Comment sent to the author (Peter Zwick) on"CSLessons"
"...I found your new CSLESSON program this morning, downloaded it, and have been trying it out off and on most of the day. Thank you so much for this fine and very useful application. I intend to use it regularly. I tried out many of its features. I particularly like the way I can make a little booklet after printing out in landscape mode. This will probably become my favorite way of printing. ...This is a beautiful application and I am grateful to you for it. ...I have always loved programs that allow the user to edit his own reference files such as INI files. In your case you have given us a program that allows us to quickly create and edit the lesson CIT (citation) file if he wants to. I love it! ..As far as Windows 3.x goes, I think you will have a masterpiece that will be used for a long time...." R.P.
"This is so fantastic! I have been wanting something like this forever! ...I have some of the old Bible lessons (before 1910) from [the Bookmark] and didn't have enough markers for many of them, so now I can print them out. This is really a blessing. I emailed Peter and thanked him.... By the way, both MBE Institute and Healing Unlimited sites are absolutely marvelous. I am visiting a lot more often and am so grateful for all the info on both sites. You are really doing a super job.... Thank you!!! Much love," A. N-S.
Do you have a PC computer that runs Windows? (Or a Mac with a PC emulation program such as SoftWindows,or a PC card?) Do you study the weekly Bible Lessons from the Christian Science Quarterly? Have you ever wished your computer could find all those citations for you? Then you will love "CSLessons" -- available for free downloading here.  NOTE: this program enables you to print off the weekly lesson, but only AFTER you have inputted the citation references—the enclosed file shows you how to do this. It is NOT for getting the lesson free. You have to do the initial work each week inputting the lessons in order to be able tp rint them off.
"CSLessons" generates the full text of the weekly Bible Lesson, with passages from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, all perfectly formatted (including the marginal headings in Science and Health). Comments from users have been very positive.
This program can save you over $100 per year, and it's wonderfully simple to use. Just enter Lesson citations in the form provided, then save the Lesson as a text file, view it on your computer monitor, or print it out in either portrait or landscape mode at the size you select. At 100% or 125% in landscape mode the Lesson prints as pairs of pages and folds into a convenient booklet.
IMPORTANT: Please read the "ReadMe" file included with the program. It has instructions for the proper installation and use of the program.
"CSLessons" is Copyright ©1997-2002 by Peter Zwick. You are free to use this program and you may distribute it as long as:
1) no charge is made for it, other than a nominal fee for any media,
2) any copies distributed must include the files BIBLE.TXT, SAHHTML.TXT and README.TXT which are included in this self-installing distribution. The easiest way to share the program is to distribute the downloaded installation file.
Note: This is a Beta version. Please contact the author, Peter Zwick, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about any problems, questions or comments. Any comments will be greatly appreciated and updated versions will continue to be available at this download site.
Download note for MAC users! You must download these files from the PC side of your Mac and unzip them there, not on the Mac side and move them to the PC side: other wise the program will not work properly. If you have any questions please email David Keyston.
File is 2.3MB (2,329k) in size
Download VBRUN300.DLL (224k) for older versions of the program.
This program is also available for download at the following sites: MBE Institute Site


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