Spanning the years from 1950 to 1964 Joel Goldsmith recorded virtually all of his classes given across the globe. These classes were the basis for many of the books now available. Healing Unlimited is pleased to make available these recordings. While we don't yet have the audiotapes listed online, we do have a printed catalog. Please email us or phone us at (800) 962-1464 to have a catalog sent to you.
Tha above link is where you can go to check the progress of the suit concerning the deeds of trust and the Manual.
The following items are currently unavailable due to demand by the General Counsel of The Mother Church.
Collectanea By and About Mary Baker Eddy, Mary Baker Eddy: Her Spiritual Footsteps, To Honest Seekers for Truth, Wonderful Lesson, Man and Woman, and, Catholicism, Protestantism and Christian Science.