Divinity Course and General Collectanea - PB (The Blue Book)

Also known as the "Blue Book", this book is undoubtedly the single most widely read volume by Christian Scientists in over 60 years, outside of primary literature the church makes available. Teachers, practitioners and students alike treasure the sacred history contained in this volume that brings forth magnificent healing revelations preserved and shared by Mary Baker Eddy's early loyal students in her home and church. This recently published paperback edition has been set in a slightly larger type which is easier to read than the original hardcover, yet the pages contain the exact same wording per page and spelling so that existing concordances to this book may continue to be utilized with the paperback edition. VERY limited numbers of hardcover available $30 each; please inquire at 208.255.2407.
The inspired history of Mary Baker Eddy and the system of healing she founded, Christian Science, is magnified through hundreds of preserved accounts, glimpses into momentous ocassions, as well as spectacular healing work. This volume, affectionately known as the "Blue Book," reveals examples of Mary Baker Eddy's highest teachings, instructions she shared with students in her home. It contains incredible accounts of her healing of others up until the year she left us. Scores of dedicated seekers after truth, as well as practitioners, have realized healings through the study of this precious volume with its insightful metaphysical arguments and illuminating lessons. 
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