Healing Unlimited will be commencing a volunteer email prayer group. Only seriously inerested participants are requested to apply. This group will receive occasional emails on topics to work on metaphysically on a daily basis. Mary Baker Eddy worked for the world every day and had her students do specific metaphysical work at various times for the world as well as for our nation.
To participate send an email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please note specifically in your emaill that you are willing to participate in the Work for the World. We will send out emails to all participants on a weekly basis or possibly more often, depending upon the need. These emails will specify topics to work on metaphysically at least once a day. Participants may also suggest topics to work on for the world. This is NOT a prayer group for individual requests of a personal nature (Such requests should be directed to an individual practitioner--available on our Practitioner page.). This is metaphysical work for the world, and our nation specifically. Each topic will be worked on daily until it is felt that work for that specific topic is no longer required.
Our first topic is on terrorism, and specifically terrorism in regard to the upcoming Winter Olympics. For those participating more specific instructions in regard to this and other topics will be included in specific emails. Thank you.