Due to a glaring oversight we have not made this most wonderful book available on our website in the past. Despite this gaffe it has been one of our most inspiring, best-selling books we have ever offered. Mr. Steves statement of absolute Christian Science rings true with healing in these addresses to his pupils. You are sure to want copies for yourself as well as for your dear friends and family members. Visit our Publications page by clicking on the title link above to find out more and order today.


For decades there has been speculation concerning the tremendous amount of research done by the comittee of six individuals commissioned in the 1930's to exhaustively research all the known statements concerning Mrs. Eddy's place in Biblical prophecy, and especially how she saw herself in this regard. This work resulted in the publication of the pamphlet containing six momentous points, titled, "Mrs. Eddy's Place" available from Healing Unlimited and others. Recently this material has been anonymously distributed to many in the field. The information contained in this research document is corroborative of all the claims and publishing efforts of those individuals and organizations of the past 40-50 years. Through statements of our Leader, as well as those of her loyal students, it is clear that without a proper understanding of who she is in relation to her discovery, and handling the resistance to same, true Christian Science healing declines precipitously, to the point where today true Christian Science healing has become almost extinct. Interested students may wish to visit our pages and links concerning this vital topic on prophecy, as well as read offerings on our site that support her understanding of herself in this regard.

Living By the Word, Living the Illumined Life, Seek Ye First, Spiritual Discernment, A Message for the Ages, I Stand on Holy Ground (available mid-August, 03), The Art of Spiritual Living (available mid-November, 03), are the latest offerings in an 11 book series -- each for $15.95, plus shipping.
Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception
Beca Lewis utilizes the principles contained in Mrs. Eddy's writings to illustrate just how we can live in grace. A profound, practical, thought-provoking and complete guide to shifting the perceptions that stop us from realizing the relationships, the love, the work and the joy we desire in our lives.
These are available in xerox form for $4.00 each. Just call Meg at (800) 962-1464 to order or send us an email. Titles include: On the Hilltop, By the Roadside, At the Door, What the Pine Tree Heard, Along the Trail, The Grey Story Book, Through the Woods, In the Valley, and On the Way There. $25 for all nine.