My wife and wonderful help for many years here at Healing Unlimited--Margaret (Meg) MacArthur--rose on Easter Day (2007). She is an accomplished actress, singer, editor and poet. Her studies had her obtain her Bachelor's (Whitman College) and Masters (California Theater of the Arts) Degrees in Theater. She performed at the Shakespeare Theater in Ashland, OR and many other venues in Washington, Oregon and California, with her last performance as Lady MacBeth in MacBeth at the Spokane Civic Theater.
Meg was a classically-trained siinger with a four-octave range. She never missed a Sunday in our local church as soloist, singing the morning she left us. Few knew of her accomplishments as a poet. Many were the times that she was encouraged to publish the poems she had written during the past six years (now available from Healing Unlimited for $8.95 call or email us). Her poetry was so clearly inspired that it never failed to bring tears to those who heard it. Over a dozen of Meg's poems will be published soon and made available to all through Healing Unlimited. For those who would like to see a brief memorial picture and a poem written by Meg please click here for a small PDF file. She is so loved and will be missed by all who knew her.