176-WATCH lest you believe that the demonstrations of younger students often exceed those of more advanced metaphysicians, as though less faith and understanding in a student could accomplish more than a greater amount of the same quality. When a student is tempted to yield to discouragement, because physical discords do not seem to disappear as easily as they did in earlier stages of his career in Science, let him remember that it is easier to neutralize the acid in a glass of lemonade with sugar, than it is to extract the acid completely, by the process of distillation. The early demonstrations of a student usually go no further than to render harmless the effects of fear, by filling thought with Truth and Love. It is not difficult to quiet fear with Love, and thus bring about the elimination of the physical effects of such fear; but progress requires students to take up the more difficult task of using the power of demonstration to destroy material belief in all its phases. The outward results of this more advanced effort may seem slower in coming, but such effort does not simply bring a temporary alleviation of error; it destroys it forever.