"You Will Have to Learn to Love Me More."?Mary Baker Eddy, ? by David L. Keyston

This remarkable book of 112 pages was written as an answer and illumination to the unrelenting divide in the church upon the publication of Bliss Knapp's book, Destiny of the Mother Church, by the Mother Church in Boston.  At the time the Boston Board of Directors chose to publish this book (in the 1980's-90's), concerning primarily Mary Baker Eddy's place in Biblical prophecy, there was a great divide amongst the lay churches of the Christian Science denomination. This volume illustrates clearly, factually, and with original source quotes exactly how Mrs. Eddy saw herself relative to this critical issue and how her early loyal students perceived her relative to history and Bible prophecy. No doubt is left in the reader's mind as to the pertinence and appropriateness of the church publishing "Destiny...".  For those with ears to hear and eyes to see...  Softcover.

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