The God That We've Created?The Basic Cause of All Disease -- Michele Longo O'Donnell

When I was an 18 year old student nurse I began to dream of a world free of disease and pain and tears. I never spoke of these thoughts, it seemed absurd amidst the horror and tragedy all around. At 25 years old the fantasizing became an intense hope and by ten years later, I was convinced that I would live to see the reality of the dream.
I had long ago given up on science or medicine as a solution to the problem of human suffering. That path only seemed to intensify the situation.
I looked long and hard at religion, but eventually found the doctrines and teachings only gave reasons for the madness. Finally, rejecting the God presented by religion, I sought my answers just following wherever the passion and hope within my soul led me. I trusted I was being deliberately drawn and eventually I found my way into the heart and mind of God. There I found the world that I sought so diligently. Everything now became new and different, clean and whole. It was as if awakening to a new world, yet one that I had lived in for ever. It was a world of thought, of vision, of purpose. And the most exciting thing was that everyone who found it, found healing and correction and restoration. Without exception." Paperback
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