Essays and Other Footprints (The Red Book)

This volume contains a treasure-trove of Mrs. Eddy's essays, sermons, Bible lessons, statements, as well as a marvelous amount of biographical information in "Repaid Pages" and "Footprints Fadeless." Mrs. Eddy's students will be grateful to learn of the "visions" she had and related to her beloved student and trusted secretary, Calvin Frye, over several years--and preserved here--that impart pithy metaphysical lessons.  The inspired history of Mary Baker Eddy and the system of healing she founded, Christian Science, is magnified through this precious volume, affectionately known to thousands as the "Red Book." It reveals examples of Mary Baker Eddy's infallible metaphysics, as well as instructions she shared with students in her home. It contains a history of her early work The Science of Man, the precursor to the chapter "Recapitulation" in her textbook and illustrates the unfolding of Mind's holy purpose in teaching her students. Illuminating lessons abound in her early articles, papers and the Historical Sketch of Mind-healing, lovingly shared with the reader.
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