178-WATCH lest you continue to mix the spiritual method with human desire, and believe yourself to be a progressive Christian Scientist. Mortals bring into Christian Science the human desire for ease and comfort in matter, and attempt to mix this with the spiritual method, which has for its purpose to free mortals from illusion. If they are not progressive, they will continue to use this method as an easier way of obtaining and maintaining human health and prosperity, than a material one. Such an attitude fails to perceive the value of human affliction. Grass that is watered too much does not put its roots down far enough to find the water that will last through a dry summer. A student who is able to maintain continuous human harmony, never gets his roots very deep into divine Mind. A man digging a well is tempted to stop digging when he finds surface water. Yet unless he continues to dig deeper, his water supply will fail in a drought. Human harmony might be called surface water that tempts us to stop, in our search for the ever-flowing streams of spiritual good. It sounds odd to say that if one does not watch, he will find himself tempted to use demonstration so that he can stop demonstrating. Mortal man yearns to find security in matter, and brings this desire with him into Science. Yet the right goal should be to reach the point where one cannot get along without demonstration, and must demonstrate every day in order to eat, sleep, walk, talk, and even exist! Only in this way will human weakness be dissolved in divine strength. Why? Because demonstration means learning to rely utterly on God. The immature use of demonstration to bring out human desires and a material sense of harmony must be outgrown. The teachings of old theology give one a finite goal to work for, and a finite method of attaining that goal. We should not be found adopting the infinite method of Christian Science to attain the finite goal of false theology! A mortal who is prosperous, healthy, and merely refrains from certain things that are considered sinful, is not the ideal in Christian Science. We are seeking to throw off a finite sense of man so that God's man will appear.