My daughter was born with club feet but healthy otherwise. They told my wife and myself that they would have to break her feet. We said we would call and schedule an appointment but we didn't. We counted on the promises of God's will to heal all that are faithful. Her feet were healed. Several years later my wife was diagnosed with Graves disease. The medication they put her on wasn't helping so they were going to mschedule partial removal of her thyroid. When she went in for her pre-op tests they found her thyroid was actually underactive so they reduced her medicine then had to take her off of it. Six years later she still has no problems and is not taking any medication. Later that year, I was very heavy into reading God's word and my daughter then scratched the lens on my eye. The doctor said it would hurt for a couple weeks and my vision in that eye would be blurry from 2-6 months.
 I was to be baptized that weekend and the doctor said I couldn't if it was chlorine. It was. That night I couldn't read. It gave me a headache and made me sick. The next day the same thing. The following day someone gave me a word of knowledge that my eye would be clear by the end of the day. We went to church and when I got back I grabbed my bible and my sight was restored. I got baptized that night. That summer my daughter cut her hand on a sliding board between her thumb and forefinger. It needed stitches. When we told her, she said "why don't we just have Jesus heal it". I told her okay but that He might be busy healing someone really sick. She sat between my wife and myself and she asked Jesus to heal her cut while I was praying for the right thing to tell her as to why she didn't get healed. I was worried this would rob her of her faith. She let go of our hands and said "look daddy". Her cut was gone except for a little white line like she scraped it with her fingernail. All praise be to God for it is His will for all to be healed.
Testifier: Eric Ackerman, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.