Helen Wright has devoted her life to the study of the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. Her spiritual insight opens up a new world of healing truths. Drawing on her many years of practice and teaching, she sets the work of the Revelator, Discoverer, and Founder of Christian Science in historical and biblical perspective, returning Mary Baker Eddy to the spiritual pinnacle where she rightfully belongs. Helen Wright's books declare what Mary Baker Eddy accomplished when she wrote the scripturally prophesied "little book," Science and Health which, when understood, sets you and me and all mankind free from the false beliefs and the eons of false education that separate us from the infinite good we call God. W.M.T., of Maryland, writes, "Her work is the beacon light in the storm, and in the history of the Chrisitian Science movement, will some day be recognized as comparable to what Martin Luther did for Christianity itself."
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