Earlier this year, I was working on a cruiseline that went up the Mississippi in the deep south. Just getting ready to take this trip and to travel to the other side of the country to my work took a lot of my savings. Once I got to work there was several weeks before I started making money and when I did it was no where the money I thought it was going to be. I had been on the boat for 5 weeks and had still not saved enough money to fly home and back twice or stay in a hotel and eat out every night for two weeks. I decided to call a practioner for support.
She said to me don't worry about the money when you go on vaction and just quietly ask God where he'd have you be, there is a right plan. I told her that it was hard to let go and just trust. She reminded me of the story of Moses and how difficult it must have been for Moses's mother to put this baby in that little boat and wisk him off down the river- she said can you imagine how hard it must have been for his mother to trust God's plan in that moment? Yet when she did Moses wound up in the Kings court safe and sound. We both laughed at the goodness of God, as she would always say- There goes God again showing off.
So the time came for me to get off the boat, I thought I don't know what to do, so I'm just going to get on a train going up the Eastern seaboard until I feel like getting off since I've always wanted to see this part of the country especially Boston but I figured it was out of the questioin to stay there because it was so expensive. While I was travelling I got a call from another friend and asked if I'd be available the next day to house sit in Boston for a week and a half; She said the man lived only a block from the Mother Church so it would give me a chance to see everything I've always wanted to see! It worked out great and while I was there. I had a wonderful time and everything I needed was met, even new friends from church to go sightseeing with. Anonymous