177-WATCH that you remind yourself every day that the action of Truth is always to preserve reality, and to destroy unreality. Then you will know that, when the action of divine Love seems evil to you, it is because you are still identifying yourself with unreality. The furnace destroys the dross, and refines or liberates the gold. If you ally yourself with the dross, the action of Truth must seem evil to you. If, however, you identify yourself with good, you know the action of good to be always blessed, since it is freeing the spiritual idea in you. This watching point defines the wrath of God as the blessed action of Truth destroying unreality, seeming to be wrathful only to those who love and cling to unreality. Mrs. Eddy instructs us to declare ourselves and others to be spiritual and immortal, and to understand that we are so. In this way we escape the ordeal of going through the illusion of destruction, along with the dross of error. We identify ourselves with what we believe to be real. To see error in another as real is to identify ourselves with it.