Your Divinity Revealed: The Seven-fold Revelation of Your Being, Helen M. Wright

Your Divinity Revealed delves into the science of Christian Science. With a brief history of the pioneering work of John Doorly and Max Kappeler the reader comes into a full appreciation of what these pioneers painstakingly researched and prayerfully considered in their exploration of Mrs. Eddy's textbook. The seven synonyms defining God in the Glossary constitute the basis for this system as applied through the four levels--Christian Science, absolute Christian Science, divine Science, and Science itself. Seen through the Word, Christ, Christianity and divine Science, this "system" that Mary Baker Eddy "hid" once again comes to life for the reader. Conveniently bound in a beautiful hardcover edition with gilt stamping. (ISBN: 1-886505-19-5, Hardcover, 595pp.)
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