The following experience was sent me by a friend. When I asked her for some verification, she wrote: George Millar included this experience in his Association Address, "TheLens of Spirit". His response to my question as to whether it had been in the periodicals:
"Thanks for your email. As far as I know that account has not appeared in any of our periodicals. I feel sure it would be considered so extraordinary that the editors would feel - as they have in other cases - that it is almost unbelievable. and therefore were loath to print it. I have the account from a very good friend who knows the individual well and has witnessed his work and had no doubt as to its veracity." Manfred Söllinger, Essen, Germany
The following account illustrates the life-preserving power of Truth and shows what can happen, when with the understanding that Science gives us, we do hold the banner of Christianity aloft with that unflinching faith in God.
The testifier writes: "My family and I had been living in Rwanda for many years. Since the beginning of the civil war in 1990, a general insecurity reigned in the country. Not a day passed without one hearing that so-and-so had been killed with his family. Armed groups entered homes, raping the women and killing parents and children. This testimony gives no idea of the widespread genocide that took place.
 "One day, at 2 a.m. an armed group penetrated our home. When I awoke to see what was happening, I found myself face to face with men in the corridor. They were armed with guns and bayonets. I was armed with Truth and Love. As they showed me their weapons to frighten me, a thought came to me like lightning and destroyed the fear that was attempting to invade my thought. Love and Life are indestructible and permanent. I am the idea of Life, God, indivisible God, not two or more. This Life, which is infinite is the Life of these so-called murderers, of my family and myself. This Life, being one, could not frighten itself, kill or assassinate itself. I know that this truth covered the whole ground, neutralizing everything, leaving nothing but Love to act or react. They raised their weapons but did not shoot.
 "They forced me into the bedroom where the whole family had taken refuge and forced us to lie on our beds. As Judith, my eldest daughter, started to cry, their chief cried out, 'Cut off her head!' Without leaving a moment's respite to this order emanating from mortal mind, I contradicted it mentally. 'You have no power to do that!' following Mrs. Eddy's statement on page 151 of Science and Health, 'The human mind has no power
to kill or cure, and it has no control over God's man.' I immediately identified the man thus, 'You are the perfect child of divine Love.'
"I mentally declared, 'Because love is all-power, human will has no  strength nor power here, now. There is no excitement or panic now. The law of Love is present here, controlling the situation and governing all and everyone immediately. It is thus. It has to be thus!' The man with the bayonet lowered his gun. The girl stopped crying. The men continued t appear very aggressive. Still lying down, I pondered the fact that divine Love, being omnipresent, rivalry, antagonism, the lack of unity, has no basis and no presence. Love is all the presence there is. In the kingdom of Love all is harmony. There is no fear, no aggression, no invasion, no menace.
"At that moment they turned toward me. 'Why not cut off the father's head?' As one of them lifted his bayonet to plant in my neck, I vigorously protested in thought and identified myself in the following manner. 'Can you cut (me) Spirit, God, your real, permanent Life, the very source of your being?' Mentally I gave the order, 'Stop!' He immediately stopped his gesture.
"Every instant of this trial was precious to me. I did not allow myself the slightest mental distraction to view the problem from a material standpoint. I constantly maintained my thought in the actual spiritual reality, listening to Mind unfold its ideas, which enabled me to work with absolute truths. I was really convinced that what seemed to be happening on the human scene was of little importance. It was happening solely on the level of my own consciousness, never outside.
"The books were of no use to me at that moment. Only truths profoundly engraved in consciousness could help. After about thirty minutes of this spiritual work, these men became very calm, as if they felt the love we reflected. Their chief called them into the living room, so they left our bedroom. This enabled me to affirm with still greater depth the absolute truths about the perfect man of God's creation, and to deny all false claims contrary to Love.
"I reduced to nothingness the false mental pretensions called hate, envy, anger, rivalry, cruelty, vandalism, pride, criminality, hostility, human will, etc. I realized that Love is the mentality of man, the only true consciousness. Being omnipotent, all that is unlike Love is without power, without ability to act or to harm. Divine consciousness is infinite and all, hence there could be nowhere in the universe any other consciousness capable of manifesting dispositions contrary to Love. At this very moment the consciousness of each and every one was filled with Love to the exclusion of anything else.
"When they returned to our room, these men were totally transformed. They had become new persons. Their language had totally changed, and they had become friendly. They started confessing to us crimes and murders they had committed. They stayed with us for two hours. No one was harmed. We were all safe and sound. Love had triumphed.
"But something else had happened. A few neighbours who had seen the men enter our home in the middle of the night were expecting to discover by morning dead bodies they would have to bury. They could not understand how our family had come through this experience sound and safe, and especially how we could stay so calm. 'What is this kind of prayer that could save this family from the hands of these heartless killers?' they asked.
"The following Sunday, our small living room where we held our Christian Science service was packed." 
Shared with Healing Unlimited from several sources.