What is Life? Life is divine Mind. What is Mind? Mind is the element of substance that thinks. Mind is the only thinker. Nothing else thinks. There is nothing else to think. There is nothing either good or bad until something appears on the scene. Everything is without form and void until this something appears. 
Mind is the primal element. Thinking is Mind's activity. Therefore, Mind and its idea is all there is. Then we see that Mind and its thinking is the basis of Life. Everything which we see in the world today proceeds from thinking. Visible money, whether in gold, silver or paper denomination, like the human body and all other visible objects, is merely thought objectified - manifested - and it is man in the general sense - manifestation. Money is man in the general sense - man-I-festation.
The compound idea named man is unintelligent; it is a lifeless image, reflection, of Principle or Soul, which is the Life, Intelligence and substance of this idea (Science & Health, 1st Edition p. 222).
The human body is man (objective). Money is man (objective). Therefore, that which is objective, or man, could not possibly be the basis of anything. That which is unintelligent, mindless and lifeless, could not be the basis of actual life. So it can be readily seen that money is the god of this world's thought (wrong thought). Why? Because man is the god of the thought of this world. Man is the Christian Science Church Scientist's God! He has no other God, for the church Scientist believes that he is man. Therefore, this belief is just as unintelligent, mindless, lifeless, as the heathen's God, or the belief of anyone outside of the common sense method of Truth as taught in the 1st edition of Science and Health. That is why so many church Scientists are lacking supply today - because they are on the same basis of belief as the man who has no actual knowledge of Christian Science at all.
All who believe that they are man rather than God cannot think supply. All this is just the reason why they do not have or experience supply. That which is unintelligent, mindless and lifeless cannot think supply or anything. This is a very simple thing to understand. Mind is money. Mind is all. There could not be Mind and money, for then Mind would not be all. Money is not your supply. Mind is your supply, and you have just as much money as you can think. You have a cold because you are constantly thinking (sensing) a cold, and you are persistent in this kind of thinking. You know that you heal a cold by persistently knowing that you are perfectly well and that you have no cold. We constantly think and hold the opposite sense. Money can be sensed in the same way, for money comes from intelligence, not unintelligence. 
Now it is the claim of the whole world that money is its basis, and from this belief springs the old saying "money talks." It claims everything. It says, "Without me you must die. You cannot pay your bills; you cannot eat; cannot clothe yourself, cannot employ a doctor, a practitioner, a C.S. teacher; you cannot obtain an education - you cannot even dare to die for you cannot buy a shroud, a casket; you cannot even have a funeral. In order to become dead to all these claims, or not subject to them, you must see money in the right sense or right light. Money is dead, just the same as the human body. Money is unintelligent, lifeless, mindless; it exists only as an objectified thing or expressed thought.
In treatment we become dead, or lost, to the false sense of body, and then we say we have a healing. The same with money. The dollar - it does not exist; it is merely objective. Only seeing it in this way can you ever become dead to its false claims, for just as the human body SEEMS to be life, so also money seems to be life. That is, we believe that if we do not have sufficient of it we shall starve to death, and that the body as life actually depends upon money.
Declare persistently that you have money just as you declare the thought over and over again that you have health - that you are perfectly well and you know it, etc. Then the world's false sense of money will not touch you, and you will have all the money you need all the time.
If you feel fear regarding money or your supply of it, then you will experience or sense this fear of not having sufficient. It will objectify one way or another, according to your thoughts. Use persistent thought in the direction you wish to experience or objectify. There you must learn to stand. This persistent and insistent thought is requisite regarding money or any kind of supply. Just as persistent treatment heals disease. The man who has not sufficient to meet all so-called human needs is diseased, and I suspect that most of us have experienced this very thing.
Money, in its spiritual sense is really a very high thought, for it seems to lead in the expression of spiritual substance expressed by us. Although it is not higher than any other idea, because if we have the truth about all things we can objectify money as easily as anything else. But right here fear enters in and we make more of the reality of false belief that we will have insufficient than that we will have sufficient, and as we think one way or the other that is the way objectification follows. At the present time we can no more do without money, as substance expressed, than we can do without eating or clothing ourselves properly.
Every material object has a true idea back of it. This means that every true thing in the objective has a right idea back of it, even material beliefs regarding any object. Hence, the existence of spirituality or spiritual reality. So you see that money, the same as body, is a spirituality, and we can have as much as we can think.
Real money is one of God's thoughts, that is, it is one of God's ideas. Real money is one of the ideas in which Mind expresses substance. We cannot do without any idea that is expressed to us as substance. The present human body is a combination of both understanding and belief. The average man, and even Christian Scientists, believe that both man and money are living in matter, that is, they believe that the individual mentality is manrather than God;hence, in this unintelligent condition or belief mentality, all the substance or phenomena that attend the false belief is just as fleeting and hard to grasp and as hard to hold, as supply, and is the wrong belief that they are man rather than God.
Whenever you put your life in matter or belief in it, then you put all the symbols of supply out there too, so that it is mighty hard to obtain. The whole thing regarding money and the present belief of supply, is summed up in this proposition: in the belief that you are man rather than God. One can never unfold until he takes the position, through actual understanding, that he is God. You cannot unfold from the "man" view-point. Neither can supply unfold to you as spiritual. The money, as well as all other ideas cannot be purified and put into their God-given place as ideas, or symbols of Spirit, unless every thought regarding money is understood from the standpoint of Spirit.
Money, the same as any idea, must be seen as the product of Spirit, then there is unity. There is no union between Spirit and matter.
I possess only good, because I am God, Good, and through this knowledge of Spirit, I have "all", money as well as everything else, for this is the true sense of money, and since we are Spirit, we have all money, and possess all the money we can think.
Now we see from this standpoint that everything is unity between Spirit and its symbols. Everything is God, that is, everything is Good. We must bring this great truth out regarding every idea - go right down into the depths of human nature. "Inasmuch as ye did it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, ye did it unto me," says the Scripture - the very least idea, The trouble is, we neglect the "least" things, and try to demonstrate the higher before we have finished with the smaller things. Treatment: First, fear must be eradicated. Use conviction. Say for fifteen minutes, three times a day, "I can never fear lack or poverty again, because I know there is no such thing." 
The power of a right thought is the thinking of that thought. I have perfect confidence in my right thought. I know it can do everything for me. (A person can hold a thought no longer than three seconds, and therefore we must repeat.)
Your supply is mental as is everything else. The more money you can think you have, the more money you can make by such thinking. I do not believe in poverty any more. I know there is no such thing. I know that my Mind is unlimited, and as Mind is my supply, my supply must be unlimited. And I insist that this be manifestat once! I shall be damned if I think limitation any more. I am sensing money coming to me in quantities from everywhere. I can see it pouring in - visualize it. MEAN IT.
Realize for yourself daily, more than once, "the fields are white already for harvest," and that "Divine Love always has met, and always will meet every human need." (S&H) The need for work as well as any other need - that there is plenty of work for all; that yours belongs to you and to no one else, and it comes to you direct. Come, do it!
The supply is abundant. Know all the time that this is so. Never let a lack of anything (SENSE of lack) stay a moment with you. It is rank error and breeds all sorts of disease and difficulties.
Inasmuch as I am a child of God, spiritual and not material, I am perfect; I am whole; I am free; I have all I need. I have no fear, no care, no anxiety for I live in Spirit, not matter. No one can harm me nor deprive me of any good. I am without sin, disease, suffering, for I am a perfect reflection of Life, Truth and Love. No condition of the body nor the presence of anyone's personality is essential to my happiness, for God, Good, and Good alone is the spring of all my joy. I am never grieved nor disappointed. The harmony of my being is never broken, because I live in the Infinite.