone or anything; for Principle leads me ever. Infinity includes all of man, who is well and who has all he needs. There is no law to put forth the law of reversal; Love governs all; there is only one governor. Mortal mind cannot make a law to remove God's law, for His law is not reversible.
Do you care who talks about you, or what they think? All true thoughts are from God, and are good. There are no other thoughts, for God has no opposite.
God's grace is sufficient for every need; and we must know that good thoughts are power, and evil thoughts are powerless when met with Truth.
Our rightful heritage is satisfaction, for God provides all human needs. There is no dreary future, no clouded past. Admit only thought that you wish externalized.
Truth governs our business, and there are no failures or reversals. God directs our business in Truth, and the power of good thought regulates everything. God has made all provision for us; and no legal provision or mortal mind limitation can keep us from our God-given inheritance.
The only God there is can never forsake us. He never fails in His promises; the only reason we think he does, is through false consciousness, which is being destroyed.
The only satisfaction is in knowing God is with us; it silences grief and exterminates poverty.
Right is irresistable, permanent and eternal. Human pride forfeits spiritual power. There is no law that can work against me; the only law there is clears everything for me.
The perfection of Divine Mind must be externalized here and now.
There is no unconscious action; all is the action, voluntary action, of Mind and its manifestations, hence there is no disease in process in my body.
The fetters that bind my understanding are falling, for absolute good is leading me into the land of Truth through Christian Science.
There is no one known to my personality, within my circle or without it, naming the name of Christian Science, loyal or disloyal, that can ignorantly or maliciously practice upon me. Neither can malpractice or mesmerism prevent me from recognizing such error and handling it. Nothing can come to me except what comes from God, and that is always good. I am a law unto myself.
Man reflects the wisdom and intelligence, the ability, the power and law of Divine Mind. Man is the understanding of God. Therefore I understand God as revealed in Christian Science. I am the image and likeness of God.
Realize to yourself daily, more than once, that the fields are already white; that Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need—the need of one as well as of others; that Mind is active and that you reflect that divine activity; that the true source of supply supplies your every need; that there is plenty of work for all; that yours belongs to you, and that no one else can do it, and it comes to you direct; and that supply is abundant; then know all the time that this is so.
NEVER let a sense of lack at any time stay with you for a moment; it is rank error, and breeds all sorts of diseases and difficulties.