Our Spiritual Resources (1960 Letters) - PB by Joel Goldsmith

In the book, Our Spiritual Resources, readers will find a rich discourse on the spiritual principles of Joel Goldsmith. His is a message about the living truths that infuse all aspects of existence but lay hidden from view. In this book of discovery, the author lays out life principles that have the power to transform daily existence. The truth of the matter is that there is nothing more practical, progressive, or prosperous than a life lived in accordance with the Spirit. Mr. Goldsmith points out that there is no sickness in the entire kingdom of God because the kingdom of God is a kingdom of immortality, eternality, life and love and the only place there can be any sickness is in the mind of man. This book is devoted to explaining how to free our minds of these sicknesses we entertain and how to enter into our full stature as a child of God. 256pp, 5"x7"
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