As a student of Christian Science I pray each day and study the Bible, and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. This day was quite a normal one for me and I had gone to work. Usually at 8:20 every morning I would habitually walk across the rarely used railroad tracks to the Post Office to get my mail. This day, however, when I put down my tools to do it, there was as a voice saying "Not now". As I am used to listening to these silent utterances, I picked up my tools again and went back to work. Several times I remembered that I had not gotten the mail and momentarily stopped working, but again came the voice "Not now". All of a sudden, while I was busy on a project I heard "Now!" This was not my inclination, nor the result of any reasoning or decision making on my part. Not knowing why or what the urgency was about I dropped my tools and went straight out of the building, across the tracks to the Post Office and picked up my mail. As I left the Post Office I became instantly aware of why I was at that precise spot at that moment,--not only physically, but also spiritually--and I knew what I must do. I could hear a train coming and it was very close. At this intersection there are no traffic barricades that come down, only flashing lights. Around the curve in the road was a car traveling very fast toward the intersection. The driver could not see the train or lights. I can only describe my motion as being moved by the spirit. It certainly was not me. I jumped in front of the car, hands waving, and then leaped off the road to safety. The driver who had slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting me proceeded to skid toward the tracks and stopped about two feet from the passing engine!
There was no accident and God's "safety net" was no accident. I walked up to the man in the car who seemed to be in a state of shock and talked with him calmly for a minute or two. Then he went on his way. As I review this co-incidence of God's care for his children I am in awe of the intelligence of Mind that knows and cares without our limited sense of time. The Divine All knew aforetime and did and does all the caring. This man whom I do not know and myself were each protected, guided in our actions in a way that we could hear, and shown His grace that is ours by reflection. The whole event was so beautiful and harmless and timeless. For me this experience is a building block that has added to my confidence in knowing that there is only one power - Good, outside of material law and limitations.
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