November of 2000 I was in Santa Fe for Thanksgiving. Walking in town one day I didn't see the ice in the shadow of a building and the next thing I knew, I was flat on my back. Upon standing up, my first thought was "Thank you Father, I know there is nothing to be removed." I kept on walking and just holding to the oneness and the allness of God and that God is the only power.
The next morning I realized there was no soreness or black and blue marks. Then I wanted to know why this healing was so fast. What had I done differently?
In the past I would have declared that there were no accidents. This time I took no mental thought about the situation. I just realized my 
conscious union with God. Mrs. Eddy says "There is no death, no inaction, diseased action, overaction nor reaction." (S&H 427: 31-2) I simply had no reaction to the hypnotic suggestion.
The analogy for me is that God is like the electricity in our house. It is always there but if I walk into a dark room and don't turn on the 
switch there will be no light. Only by being constantly aware of the allness of God and knowing that " I and my Father are one" is like turning on the light switch.
Mrs. Eddy showed us the reality of a one power logic instead of the two power logic that the world had held as true for so many thousands of years. To just say I am grateful doesn't seem adequate enough to express my deep feelings of gratitude. -- Anon.