Mr. Young Goes To Boston, by Alan Young

The incredible story of one of the most loved and successful Christian Scientists, in his quest to help the church he cherished. A book of great force and power, destined to open the eyes of the many who yearn to see the return of the wonderful healings performed in Christian Science up through the 1940's. In Retrospection and Introspection, Mary Baker Eddy declared, "Posterity will have the right to demand that Christian Science be stated and demonstrated in its godliness and grandeur,-- that however little be taught or learned, that little shall be right." Alan Young, known and beloved the world over for his "Mr. Ed" television series and his inspired talks as a Christian Science lecturer, recalls with humor and pathos his determined but fruitless crusade to forward the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy and the Second Coming of the Christ by MODERN means. It is a riveting, tragic, story told with great love. (ISBN: 1-886505-06-3) 134pp.)
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