Mary Baker Eddy, The Historical and Prophetic Perspective ? by Paul R. Smillie

This volume is one of the most fascinating biographies of Mary Baker Eddy ever written. It presents a not often seen or understood picture of Mrs. Eddy that weaves her remarkable career and extraordinary life throughout the highest peaks of history and Biblical prophecy. This seamless story told by an unmatched Bible scholar causes the reader to really think about the inspired path laid out before the world's most amazing example of womanhood, the female manifestation of God's witness that brought forth the perfect sense of mothering the world was not prepared to fully embrace. This is a healing book!  It changed the life of the moderator of this website and caused him to embark on a career focused on preserving the most exquisitely important aspects of Mary Baker Eddy's unparalleled mission.  Hardbound in blue linotex  cloth and gilt stamped on the cover and spine this 336 page volume was published in 1985 and iIncludes a dustjacket with liner notes. Interestingly, there is no Table of Contents; this is purposeful as it is the intention of the author that this book be read consecutively from start to finish. Every serious student of Christian Science should not miss this book.

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